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The Palestinian Victory At The United Nations And Lessons For The Biafran Self-Determination Struggle.



I recall my recent comments on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict where I called on the indigenous people of Biafra to lend their moral support to the state of Isael based on the need to curtail Muslem Arab expansionism and also to reciprocate the Jews massive support to?Biafra?during our time of genocidal war.

I went further to comment on an international??Jewish?media?:thus,

As a result of my observation in the last Israeli Palestinian crisis, we observed that our own Israel won as always the battle in military terms but the battle of media and propaganda was won by Hamas due to the unflinching propaganda machinery of the Arab media such as Al-jezeera, press .tv etc.

Here is a report from the Jewish community who are as concerned as we are here in?Biafra?land.

Jewish community groups have announced a plan to launch a global TV news network to support?Israel?and compete against international satellite channels which they believe are “hostile” to the Zionist state, especially Qatar-based Al Jazeera.

Alexander Machkevitch, President of the Annual Conference for Jewish Community Leaders, made the announcement at the 2011 conference being held in?Washington. The decision to launch a global TV news network comes following “recurrent losses of the war onIsrael”; he questioned the veracity of the “facts” broadcast by some media outlets. According to Machkevitch, many are “propaganda and hostile fabrications against?Israel”. The Hebrew newspaper Maariv said that the project will launch news channels broadcasting in English, Arabic, French and Spanish, to ensure they address most of the world’s population..

Here is the voting pattern at the last UN voting on the state of?Palestine?Without-?USA, ISRAEL AND UN ORGANIZATION Decision …
Palestinians win A UN State Status Vote by wide margin.
**138 in favour, 9 against, with 41 abstaining.

The UN General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to recognise?Palestine?as a non-member observer state – a move strongly opposed by?Israel?and theUS.

The General Assembly voted 138-9 in favour, with 41 abstaining. The Palestinians can now take part in UN debates and potentially join bodies like the International Criminal Court.
but?Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the vote “meaningless”.

This land mark victory by the Palestinians through the propaganda machinery of the Arab Moslem cable network such as?Iran?based??Press T.V and?Qatar-based Al Jazeera attests to the modern power of media and good propaganda machine in propagating the struggle for the actualization of sovereign state of?Biafra.

It is no longer the period when America ,Britain and Russia will veto at the UN to crush the dot country Biafra, our success in getting to the promised land is dependent on our captains of industry investing on international cable media , the full support and sponsorship of already existing and effective means of dissemination of Biafran news such as the radiobiafralondon and the Eastern pilot. Unfortunately ,the above two pro-Biafran news media outfits are currently under the attack of the government of?Nigeria. One of our journalist brothers who begged to remain unanimous asked me recently to review an article he posted for his newspaper company last Sunday on Boko Haram and the federal government amnesty, I told him that the article was not propaganda oriented as to attract sympathy to the Biafran struggle, he replied by telling me that I should understand that they are not only under blanket ban on reportage of the events in the volatile north, but also that his newspaper company is not owned by an igboman and even if owned by an igboman with the status quo syndrome, such hard-line propaganda reporting will make him loose his job. This brings me to the fact that there has been a lot of secret killings of ndigbo in the north for the past two weeks unreported by any Nigerian press except the eastern pilot and the indomitable radio biafra?london

Here is a commentary by the Biafran bull, Nnamdi Kanu , the director of radio Biafra London;

By Nnamdi Kanu


The need to reactivate Radio Biafra London was borne out of recognition that Igbos are the only ethnic group being singled out, hunted and killed like wild animals all over Nigeria. Even Boko Haram knows that Igbos are too divided, too weak and consumed by pursuit of money to be concerned about defending the lives of their own people living in?Northern Nigeria. No other race is being targeted the way Igbos are in?Nigeria?today, not even the so-called minorities. To be killed and unable to speak out is the ultimate humiliation any race can endure. We as a people cannot continue to live like this.

Most Igbos who can read and write behave like the proverbial insect cricket that was tossed into a raging fire and rather than rallying to bring out the cricket from the fire the relatives instead chose to dance and make merry around the dying insect by saying ?can?t you see how beautifully oiled the body is, maybe the fire will make us produce oil and look good too?. As they danced and laughed, they each took turn to jump into the fire due to the mesmerising sight of oil dripping from the body of those already being consumed by fire until they all perished.
In their all encompassing wisdom they reasoned that shiny oily body of a cricket being devoured by fire is sign of good health, wealth and prosperous living not knowing it is the inglorious manifestation of agonising death. This is exactly the mindset of most educated Igbo people who prefer to profiteer from the death of their own people than rise up against evil.
We are being consumed by the fires of Islamic hatred and the likes of Governor Peter Obi are busy investing money belonging to the same Igbo people (Anambra State in this instance) being persecuted in Northern Nigeria to build the largest shopping mall in Africa in the same Northern Nigeria. Yet in his state where he was elected to better the lives of the people, graduates without jobs have resorted to kidnapping as a means of livelihood. Theodore Orji of Abia State is so inept no right thinking person with any conviction can possibly refer to him as a civilised being talk less a governor.
What we have done as a people to deserve this horrible existence only God knows. Our ancestors will be turning in their graves as a once proud race of noble men has been reduced to a state of hopelessness due to avariciousness and the morally crippling effect of pursuit of money at all cost by the few.
Any Igbo person that thinks he or she is immune from the fate that is now befalling our mothers, children, fathers, sisters, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces in Northern Nigeria must think again. The same fate awaits all of us and it?s only a matter of time before Boko Haram becomes emboldened enough to start attacking transport infrastructure and public places in?Southern Nigeria. Wherever you are now be it North America, Europe, South America, Asia or?Australia?the possibility exists that you will either be killed or kidnapped when you set foot in?Nigeria.?Nigeria?cannot save you because?Nigeria?itself is in need of a saviour.?Nigeria?is destined for anarchy and no amount of prayer, wishful thinking and intellectual analysis can stop it.
Buhari, Babangida, Atiku and other Islamic leaders have cleverly tested and showcased the cowardice and hopelessness of Igbo leadership which have so far proved spineless, inadequate and some would argue non-existent because there is no common purpose amongst the people which in turn is a direct consequence of lack of mass media.
Isn?t it a shame that none of the so called Igbo leaders including those that preach they will get Biafra has come up to offer categorical and strongly worded condemnation of what Boko Haram is doing to Igbo people in Northern Nigeria the way Radio Biafra has been doing since April 2012. The same Igbo leaders who are quick to run to Nigerian newspapers and media houses when at each other?s throat are now shying away from showing true leadership when the safety, livelihood, honour and dignity of their people is at stake. By their silence, the Igbo leaders we have today are either benefitting financially from the death of our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers whose blood are being spilled on the streets of Hausa/Fulani towns and villages or they are cowards, in which case they are not fit to lead. They can learn from the courage of the likes of Edwin Clarke who is from a so-called minority ethnic group but yet have come out to speak in condemnation of Boko Haram, Babangida, Buhari and the Sokoto Caliphate who are in effect the owners of our beloved and cherished Islamic Republic of Nigeria.
The Igbo race lost 3.1million men, women and children from 1966-1970 yet no internationally recognised body lists?Biafra?as a case of genocide despite the fact that we rank second behind European Jews in the all time list of races that faced the threat of extermination from the face of the earth. This is a direct result of lack of mass media which Radio Biafra and Eastern Pilot newspaper are seeking to address.
It is an indictment of the fabled Igbo intellectual superiority that countries that have suffered less than Igbos have like Kosovo, Liberia, Dafur, East Timor and Bosnia are recognised the world over as places where crimes against humanity were committed yet 300,000 Igbos killed in cold blood by rampaging Hausa, Fulani and Tivi mobs in Northern Nigeria have been whitewashed from the pages of history books due to unavailability of Igbo oriented mass media to propagate the message.
For as long as it exists, Radio Biafra will not allow the memory of the millions killed in?Nigeria?to be wiped away from the human consciousness or the pages of history. Posterity and God himself will not forgive and indeed will continue to punish and suffer the Igbo race until the blood of the innocent spilled all over?Nigeria?is atoned for. Even as Igbos are still being massacred in Nigeria today they are still begging to be accepted by their Hausa/Fulani conquerors so their petty trading businesses outside Igboland will not be jeopardised. What an utter disgrace!
It is no coincidence that the two other major nationalities in?Nigeria?well represented in the mass media are doing considerable better than Igbos in terms of defending their collective interest and successfully propagating their agenda. Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani media supremacy over the Igbos made it possible over the years to demonise the word Biafra to the point where grown and seemingly educated Igbo men and women are terrified to be associated or identified with Biafra a God given name that predates?Nigeria?by more than 500 years.??Recently in?London?grown men in a free country were literally being restrained from jumping through a first floor window because they happen to be where?Biafra?was being discussed.
An Igbo man or woman?s understanding of their place in?Nigeria?is viewed through the lens of Yoruba opinion leaders or Hausa/Fulani socio-political and economic hegemony. As long as this remains the case, Igbos will continue to suffer the ignominy of being killed needlessly in?Nigeria.
To expect NTA Network News-controlled by Hausa/Fulani?s, AIT, Channels TV, or HiTv none of which are Igbo owned to cover stories and issues from a perspective that lends credence to the fact that Igbos are irrelevant in?Nigeria?is nothing short of monumental ignorance and political naivety. As a respected observer of Nigerian politics once commented, ?If you don?t say you are somewhere, nobody will quote you that you are there?. It is up to Igbos to articulate, project and defend collective Igbo interest not Hausa or Yoruba media.
Radio Biafra London has come to challenge the status quo and uphold the dignity, virtue and value system of the Igbo race. It would be fair to say that without a well supported mass media, the process of emancipating Igbo people from internal and external bondage will prove extremely difficult if not impossible to accomplish. For without education and enlightenment people will be condemned to a life perpetual ignorance. Even God said in the Bible that his perish due to lack of knowledge. The price of ignorance is far greater a burden to bear than what it would take to educate the people.
Everywhere you go dedicated and patriotic Igbos are doing their utmost best to set up mass communication platforms to educate and help articulate and project collective Igbo consciousness but these efforts appear doomed to fail because 80% of Igbos do not recognise the importance of mass media. As a result of which Eastern Pilot newspaper published in Nigeria is suffering, Igboamaka TV show on BEN Television is struggling, Igbo Afrika programme presented on Naija FM in London is appealing for support, The Ambassador Magazine is finding it hard to complete a print run and the mere mention of Radio Biafra is enough to send some people scouring for cover because they know what the station stands for.??
There is no use hoping and praying that somebody else will do it for you, it is our responsibility by virtue of our privileged positions to do something about our plight because Hausa/Fulani or Yoruba people will not do it for us.
For those who are too terrified to support Radio Biafra you can at least contribute towards or support the work that Eastern Pilot is doing in educating the newspaper reading masses in Nigeria, or help sponsor The Ambassador Magazine or Igboamaka TV or Igbo Afrika show on Naija FM. They are all propagating the Igbo message of redemption and should be supported by those that understand that without constant reorientation the Igbo race is finished. Igbo people in the?United Kingdom?have no qualms about contributing towards the running of BBC through the Licence Fee which goes towards the twice daily broadcast of Hausa Service which every Mallam in?Nigeria?is duty bound to listen to, yet they are loathe supporting Igbo media houses doing similar thing for their own people. Where is the logic in that?
As Mary?Wollstonecraft?once commented,?only reason makes us human otherwise we are all animals.
Nnamdi Kanu

In conclusion, we all witnessed on the press t.v and Al-jazeera how the Palestinians with one voice jubilated in the face of defeat by the superior Israeli bombardment, in unison, they were united in claiming victory in the face of exposed dying children, yes they hide the adults killed in Israeli bombings and showed the world the dying and dead children , the weak and elderly, that is war propaganda that sustained Biafra by Okoko Ndem during the genocide war

I??therefore call on all Ndigbo at home and the Diaspora sleeping or lying down to bilie to this clarion call for healing, peace , reconciliation and unflinching unity??amongst Ndigbo which is more germane today than ever before where our ancestors will invoke the spirit of ‘onye aghala nwanne ya’ which is an igbo philosophical thrust of our ‘igbo bu ike ‘that made ndigbo an inseparable bunch in the Igbo union days before the civil war of survival, it is time we put a final stop to join forces with our foes to use the blame game on ourselves which has been the instrument and excuse used by the foes since 1970 to maintain their dichotomy on Ndigbo.It is time we seat down, to drink our own palmwine and eat our mothers soup without minding if it is fermented, it is time we put our big penis together and urinate the much needed foam that will catapult us into the promised land.


M.M.MBAANAJA Bilie Human Rights Initiative Media/pub

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