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Food is food! Anywhere you go in this world, irrespective of the taste, method of preparation or significance, food is just what it is. It’s importance cannot however be overemphasized. Whether it is a main meal, a side meal or dessert, food is what keeps us going. However, there are some types of food that leave long lasting impressions and have many other uses aside it’s nutritional value.

For travelers to Ghana, having that one food type that rarely causes health problems and still has the power to change your mood, keep you awake and makes you feel alive always is an added incentive when thinking about the country as a travel destination for your vacation. Although many have criticized this culinary masterpiece for it’s tendency to be soggy with oil and the inadvertent addiction that comes with it, ’’Kelewele’’ still remains a powerful food type which originated from Ghana but has been popularized all over the world. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online hotel booking website and travel advisors takes a brief look at the real power of ‘’Kelewele’’.

This very popular Ghanaian food is made of fried plantains seasoned with spices. Many people term it in English as Hot crispy Plantain. Now very popular in many other African and American countries, Kelewele is widespread in Accra. It is sold by street vendors on principal streets and in suburbs usually on a small table top or in small kiosks. Kelewele is best served at night although sometimes it is sold in the afternoon by the countryside women. Here are a few reasons to prove the power of ‘’KELEWELE’’.

Healthy – Primarily, every food is judged based on it’s nutritional value and health benefits. The health concerns of ‘’kelewele’ over the past few years has been quite disturbing with many people criticizing the oily nature as well as it’s inability to digest quickly since it is mostly a nocturnal meal or dessert. However, the health benefits of ‘’kelewele’’ although less emphasized are quite a lot. Nutrition-wise, the plantain provides a high amount of potassium and carbohydrates as well as some good proteins. In cases where groundnuts are added to it, high amounts of proteins are present in the entire meal and this is very good for human health.

Adds ‘’spice’’ and variety to relationships – Literally, ’’kelewele’’ spices relationships. Many relationship problems have been solved by merely going on a walk to buy this meal and eating it together. It’s taste can make you forget about all your problems. Although not scientifically proven, ’’kelewele’’ is well established for creating happy and spiced up moods anytime it is taken. It possesses a sweet taste which naturally awakens our happy nerves.

Cost saving dinner – For families or individuals who may have had a very heavy or late lunch and are looking for just something to munch on in the evening, ‘’kelewele’’ is your best bet. It is highly cost effective. When purchased from street vendors, it is relatively the cheapest food after kenkey and fish. However, it doesn’t come quite cheap in certain luxurious restaurants. With just 2ghc or 5ghc you can have a complete heavy dose of kelewele with groundnut. Add a sachet or two of water and you are good to go. Dinner is sorted!

Lucrative Business venture – Because of how cheap it can be, a lot of people do not see the sale of ‘’kelewele as a very lucrative business. Surprisingly, it is. The capital needed to start this type of business is nothing substantial. Even in front of your own house or in a very small corner of your street, you can start selling kelewele. It is also made via basic deep frying which almost everyone may know how to do. The utensils to start may be your very own utensils used at home and then you can opt for bigger and better equipment when the business grows bigger. With just a little capital, just make sure you are consistent with great tasting ‘’kelewele’’ and you are in business!

‘’The vegetarian’s meat’’ – for many vegetarians, kelewele is a very priceless food type. In the absence of meat and fish, one may wonder how would vegetarians enjoy a plate of rice or waakye? Just ask any vegetarian you know. ‘’Kelewele’’ is always a great substitute for fish and meat if you are a vegetarian or suffering from any kind of ailment where meat and fish are taken from your diet. Kelewele goes with practically everything and anything. It can be eaten with main meals, eaten in isolation as a main meal or even used as a dessert.

When you travel to Ghana, just make sure you don’t leave without trying ‘’kelewele’’. Feel it’s power and don’t forget to tell someone about your experience with it.

Credit: JumiaTravel

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