Former Presidents John Kufuor and Jerry John Mahama
Former Presidents John Kufuor and Jerry John Mahama

During the supreme court case we all advocated for certain reforms in our electoral laws to avoid future problems, prior to that, persons who have had the opportunity of leading this nation in their capacities as Presidents called for certain reforms to our governance system, President Kufuor stated emphatically that he wasn?t comfortable with the four year mandate whiles Dr. Rawlings advised that we take a look at the kind of democracy we practice on the continent their compatriot who also ruled in Nigeria Obasanjo also stated something in support of Rawlings?s call. President John Evans Atta Mills constituted a commission to review our constitution.

I honestly think this is the time the academia and our intellectuals as well as technocrats must step forward to push for such amendments and reforms.We talk or complain much of negative happenings in the system without taking serious look at the structures upon which our administration is situated. We can?t solve the numerous problems confronting us if we fail to change certain aspects of our governance system.The more we practice this unbridled type of democracy with its numerous outmoded principles, the more we divide our people and put our intelligentsia into obscurity. The intelligentsia are gradually giving up to raw and unscientific politics because of the way we have structured our politics. No serious nation coming out of serious economic quagmire would recommend the type of democracy we practicing,it is only suitable for individual and group development than the nations general development. If i take a look at some of our past Acts and constitutions, i get the impression that, we still need to look back to pick some of the laudable laws promulgated years ago. If we take the case of Polling agents which became an issue at the supreme court,the 1951 act under section 24 of the local Government Ordinance,: in these regulations unless the context otherwise requires-Definitions.

?agents? means a polling agent or a counting agent appointed under the provisions of these regulations.

The 29 (1) stated that Each candidate may appoint two persons,hereinafter referred to as polling agent, to attend to each polling station within the ward for which he is a candidate for the purpose of detecting persona. (2) Notice in writing of the appointment, stating the names and addresses of the polling agents, together with the polling stations to which they have been assigned,shall be given by the candidate to the Returning officer not later than three days before the day fixed for the election.

These are some landmarks which suggest the importance attached to polling agents those days,at least those regulations were very specific on the importance of the agents. After the court case,we are allowing politics to daze us sleep over these important developments. If we do comprehensive study of these past regulations, we would realize the many loopholes in our constitution which may come to haunt us if we don?t act on them fast. The tools we have to operate effectively as politicians are the good laws and regulations we promulgate to regulate our activities.

Today we are discussing with passion the Alban Bagbin statement concerning parliamentarians. Instead of looking at his revelations dispassionately to unravel the truth or otherwise, we are using it as mud slinging it at each other for political expediency. Way down in 1975 under the Acheampong administration, he initiated the Evidence Decree,which was prepared as part of the programme of law reform and followed detailed recommendations of the law reform commission then. That decree laudable and precise as it was replaced the common law and most of the statue laws relating to evidence and provided a comprehensive set of rules which greatly assisted in the administration of justice then. It was divided in 181 sections. The courage and political willingness was there even under that military dispensation so why this adamant posturing under democratic governance.

I honestly think we must begin heading to the middle line to dispassionately discuss some of these aspects of our constitution which are pulling us back.The President in his maiden speech to the nation called for concerted effort from the political divide to confront our national issues, most renowned Ghanaians have been calling for similar move meanwhile the few political charlatans parading our political corridors continue to do things which divide us the more, we must embrace this call for collective approach to our national issues with that, we can offer cogent advise in our quest to reform our constitution and laws.

?Think Ghana? a think tank has initiated a platform for such dispassionate discussion i think we must join the discussion to offer cogent suggestions. Ghana must move from this political fundamentalism which is destroying our great nation, lying, wickedness,propaganda,twisting of facts have become the landmarks we cherish pushing away all decent minded Ghanaians from our political arena.We now have political suicide operators fixing bombs on them to destroy all persons who are ready to stand up for the truth, worshiping of individuals has become the cherished principle instead of standing by the spirit of nationalism. Ghana deserves Better and will urge all to throw our support behind the renaissance agenda than wishing for the demise of our great nation.

With this call, i will appeal to Rev Emmanuel Martey and leaders who think his line to move away from that divisive agenda and offer good advise and inspirational sermons to urge on our leaders for our pastor of his calibre to encourage us to throw our hands in despair, is unfortunate. Those holding political office must also have in mind that, they aren?t there for the sake of it, we shall all account for our actions one day for the scriptures tell us God created us unto this earth for a purpose, those opposition elements who also think wishing doom for their country would bring them political power,must put off the television and read their Bibles and Quran.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow/Spynewsagency

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