During his recent visit on the African continent, American President Barack Obama gave a speech in favor of an economic growth that would be both inclusive and sustainable.

China increased its investment flows to Africa during the last decades of the 21st century. It seems as though the world is finally seeing the continent as a source of prospects and opportunities ready to be seized. From now on, Africa is coming forward not only as a region rich in raw materials, but mainly as a vast, dynamic market supported by emerging countries. It is also the land of start-up companies, and the future of its young population is filled with promises.

Nevertheless, Africa’s funding needs in terms of development exceed the capacity of foreign aid. Africa’s multidimensional resources, its push towards modernization and the reinforcement of its capacities to mobilize funds through endogenous activities are inextricably linked. This is the reality faced by a number of developing countries, which must now turn to innovative financial mechanisms in order to reduce their dependence to foreign aid.

For many years, a young Haitian entrepreneur has developed a company, the objective of which is to reinforce the capacities of emerging countries to meet the socioeconomic needs of their populations. The guiding principle of this project is to help emerging countries finance their development by providing them with different revenue-generating mechanisms based on technological solutions.

Imbued with the notion of social capitalism and having grown up in a country bogged down in poverty due to a lack of various resources, the founder of Global Voice Group, supported by his team, developed, throughout his life, a strong sense of social responsibility, as well as a desire to contribute to the upward mobility of all economic actors. The company thus strives to contribute to the creation of a world free of poverty. Its vision is to improve the living conditions of all.

The technical assistance that Global Voice Group provided to its clients ? all developing countries ? has allowed these States to substantially increase their revenue and, at the same time, to further leverage their domestic resources with a view to financing social programs. Global Voice Group’s solutions also reduce tax evasion, optimization and avoidance, practices which cost Southern countries more than what they get in foreign development aid every year.

Although international fora advocate human development, evaluated in comparison to the Millennium Development Goals, there is no doubt that the States that are able to harness their domestic resources are more likely to act and to make significant headway in domains such as child education, the improvement of maternal health and of public health infrastructures, the reduction of poverty, the access to water and gender parity. A State lacking the appropriate domestic resources may not achieve some of these objectives. The increase in tax resources allows the governments of these States to finance initiatives that are decisive as far as their sustainable development is concerned.

Global Voice Group has thus helped increase the revenues of several countries by more than one (1) billion dollars, which allowed these States to enhance their financial autonomy and to reduce their dependence to foreign aid.

By doing so, Global Voice Group has made an important contribution to the development process of several southern countries. By helping developing countries to more efficiently and consistently exercise their tax sovereignty, Global Voice Group exerts a leverage effect that empowers governments and allows them to meet the development commitments they undertook in the context of the global objectives for human development.

Furthermore, to ensure a sustainable development based on stable programs financed through independent resources, emerging States must be able to leverage the growing flows of economic transactions. The solution lies in financial innovation, which will lead to the reduction of the tax avoidance that has, for too long, deprived the States of the vital resources they need to pay for school fees, hospitals and basic services. Modern companies must play the role of a partner specialized in these domains, which are vital for the advancement of the populations.

by Kerry Slack


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