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The New Emerging African Community.


wpid-ECOWAS.jpgBy Adams Kennedy Chidi

The 9 letter word community is frequently used and spoken by elders in African families back home, As a growing up child, I did not quite conceived the importance and why these words were uttered often, Not until i waxed into adult that its meaning and value became clearer to me.

Now a resident in Germany, that word and it usefulness somehow comes back alive,though this time in a subdued usage. Whereas the attention for which it was invoked in African was more urgent and compelling. Here it is a word of choice for people who cares otherwise nobody cares in Babylon as the saying goes.

However, the striking difference is that families in Africa are under obligation to answer calls from communities, which mainly was a way to address some developmental shortfalls in communities where Govt presence are neglected. Courtesy of this kind of Community project otherwise many things would have gone wrong.

What seems though clear is that the African communities here in Germany are not taxed regularly except in extreme cases when few emergency issues arises,Nonetheless its assemblage are spectacle as it comprises of people from different clans, tribes and religion ,all seen and classified as Africans because of one thing colour of the skin.

This new assembly of community grouping is what many Africans has not come in terms with, even those posing as leaders has not seen the dimension. Some people out of ignorance sees the community gathering in Germany as an extension of their village meetings where only members of their clan come together for matters affecting their immediate environment.

In that way the idea of a broader unified stronger African community is out of the question, and any effort towards that leaning are viewed with skeptics and prejudice hence it will involve people from other tribes. Oftentimes the resistance effect is the sub divisional meetings in what others may refer to as mushroom gatherings.

However, in reality a community is more than the above short intro. To the write, A community can be taken as a social Group of any size whose interest members resides in a particular locality, under the same constituted authority, with a common cultural and historical heritage. And by that Africans in Germany has fallen into an unconscious new community grouping and reality far from what was obtained back home.

But regrettably, what we are having presently can be regarded as a clannish, sectional disoriented gatherings with little or no mission other than to show off in a brazen attempt to dominate social events, And Perhaps to promote the primitive competitiveness of individualistic mindset that precludes civilise approach to addressing matters.

Apparently, it is most certain Africans in Germany has got a long way to go to start off an ideal community building which will encompass a meaningful objective task of bringing different ethnic stock of African multi-cultural setting together and project the oneness that will encourage our children to do things right and remember their roots.

In any case, to achieve this new reality, allot needs to be done in terms of leadership. First and foremost, men and women with broader out reach and the rightful requisite should henceforth occupy leadership position in their various communities. Inter-country executive meetings should be encourage to explore and strengthen avenues for the interest of all Africans.

The time of showcasing in Afro shops windows, caved woods and pieces of outdated relics objects from ancient times in African as our culture and tradition has gone. What is required is now is a change of approach and social competition with other communities, no matter how small.

The benefits of a close knitted African community in a multi cultural society like Germany is numerous and far reaching, if well planned will serve as an unwritten code of understanding among its members, Promote business interest, build ever lasting institution for our children and unborn ones.

I rest my case.

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By Adams Kennedy Chidi

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