The New Business Of Our Time Fake Pastors and Churches Multiply


JESUS CHRISTA renowned man of God bishop Christopher okpoti sowah founder of the international faith ministry has called on his colleagues to be very careful with how they carry their selves around as men of god whiles their deeds preach differently Some pastors after pulling on the strings to get some puppets to do their bidding, later laugh hilariously at the stupidity of those that they have manipulated to act absurdly.

This was reveal in a brief discussion with the anointed man of God at his church head office during the Easter Friday church service and how Christians can identify the anointed men of god out of the chains of fake pastors in the country today.

He said the deeds of these modern days? pastors are as different as compelled to some of them who have been leading people in churches as pastors, leaders and deacons the past 40 years.

The outspoken man of God claims he is of the firm opinion that Ghanaian pastors must be regularly checked to weed out those of dubious character. For how long are?Ghanaian’s?going to be held in psychological bondage by the new crop of pastors who are shamelessly seeking ludicrous wealth, fame and power? Are some of these pastors not equally measuring their popularity by the number of beautiful women they sleep with, as does any village macho man? I am completely lost for words when it comes to describing the untoward attitude of our Ghanaian pastors. As recently as last two weeks, another pastor had had sex with five sisters of same parents. What has gone wrong with these shameless Ghanaian “One-man Church” pastors? I would have their heads thoroughly examined if I had my own way.

In the moment quest to find out the characters of this modern day pastors we were told that two years ago, a Ghanaian “burger” from London intended to visit one pastor going by the nickname “Jesus One Touch” resident at Kasoa in the Central region. He was told by a friend this pastor has the hand of God upon him and resultantly able to perform miracles to the benefit of his visitors. On reaching the premises of this pastor, he learnt he had to pay a consultation fee of GHC 150 (1.5 Million old Ghana Cedis) without which he could not see the pastor. He refused the payment and left without seeing the pastor. He was convinced the pastor is in for easy money and that by this unique attitude; he is more an agent of Satan than of God. He charges that fee before you can see his face. Can such a supposed Man of God be truly from God? I doubt it. Such is the situation Ghanaian’s find themselves under the hands of these creepy modern-day Ghanaian miracle-performing pastors. They preach virtue but shamelessly practice vices under the cover of darkness.

The deputy chairman of the church rev. Isaac sowah okpoti said denominations in Ghana are under pressure to tighten their ranks against a crop of pastors with dubious credentials, many of whom mix Christianity with practices of traditional fetish priests.”The phenomenon is serious; People with ulterior motives are entering the ministry as a way to get rich quickly.” And religious freedom protections prevent church leadership from stopping such pastors unless their activities are proven to be criminal.

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