The New Africa!

Mapping Africa


It is nearing impossibility to discuss and debate the true economic, political and social development of Africa as a whole on the basis the entire Africa the continent is divided and fragmented into several smaller states. Upon creation this division gave false hope and enabled some countries to see themselves as superior as or more affluent than others. For example, Burkina-Faso and Mali etc, which was a latent body of international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) The World Bank distorting and concealing the facts of their true geological studies and untapped potential?


To dominate and consolidate power, the West places selected not elected leaders of the people. In truth the opposition does not exist; it is only a folklore landscape. The African people have become hostage to the African dinosaurs and corruptors.


The new Africa was born from the balance sheet of the West and European elites and ruling class. The late 1800’s being the official date for turning Africa into a conquered and fully encompassed territory. In 1884 the tragic fate of Africa was formalized and this time with permanent thanks to the complicity of certain sons of Africa and the ignorance of our ancestors. This domination by the West over Africa and more specifically by the French colonization was never to be considered as the cementation of independence by the French but just the annexation of Africa into the Western World and the French Treasury. It is time to consider the territorial limits drawn by colonization as being void. Over time the geographical lines of independence will be redrawn into one single continental country and five sub territories: West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa, and Southern Africa. For example, West Africa could have Abidjan as its capital and each country will become a state of this new redrawn geographical entity that serves as a purposeful revenue stream for the western elites.


What could be the political reasons that could lure these countries to abandon their sovereignty to adopt a collective sovereignty?


For French-speaking countries the reason could be the potential abolishment of certain defense agreements between the French army and French-speaking countries. The current defense agreements serve the interests of the French military and new agreements would allow the French to have further access to territories not currently permissible. For example, the Ivory Coast could consent and gift plots of land to the French military which typically and normally would be available to the local inhabitants for cultivation of different varieties of food which would allow the country to have food self-sufficiency with the exportation of the surplus.


We want to take four cases to illustrate how the West manipulates Africans at will. Firstly, the case of Togo in 2005 during the succession of President Faure Gnassingbe. President Olusegun Obassadjo of Nigeria who initially was opposed to the passing of hereditary power of President Eyadema Gnassigbe to his son Faure Gnassingbe. However, after receiving French emissaries from President Jacques Chirac thus promising him heaven and earth in the form of the French support of Nigeria becoming a full member of the UN Security Council, the Nigerian President was on board of the TOGO transition of power. Nigeria turned a blind eye to the election of son Eyadema Gnassingbe to become president of Togo. Nigeria is still seeking membership in the UN Security Council today!!!!!!!!


In 2010, the political crisis in Cote d’Ivoire was reaching fever pitch. At the guidance and request of the French, both Nigeria and South Africa were involved collectively in finding relief for the crisis. The French governments again were playing political chess with a seat at both ends of the table. The French government promising both Nigeria and South Africa support at the UN regarding full membership of the Security Council. “DÉJÀ VU” 


In 2011, the macabre plan of the West, which has the French government as its head on the table. Plans by the African nations to support the overthrow of Gaddafi at the request of the “head of the table”. What happened to African sovereignty??? The French and the West exercising military and political muscle for their own benefit and financial gain. Should we not question who the real dictator here is????


When the president of Equatorial Guinea Mr. Theodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, current president of the African Union in 2011, wanted to act as a mediator, accompanied by two African presidents and to travel to Libya to lead peace talks and table a solution to the unrest and pending upheaval, they received a categorical refusal order from Elysee palace. French leader Mr. Sarkozy states they must not travel to Libya and if they did, he would order the French military to shoot down their plane. Where does Mr. Sarkozy receive authority to arbitrarily kill African presidents? Were they in French territory?? We think not. 


The Biafra war was a misunderstood and manipulated war. The Nigerian President at the time protested strongly against France at the time of the summit of the United Nations in New York against the nuclear tests in Algeria. In return France funded rebels and terrorists in the Nigerian civil war. In less than two years France under General De Gaulle encouraged and mounted the Nigerian opposition providing arms, logistics and combatants. Under a veil of deceit and corruption the French had created a global position that portrayed the Nigerian people as war mongers and killers when it was the exact opposite. 


Of the four cases observed, we have established that African states only have a facade of independence. Albeit the heart of the French speaking African nations people consider the French government and its political bias and pressure to be highly immoral and highly unethical, still this day the French have the support of certain African nations leaders at the UN. The fact that the government of Nigeria considered the behavior of France immoral and criminal when considering their actions towards organizing the war in Biafra they still lend support at the UN. France counted on the French-speaking countries to unite against Nigeria at the UN if required.


There is no French-speaking African country that can dare say no to the French government. They are poorly elected; their people suffer misery and despair every day. Some presidents have compassion for their people but say there is nothing they can do. “The evil which engenders us to side with the French is a mountain too large to climb at the risk of hurting our people”. They have institutionalized clandestine regimes to rule countries from father to son, false support militarily, and monopolization of power. The “selected” French election runners in all African races are predetermined winners. They support jihadists (terrorists) with arms, train them to give them logistics, kill the population. Every day there is mourning in families. These presidents are incapable of defending their populations. When they try to counterattack the terrorist position, the French funded terrorists disappear from public view, only to return afterwards to kill. The only solution available is to have the Africa states become the sovereign countries of West Africa. There will be a Federal Republic of West Africa which has 16 states. Liberia, Guinea, Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Burkina-Faso, Niger, Mali, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, and Sierra Leone. Each federal state will be represented by its capital.


East, Central, Southern and North Africa will do the same. French diplomacy will be in the air at the United Nations, there will be no more defense agreements, no French soldiers in the streets.


The difficulties of the great giant took off.


Allegedly, Africa was known as a continent of misfortune. If Africa wanted to survive there had to be solidarity from the countries of the North. Without the northern countries, Africa is unable to feed itself.


We have seen studies carried out by big international institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the World Bank (WB) that continually try and undermine and play down the true value of Africa. These so-called experts from the northern countries do nothing but prepare reports that suit the elites and West hypocrites. They manipulate the African people still this day.


There are some who will say the countries of the North are simply practicing business activities. The Inga dam in Congo and the former government of Mobutu, which entrusted the study and construction to a Dutch enginery company. It was a very big project and if realized would allow Africa to acquire electricity at lower costs. The Congo would be able to export energy to the south of Europe, Portugal, Spain, and the south of France etc. This project has been economically sabotaged by western powers because such a project would elevate Africa to an enlightened and controlling space. A loan for the realization was agreed but diverted. President Mobutu was a Western man, used and thrown away like junk. President Mobutu saw this project clearly but did not see the wood for the trees.


Mali, a great country of integrated men, does not know which way to turn when Libya is attacked by the West. They knew that Libya was going to fall and if it did not fall, France under Sarkozy will pay dearly by acceleration of the African central bank and monetary creation. The participants in this vast plot knew that if Mali were not compliant in the plot, they would become an inviolable country. Somalia too is now reliant of aid from the west from which they will never be free.


When Libya is attacked, Mali has already marked its position with 16 secret services from different countries active on the ground. The military took action to overthrow former Malian president Ibrahim Keita (IBK). A week later it would be too late because the French militaries would come as reinforcements to the president.


It is time for Africa to take its destiny into its own hands. Almost all French-speaking presidents are not presidents elected by their people but selected by successive French governments. These selected presidents have nothing in common with their people and their loyalties lie with French governments. They are capable of genocide without repercussions.


Before talking about the socio-economic benefits of so called international political assistance, we will analyze the economies of a few African countries. 


We will begin this reflective analysis with Nigeria. It is a big country, very vast and very naturally rich. Nigeria before oil had a booming agricultural industry exporting to Europe, the United States yet that appears to be forgotten. The naira currency was stronger than the dollar; Nigeria was a very prosperous country. With the discovery of oil Nigeria should have progressed further up the evolution ladder, yet the country heads for an economic disaster. Nigeria has been known to the world as a leader in agriculture, now the country is becoming a food importer. Applause for the western way??????? What sort of agricultural product does Nigeria import? Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) which is endorsed by the international food program????? Accordingly, this operation carries very serious health consequences.


This is due to the fundamental error of successive governments which have ascended to supreme power in Nigeria. Malaysia which was a country with no resources visited Nigeria, Togo, Benin etc., and learned to plant oil palm. Today Malaysia has grown into a major exporter of oil palm and its derived products. In addition to these palmerais which changed the economic vision of the country. They also know how to launch oil refineries such as Petronas, these two elements have changed the country. The Malaysian social is very advanced.


Why Nigeria has decided to progress backwards!


As we stated in our presentation Nigeria is a very rich country in terms of natural resources but very poor in terms of putting resources to the development of the Nigerian nation. This country surprises in terms of intellectual resources. In the United States of America, among the nationalities livings in the United States include Asians and Europeans. Nigeria is the most educated at Master’s and Doctorate level. Yes, Nigerians are the most educated and ahead of other countries. There are a number of resources that try to give people bad reputations. This is just propaganda by repeatedly mentioning the negative and in turn people start to believe such misrepresentation which eventually concludes with economic sabotage through corruption. Why in Nigeria must you buy gasoline with others that line up 10 to 45 minutes? Why have the Nigerian rulers not built more refineries that can refine oil and create modern and multiple fuel filling stations? Because they gain control if such an activity is undertaken and the west would not encourage such. 


How come Nigerians are the most educated in the United States (Master’s and Doctorate) yet fail to turn their countries around? It is not just a shame for Nigeria but for Africa. 


The economic benefits.


According to the German economic newspaper “Les Nouvelles économiques Germany published that France collects 440 billion Euros each year from 14 French-speaking countries. This amount represents roughly over $ 500 billion. The French debt represents about 2.500 billion Euros; the funds collected from the countries of the franc zone could repay the French debt in six years. French governments have practiced institutionalized racketeering, from independence to the present day. Africa has become a calf that suckles the France cow and now is at a point of no return. 


In French Black Africa nothing works, the unemployment rate is very high; people who work represent 20% of the working population. Hospitals and health centers are dying places; only 20% to 30% of Africans have access to drinking water, school and the poverty is very higher. It is a crime, a political and financial scandal. The Europeans hold the developing countries to ransom for years and years. The French government can take 440 billion Euros every year from countries that are suffering, young people are dying? France contributes for development aid a modest 8% of the 440 billion Euros collected.


The only way to stop this long-running scam is to rebuild our states. Currently the African states are considered banana republics; they have no political, monetary or legal sovereignty. By re-founding the states into the Federal Republic of West Africa, out of the 440 billion Euros that the French ransom each year. The Federal Republic of West Africa, which brings together all the states of West Africa, the portion of say 250 billion Euros per year can return to French-speaking Africa. This will allow this sum to be invested in the economy of the Federal Republic. If it were only 25 billion or 50 billion Euros per year, there would not be any Africans seeking to cross the Mediterranean for a better life whilst risking their life on the journey. The presidents of the French-speaking countries of Africa are afraid of being assassinated by the French government or of creating a protest movement. The artificial dissident movements that the French government finances, logistics and arms are illegal yet permitted on an international level. These countries are becoming permanent destabilizations. We can cite Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Nigeria, Burkina-Faso, Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Uganda etc.


We think it is most urgent that the African countries especially of Black Africa unite, that is to say by rejecting the borders which are traced in Berlin in 1884. These borders of 1884 do not hold water when considering the citizens lack of involvement and contribution. The borders drawn were no more than a map reflecting international treasury revenue and political control. Countries like Burkina-Faso, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ruanda, Nigeria, Congo Brazzaville, Togo, Uganda etc., need to come together to have political and economic stability. The ECO, which initially was considered a good thing, was nothing more than a predetermined veil of deceit and political interference. France’s involvement did nothing but coordinate a political arena whereby presidents do third and fourth term or even office for life. This cultural, citizen and human manipulation is a vast widespread international crime that should end today. Africa should unite and create a continent of wealth, prosperity, and sincerity towards the African people. African people should choose and elect their leaders without interference and coercion from so called cultures of success that have no morals or values. So called cultures of success that run their countries with keyboard fiat finances and corruption at the highest level. The so-called cultures of success that preach equal rights and justice for all and lecture us that “black lives matter”. Yet still these international institutions and cultures of success invade and influence the poor black African people year on year and without any let up. It appears “black lives matter” only when such black lives are resident on their own soil and needed to secure votes and support for their own political agenda-wait doesn’t that ring a bell??? Sounds like the French government at the UN all over again!!!!!! 


As at the beginning the idea of ​​invading Africa like in 1884, the West believes the black man has no dignity and was created to serve the white elites. Africa must evolve and ask not for only negative images. The western world should promote and support all the African nations with the same support shown to its western neighbors and international bodies. It is time for Africa to show everyone its knowledge, faith and intellectual capabilities. Percentage wise Africans have more degrees within the United States ahead of Americans, Chinese, Indians, Europeans, . African people should not be suppressed any longer. African people should not be tucked away in the back waters of international recognition. African people are good people who have a deep faith and understanding of their local culture that requires an innocent well-meant helping hand to lift its citizens from the depths of poverty and despair that is forced upon them and controlled by the west. We challenge you western civilizations to drop the veil of deceit and place Africa where it should and deserves to be……at the table and a part of the decision making process and not a result of the decision making process. 



Dr. Mehenou Amouzou a obtenu son « Master in Business » à l’ « European Advanced Institute of Management » ainsi qu’un Certificat en finance et investissement à Paris (France). Il a complété ses études dans les Relations Internationales et les Stratégies Politiques et de Défense et a obtenu son Doctorat de Philosophie en Finance.



Georges D. Ossavou, Ray West, Fundacion Paraiso Sin Fronteras, Mr. Morgan Lewis, Amouzou Nkrumah Production, Nouho Kamara, Mr. Yves Adjeme, Vassiriki Traore, Hilaire Avomassodo & Toure Moussa.  


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