The NPP on a diversionary crusade, Ofosu-Ampofo tape drama well rehearsed and executed

Samuel Ofosu Ampofo

Current happenings are enough to lend credence to the fact that, the NPP is threatened by the kind of quality and unifying leadership Hon Ofosu Ampofo has brought into the NDC, his resolve to unite not only the rank and file of the party but also the frontliners towards a possible victory in election 2020 portends a gravious danger to a gov’t that has achieved so much in the last three years in terms of filthy scandals of political corruption, policy confusion, politics of victimisation and repressive financial regime.This explains it all, the desperate and hasty attempt to pounce on his enviable and unmatched personal and political integrity to kill his determination but trust me, his tenacity and determination is even strengthened further after this drama.

Again with the Anas’ galamsey scandal looming, Buabeng Asamoah and his crew members felt the only way to shield the complicity of gov’t officials caught on tape by Tiger Eye PI receiving thousands of cedis in bribes was to stage this Ofosu Ampofo’s tape drama to divert public attention using the same media who became active stakeholders in the regime change agenda waged against the NDC and John Mahama prior to 2016 elections. The resemblance in the malice and the schemes well contrived and properly excuted in 2016 speaks volumes and this must keep the NDC on the alert button that, the war waged on the party by same media is even stronger now.

The Bawumia dollar-cedis adventure, it’s obvious this gov’t is being haunted not only by various comic pronouncements and lectures orgainsed and delivered by the then running mate to candidate Akuffo Addo now president, Bawumia, PhD,.he was emphatic after assuming office that the dollar was arrested and keys handed to the IGP. It apperared the dollar broke jail few hours after that exhilarating comments by the veep and has since not been found until recently when citi tv reported “Bawumia put under house arrest by the dollar.

Bawumia, PhD. has become a subject of public ridicule with many Ghanaians calling him names on social media, it’s no surprise that he has gone mute on the economy, once a voiceferous critic credited with quiet of a number lectures on how to put Ghana’s economy on track has become an Ambassador of Technology chasing gps, drones etc instead of the dollar.

The backlash in the recent weeks has intensified as the cedis is found trailing miles behind the dollar and as part of their usual scheme to extricate themselves from further public opprobrium, NPP felt using Ofosu Ampofo as a shield would buy them some space of comfort.

Again prior to this tape adventure, they had plans to inflate the size of gov’t from unreasonable number of 111 ministers to 123 and they knew what public reaction would be, they needed to stage this audio drama, which l maintain is nothing but a “manufactured nonsense”, to divert attention.

There are a number of critical issues bedevilling this nation which ought to be interrogated by the media and the good people of Ghana but unfortunately our media is dominated by men and women with inherent cynic orientations, so greedy and degraded in morals, very biased to the core, the principles of fairness globally heralded in journalism is jettisoned in the discharge of their duties, many have become “hired guns” with unfetted allegiance to the highest bidder, how then do you explain the decision to expend every energy on the supposed Ofosu Ampofo tape which none of the media platforms so fixated on the content can lend credence to its authenticity, when critical issues such as the recent decision by the European commission to blacklist Ghana as probable destination for financing terrorism, designating Ghana as a country with strategic deficiencies in AML/CTF, now Ghana is in the same league with rogue organisations and countries such as North Korea, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan etc. This is happening under Akuffo Addo.

Also recent report released by Bloomberg indicated among other things, Ghana cedis emerged as the worst performing currency in a study of 140 currencies tracked by Bloomberg, a reputable global financial firm based in the US. Stuffs like this obviously will dwindle investor confidence and further create suspicions likely to scare investors to look for alternative investment portfolios.

Sad enough our media do not consider these emerging threats relevant to be discussed, rather prefer to use all resources to chase the wind in a bid to drag Chairman Ofosu Ampofo into a dog fight in the media but trust me you will not get him.

Be reminded that, one of the cardinal principles in criminal jurisprudence is that, the burden of prove lies squarely on the shoulders of one who alleges to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that indeed the defendant is guilty of what he’s being accused of.

So if this principle exists, why are we not asking those who “cooked” this tape to provide proof to substantiate claims that those comments were indeed made by Hon.Samuel Ofosu Ampofo. So far all the criticisms visited on him in the media are just emotional tantrums devoid of any common sensical justification.

In my experience, I have never seen a media so degraded, so biased, so rented and so devoid of morals as one we currently have at hand, not all but the so called “main stream” media houses are nothing short of a disappointment.

Interestingly, we were in the country when a tape purported to be the voice of one Obiri Boahen, a deputy General Secretary of the NPP surfaced with certain damning revelations implicating the npp govt in a serious financial fraud at the seat of the president, the same media outlets who are now masturbating over the purported Ofosu Ampofo tape never had time to interrogate the issues and the content of that tape, even if some did at my blindside, I’m sure the media mileage wasn’t anything compared to this.
Two days ago , l listened to Asempa fm programme dubbed “ekosii sen”, l listened to one guy by name Omanhene, who arrogated to himself the powers of a moral judge, so clean and unblemish and chastised Chairman Ofosu Ampofo without having any faculty as at the time of that discussion to prove that the voice was indeed that of Mr. Ampofo but rather premised his moral crusade on just assumptions and presumptions, very pathetic, I then said to myself “these guys are out to ravage the NDC, and they are doing it so well and without mercy, but can you blame him or them, that’s what they have been hired to do.

But to my friends in the NDC, l leave you this ..

Loyalty may not be your favourite preposition as an individual but in politics loyalty to collective cause is crucial and indispensable, it bonds people with different cultural, ethnocentric, academic, ideological and religious orientations to ply together for the sake of a course collectively agreed on, the very moment that loyalty fades or diminishes as a results of unfetted greed and inflated ambitions, it then becomes an “enterprise for mercenaries” where every man becomes a “hired political gun” with tacit allegiance to the highest bidder” very dangerous of a breed.

Ivan Kyei Innocent.

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