The Overlord of Manyoro Outdoors 15 Chiefs

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His Royal Highness Dr. Atupare Manchi III, overlord of the Manyoro traditional area who doubles as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, the University of Ghana, Legon in a red hat with two other chiefs in red hats from Burkina Faso one to his left and the other to his right and his sub-chiefs pose for a memorable picture.

On 29 November, 2023, the overlord of the Manyoro traditional area, His Royal Majesty Pe Dr. Atudiwe Atupare Manchi III outdoored 15 chiefs representing the 15 major communities of the Manyoro traditional area.

The ceremony, which was held within the precincts of the Manyoro cluster of schools, was well attended, with two distinguished chiefs from Kaya and Songo in neighbouring Burkina Faso gracing the occasion with their presence.
There was cultural drumming and dancing to entertain the teeming crowds and also to showcase the rich culture of the people of Manyoro. There was a heavy security presence to maintain law and order.

Before their investiture, the 15 sub-chiefs had earlier been installed at the overlord’s palace in accordance with traditional norms, values, etiquettes and practices. The interesting tweak to these installations is that the sub-chiefs were not appointed by the overlord but were chosen by the elders and the people of the various communities.

The 15 chiefs who have equal status but subordinate to the overlord are as follows: Pe Dr. Adjuah Felix ACHANA (Sakunia chief), Pe Webatwinoona Awepaare AGULU (chief of Wanjagnia Tionabili), Pe Apuri Kejenga PWADURA (Wanjagnia Kadigenia chief), Pe Jantiti Wasajei (Wura chief), Pe Dadwongo Emmanuel ZIIRI (chief of Kapworesi), Pe Michael Nsowini AYITOLIYA (Apoa-Doone Geribisi chief), Pe Anongu Dominic YAWULIGA (Dambisi chief).

Others are Pe Adagiwine Clement AKAYELE (Chief of Saforo), Pe Oliver Akendola ANYOKA (Chief of Gumongo Bagebisi), Pe Adeya ASAKIYA ( Chief of Gumongo Avikiba), Pe Bamabachi DONJEI (Beyim chief), Pe Abraham Atudiwe AZABRE (Kupela chief). The rest are Pe Ajigeteena Solomon SEWE (Gware chief), Pe Robert DADAANA (Chief of Chilla), and Pe Bayichigata LOGOCHENGE (Chief of Yiakolo).
Even though they are at par as chiefs, some of them are professionals and experts in their individual fields. Some of the chiefs are Christian, some are traditionalist Christians, and others are pure traditionalists.

In a short but powerful speech during their investiture, the overlord of Manyoro, His Royal Majesty Pe Dr. Atupare Manchi III admonished the chiefs to be good shepherds and superintend their individual communities to ensure peace, unity and development. As chiefs, they were to live above reproach and avoid anything that could tarnish the image of the chieftaincy institution.

He called on the ancestral spirits and gods of the land to protect the new chiefs and grant them good health and long life. He wished his sub-chiefs well in their new roles and a successful tenure.

Manyoro deserves a paramountcy. I hope the powers that be are listening.


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