The Ngoma Africa Band, a Tanzanian rope formed in Germany, led and founded in a year 1993 by Tanzanian innate code glow musician and afro-pop star Ebrahim Makunja aka Ras Ebby Makunja has taken Europe by a charge with a colourful sound.

The Ngoma Africa rope have been named several times as a best and many wanted rope in general festivals since of their unusual stroke “Bongo Dance” from Tanzania, East Africa… a stroke always sends fans crazy during festivals that creates a Ngoma Africa rope to be a series one African best rope formed in Europe!

Most of their songs are created in several East African languages though many are in “Kiswahili” a oral denunciation in Tanzania and beside East African countries.

Ngoma Africa rope have a series of gifted musicians, among them is multi-talented musician soloist Christian Bakotessa aka Chris-B, others are Said “Jazbo” Vuai, Severn okomo, Maxime Vayituma, Bedi Beraca, and Prince Zongolo etc…

Ngoma Africa rope has been named “The Golden Voice Of  Africa.”  It is a rope certain to fit in any festivals.  You might listen to them during  or



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