The New Balanced Contract Between People and Governments

Government Partnership
Government Partnership
You may call it a newer world order, a newer deal, or what you deem fit, but the word Balance is crucial in life. Balance of power between man and woman created different cultures,  as humans negotiated questionable social or cultural contracts. In the world or era of Religion, Islam has arguably the best theory, but one of the worse practices. In it’s theory, ch. 55 told us, ‘And We have spread the Earth for creatures with spirits…’ The same chapter talked about the essence of Balance from multiple fronts. The deviations of Religious rulers warranted the era of government,  which ironically have Democracy dominating rivals and happen to have ‘Balance of power’ as its bedrock. Governments also repeatedly failed its own citizens, minorities, and others at times. Human evolution is gradually understanding it is a ‘Global Village’, so unnecessary rivalry between countries should be permanently erased. My Philosophy: Showlove Trinity is a means to an end called Justice, and Justice is pregnant with a baby called Tolerance . The philosophy asserts anyone who is ready to learn, ready to work, and respects others right to fun deserves fun or at least not suffer through man made lacking. This philosophy or thought pattern should rule humankind. Balancing respect for knowledge and controlling human greed through knowledge sharing is our challenge,  especially with the capitalist world. Balancing the rights of  employees,  employers, and consumers is a transitory challenge where robots can rescue us.  Balancing fun rights between man, woman, and  children demand conscience that Teachers and Judges can lead than our present politicians. Purpose must be defined and deviating can be extremely problematic. Transparency in our new Balanced Contract means direct multiple notifications, especially on new laws and judiciary charges or convictions.
Purpose of Government: Human differences in power and how some people abuse power demands some form of government to rule between people, not over the personal lives of adults. This simply means the judiciary aspect of governments needs new transformation in our balanced contract. We should journey towards absolute personal rights, where no adult human being is punished over his or her own body. Present governments largely divide us as children and adults, but our new Balanced Contract demands laws be written for children,  Teenagers, and adults. Sins or harms between creatures should be taken lot more seriously by governments,  and part of that is through education, but also much more stern punishments and tactical measurable punishments on abusive words. Since the world of Justice is dependent on evidence,  a government’s stand on things like culture of cameras is the hint on how serious they are on the most essential aspect of Justice. A global village demands a global culture of cameras , where humans have balanced access with or without government.  Privacy in private places is good, but know public responsibilities in public places to reject cowardly or illusory privacy arguments. Balancing between public rights in public places and so called privacy is a question of education and time. People must learn to be presidential,  working and walking under cameras is scary to cowards, but it is safe, or send every teenager as intern in a bank or xyz. Our questionable parents who brought us into this challenging world must learn to adapt beyond culture of cameras. It may safe them from robbery and other ills. Let governments buy cameras for public places,  but let civilians have enough cameras.
Remember,  we identified the roots of evil as fear, greed, and arrogance– The three can even corrupt religions, cultures,  or governments. President Roosevelt said, ‘We have nothing to fear but fear’. He was fractionally right, greed and arrogance are worse and worst. So avoid fear, strongly and smartly confront greed, and fiercely
confront arrogance.  Coincidently,  he coined the term ‘new deal’ for [fearless] unions, but even unions can be guilty of greed or arrogance,  so Biden is learning why we should not be pro or anti unions. The same president Roosevelt reportedly said, ‘Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events,  and small minds discuss people’. He was literally explaining leaning and hierarchy , because the greatest minds or books will focus more on ideas, but discuss events and persons with links to principles or ideas. Same Roosevelt understood collective responsibilities enough to chastise the UK over how they treated my own country, the Gambia . So my present spirit is like an aligning baton with Roosevelt on collective responsibilities , which is very different from personal responsibilities and extended personal responsibilities.
Our collective responsibilities in this age knows no border, just gradual respect of boundaries. You must ask if you were president of the world or most powerful country on earth, how will you conscientiously rule in the world of learning,  working, and having fun?  Humans have the responsibility to learn, but how much each values learning differs, but where can we foster more cooperation? Showlove Trinity defines or divides learning as Education (formal and informal), Thinking,  and being ready to accept new or better ways. This means education is about the only branch of learning we can force or foster cooperation most.
Mandatory Education: A good family,  country,  continent,  or world should have Mandatory education of children and teenagers. This means every citizen should spend at least twenty years on some form of formal education. Forcing under thirteen year old on such is relatively easy. Teenagers understanding it as law, and smartly enforced will yield cooperation. If A Teenager intolerably misbehaves , we take you to harder camps or add months/years to your mandatory education.  Or find different forms of measurable punishments. This will yield a very educated populace, and what percentage will further learn after twenty years? Those who oppose or never thought about mandatory education for Teenagers,  some how thought about or supported/supporting mandatory work for striking essential adult workers like u.s railways, emergency in pandemics, military in some countries, etc?
Balancing the protection of intellectual property versus abuse of Knowledge through greed: After people are educated in masses, the thinkers who raise the bar of education through research should be encouraged, but also be reminded gratitude and consideration.  This means one hundred percent protection of name brands , but limiting ownership of intelligence through fair share in time.  If Elon Musk or xyz spends one million dollars and thousand hours on research to produce cables for intercontinental Internet, a disc for Ukraine Internet,  or any product, we encourage. First, the brand name and pioneering means millions from the grateful buyers. Giving him three or five years of exclusive rights to his so called ‘intellectual property’ means evidence of respecting and encouraging thinkers. The next five or xyz years will be phasing out protection: meaning the knowledge will be shared and if someone can make the cables or disc cheaper in India  or xyz, they will pay one, five, or xyz percent to the original creator through international trade rules. Of course the greedy may argue, brand protection, limited time protection, phasing out protection,  etc may still not be enough. They may lie giving more Billions to Elon Musk or xyz is what will drive innovation,  but if every country was given the intercontinental Internet cables and the knowledge to make them, how many countries may end up making something much better through research competition?  They have already made billions on those cables and charging poor Africans+ billions on Internet traffic.  UK made the same cables at a fraction of the cost and tapped the world with NSA of u.s in cowardly+ surveillance.  The pillars of evil countries are those who denied slave learning opportunities,  denying a fairer sharing of knowledge than products, denying my rise as the best philosopher of our time?
My opponents to fair sharing of intellectual property should study how it is done in the musical world. If Bob Marley or Michael Jackson sings ‘I shot the sheriff ‘, you can contact him for a negotiated deal or go through an office and pay him predetermined royalties. If you sing it better, people enjoy, but mandatory acknowledgement will boost his name and he can learn from you to perform it better, the consumers win. The same reality can exist on products, by sharing knowledge,  we evolve much faster and consumers get wider choices of quality and competitive pricing. Our way is different from open source.
Artificial Intelligence : This is a special form of intelligence that every country should invest on and world philanthropists should give matching donations to countries and companies in Artificial Intelligence . It is not just the future, but the transitory bridge to the world of future working. Robots will takeover the working world, but if we do not do it smartly and fairly, many people will suffer through lack of work. Indifference seems not to be a crime in many capitalist minds. investing enough in it and having AI volunteers like ‘doctors without borders’, we can save lives and improve livelihoods.  Sharing through the Internet is also feasible.  Working will be optional and physical exercise must be raised beyond what doctors presently recommend .
The Transitory Work: Before AI and Robots takeover our working needs, we need efficient production of goods. The world cannot continue to depend on Asia,  or mainly China. They are moving towards AI, but the whole world needs to do similar.  So  after age twenty, you can further learn, but the free time people will have is scary to cowardly politicians. This is why strong education,  culture of cameras,  and stronger rules and laws between people is very essential to a nicer life.
World Trade must have global limits. No country should be allowed to have high tariffs like Trump was using and some African countries abused long before Trump in the name of protecting local producers. We need reasonable protection and demanding the so called weak to work harder,  especially mentally. This reasonable demand consistently goes to some women and others who are asking for over protection.  It is wrong to use government to satisfy your personal greed, but also for government to satisfy your unnecessary personal or group fears against others, in arrogance.
Balancing the Fun World is actually very complex, but the Koran has the best ignored hints. We must classify personal sins from sins between creatures.  Humans,   including governments,  can advise on what they deem personal sin or stupid, and even measurably regulate the business aspects of questionable products and services,  but never over protect people.  Bleaching,  using alcohol,  drugs, gambling,  etc are better to be legal and regulated, or a dangerous underground may follow to cause much worse woes. Religion or the Koran hinted patience on such, but corrupt religious folks use questionable sayings to Lord over people and partner with questionable politicians . A country may have symbolic laws on some personal sins,  but they should be measured  and once the demand seem high, you should legalize.  You do not have to wait until one percent of a population demand something to legalise it.
The world of words demands conscience more than the Koranic hints. The Koran recommends patience on questionable words,  and using words to defeat questionable words. We should never encourage censorship,  especially  after believing truth can defeat lies. We can put barriers for children and teenagers, and use blocking between adults on many differences. However,  now we have lot more tools and God said He will judge words, even on atom’s weight.  When people gossip about you, I await how government may fine or punish such? When someone insults you on the streets with cameras or on Internet, we should enact laws where the restitutions can be years of monthly payments, plus a visible public record of abuse. If a person gathers three or xyz insults within a year or five years, a measurable prison term should be considered or we are encouraging potential violence.  Higher mandatory education means less insults, smarter approach to questionable words will tame more, cameras will do good, then we seal it with strong punishments on assaults.
The present laws of assault in almost every country is very pathetic,  except on so called gender based violence?   You punch your fellow man, you get a small fine and/or about three to six months imprisonment. We are training such men to be violent until they touch a woman,  then we want to scare or erase a whole gender on claims than evidence? If I know my attacker is just going to get three months, you are implicitly suggesting I kill or maim the person and try to avoid the law? Your weak laws create multiple levels of crimes  and Implicitly encourage taking the laws into our own hands? Our new Balanced contract laws should have minimal fines based on average worker wages or five to ten percent of your wealth. This means the poor laborer will know punching  Chris Rock may cost him years of fine, or Will Smith, Elon Musk, etc will pay millions on fines. After taking millions from the rich, we can give reasonably to direct victims,  but taking up to fifty percent on big fines towards a special educational fund is still within Justice . Part of such fund will be on educating people beyond the country of  the sinner, taking care of special victims, etc. A similar approach should exist on child adult support,  expensive divorce, Heard vs Depp cases, etc.  How many supreme Court judges will tip their hats for this marijuana guy or rather keep jailing marijuana folks longer than rapists, violent folks, thieves, etc?
New Transparency: Every law made in parliament should be sent to you on at least two forms of communication addresses you provided. Email  and means like WhatsApp are cheaper and easier, but you must pay for physical copies or other expensive means. They need to directly communicate certain things to us, not just through the traditional media. If you do not want to give the central government even your email, then your local representative. They said, ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’, but letting people know the law is a new reasonable responsibility of government.  The Time of Jefferson or Roosevelt is over, our time demands more right to know and right to act. Many people accuse government of passing secret laws that ultimately affect people’s lives. They are reducing the trust between government and people. Beside the law, we have the right to know who voted for it and a short mandatory note of why they voted that way. This is important in reducing tension, educating populace where need be, and holding our leaders accountable. Even failed laws can be forwarded to those who want it, with notes or reason of voting.
New Judiciary Transparency includes knowing how many people are in prison at the end of every month and what for. Vague reporting like crime is on the rise without knowing type of crime is obsolete. Population rise means numbers may rise, but percentage ratio is more precise. So a short summary showing about twenty five percent of Gambia’s or u.s prison are there over marijuana,  while zero or one percent are LGBTQ caught in public places will shed light why LGBTQ or gender based violence dominate discussions? Court convicts and dismissals are also very important to know. So let the people have more direct knowledge of the facts or we are the fuel of social media rage?
Our care should have no boundaries,  especially in the world of words and needed knowledge. Like individuals wrongly put interest over conscience,  it is dangerous for a company,  gender, or nation to put interest above conscience. Whereas racism and tribalism are largely on the decline or done in closets, sexism and nationalism are sadly encouraged in public or in secret, like sanctioning my type and hunting Assange,  Snowden,  and others.
Cultures lived in open closets and imposed their rules. Religions had regions, but some had a world vision. Governments without world vision is dangerous.  If ch. 55 claims, ‘And We have created the world for creatures with spirits…’, but religious states lack enough respect for people of different faiths and animals with spirits, then hypocrisy or arrogance exists. Ch. 91 tells us about the importance of raising conscience, but Imams, pastors,  and xyz hardly preach it or ask what conscience says versus questionable hadiths says?  Ch.103 leaves us with questions of  how Truth should gradually be exhorted,  in two ways, and where patience is essential,  even if dangerously against the deniers of some truth? Governments and humans must utilise conscience as the highest law, demand lawmakers to use conscience or Judges to override unconscientious laws. Good lawmakers use conscience  and will not say judges
should never use conscience for temporal testing of upcoming judges on legal slavery+;  Bad lawmakers may ignore conscience for votes or just have low conscience. The first and last test of humans is conscience.  Cultures,  Religions,  and governments are temporal blessings that used some conscience,  but they have evident limitations on judging even some sins between creatures.  May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn,  let’s work,  let’s have fun.
By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note:
If you think asking you to spend enough hours on education for the first twenty years of your life could have helped or is reasonable,  then urging governments to help the orphans and those with weak parents or politicians is part of our collective responsibilities.  Teenagers knowing they must spend at least xyz hours on education and  limited optional hours on work will help them and all of us. This does not wipe out parents responsibilities to fund education of children they brought to a world that demands education. Like telephone,  everyone can have a unique world number from school to working worlds, and  deducting certain dues. At least fifty percent of parents will pay for their children,  a percentage of parents can be forced to pay by seizing properties, and the seemingly unfortunate children will be loaned the cost of education. Do not over charge interest,  let taxes largely cover cost of borrowing.  The verifiable records of mass education will smartly confront the undereducated parents to avoid making babies with loans, who will ask why am I with loans versus my peers without loans, while you keep on marrying wives or xyz? Once the world attain about hundred percent reasonable literacy,  abuse and many unnecessary fears opponents of collective responsibilities have will disappear.  We are far from trying to erase personal responsibilities,  will still encourage extended personal responsibilities,  but meeting our collective responsibilities concurs with conscience,  reciprocal law, and will ease the tests in every level.
Sharing knowledge will leap us into higher knowledge and humans will fly like birds or on much better birds than present drones. Much greater independence can follow. Every job position should have multiple trained people for it , people may work about four hours a day, or four days a week,  and largely as observers. Working on fields you enjoy is great, but people should understand working means serving, so it is not primarily what you enjoy or your wants, but trying to meet the needs or wants of others in reasonable ways.  The worldwide legalisation of cannabis will reveal more knowledge,  hemp offers countless potentials, and care can grow to satisfy our every need and reasonable wants.
Containing religious extremists can be done through education than anything. For example,  under educated Muslims can be approached through the Koran.  By having strong apps that can teach the Koran within months in modern schools will eliminate parents sending kids to cruel traditional religious schools. The parents must be taught they cannot Lord over children or teenagers in cruel or indifferent ways. Society greatly helps raised you and your offspring,  so you must learn to reasonably cooperate with governments. We must balance the rights of parents,  offsprings,  and governments.  The traditional system of offsprings taking care of the elderly parents is like an optional buffer zone, the state must guarantee social care to the elderly, especially where they worked, paid taxes to care for others’ children , or are childless .
International loans must start with ascertaining the children benefit or why should they pay? The education of Gambian or xyz Children is more vital than roads and costly international conferences you could have done virtually . Far fetched trickle down theories must be contrasted with how mass education or Showlove Trinity is procedural.  If we cannot share even enough learning and working opportunities,  then fun sharing is likely deceptive . The word enough is vital, and the ‘at least’ mindset is dangerous beyond education.  Show me your vigor on dedication to education by how many hours you spend studying versus playing.  Please understand the luckiest person still have the responsibility to learn. If you inherit millions,  you still have the responsibility to learn or who were the arrogant to say they are above learning or working, we have slaves or men to work for beauty? Now, you are a teenager telling me ‘I am determined , ready to travel the dangerous routes of illegal immigration’? Show me your determination on education,  not just working or putting luck above choices.  The Lord of luck commanded you to learn (iqra), or you rather force or beg those who respected learning? Don’t you think higher learning will raise your luck anywhere or you rather defer it until you reach a place or age of higher challenges? The luckiest uneducated ‘successful ‘ person is still helped by others education,  or are you arrogant enough to dismiss education ? Pray to love education,  you will gradually enjoy reading or writing if accepted. You now have text to audio, plus video learning options.  I suspect the criminals in European suits want to finance your anything than enough education; or their criminals in the underground world telling you we cannot legalise things worldwide and end that world of false opportunities? Or are they lying your sexy body will attract the LGBTQ folks to pay you dowries like prostitutes we avoid, but urging to legalise for tactical control?  Is love not much higher than legal prostitutes selling poor services and illegal prostitutes selling diseases and poorer services? Blessed men will eventually resist paying,  especially after marijuana legalisation,  because women and whites/Arabs are not above learning and working? If black physical strength is all you brag about, then you may deserve to be abandoned donkeys with biggest dick , getting kicked by female donkeys before sex? Do donkeys rape or female donkeys get tired of kicking to eventually enjoy sex? I do not want even unwanted groping,  I prefer her smiling and happily letting us touch each other? Where are the lesbians who buy big plastic dicks in sexual greed, want to gamble children,  and censor our opinions? The God of man and woman is also the God of animals and races who are evolving in different ways in learning,  working,  and having fun. Those who respected/respecting learning should not abuse others, but the rejecters and negligent ones cannot make certain demands. Show me your character in learning,  beyond education,  and beyond personal and extended personal responsibilities; show me your character on working, including collective responsibilities; or who assumes God judges only fun character or ignores it? So let anyone or any place be a great home or I leave . May I ever triumph on and beyond earth.
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