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The Police Must Be A Good Watchman In Ada


The half-hearted attention of the police in Ada to solve problems surrounding Electrochem’s operations in Ada has led to the current offhand situation. The police, though fully alerted of the ongoing plans of the gangsters to murder and blame it on Electrochem, but didn’t take any action.

Is the police being bribed not to be proactive to tame that insignificant number of hooligans who have vowed heaven and earth to collapse Electrochem from Ada? This (hooligans and enemies of progress to Ada) master plan to bastardize, vandalize and “exorcize” Electrochem has finally come to light. The staged death allegedly recorded today at Ada supposedly resulting from a clash between the miscreants and Electrochem’s workers would not have gotten to this stage if the police had long busted hooligans because the police has in its possession most of their names.

According to a reliable source, those miscreants had long stategized to cause death, anyhow, at the premises of Electrochem, or kill someone anywhere and make a public cry that Electrochem is responsible, which they believed would definitely lead to the closure of the company. In fact, the dead person who was an alcoholic happened to be their own and had been marked to be murdered in cold blood so that Electrochem would be falsely accused of such crime. We believe a thorough investigation will certainly expose those devil-incarnate who, for their cruel agenda for the people of Ada, do not want to let sleeping dogs lie.

We want to state on record that those murderers have been vividly exposed. Those kinds of ammunition or Mob Action or whatever you may call it, which lied beside the murdered man in the picture are not used by the police detailed at Electrochem. Unfortunately for this miscreants, there was not single gun shots not even a warning shot during the attack on Electrochem’s workers in their legally acquired concession. The intentions of this Hooligans was that base on the severity of their attack, the police will definitely fire some warning shots and they will use that to cover up for their evil plans and blame it on Electrochem but it have failed woefully.

It may interest you also to know that after the incident in the early hours of yesterday, this Hooligans went back to the community at Salom in the evening to break down the shops and house belonging to fellow Ada just because he works with the company?

This incident is the second time in less than a week when similar attack was launched on another Ada man, his children and ground children and in the process destroying two polytanks Electrochem provided for the community to store water which has saved the community from the acute water shortage for almost two years.

In fact, we would not have gotten this far if the police had actually gone a step further and busted some of those people who were involved in similar acts in the past. This is the reason why we are asking these questions for the police to answer.

▪︎Why hasn’t the police caused any arrest with regard to previous cases?

▪︎Why is it taking the police so long a time to cause arrest even if they have any intention to do so?

▪︎Is the police not privy of some of the evil plans of those naysayers?

▪︎What is the police doing about the previous cases which involved most of those miscreants?

▪︎How, on earth, could those miscreants be bold enough to cause this heinous crime where you, the police, have on your files the previous cases in connection with Electrochem?

Your answers to the above questions may help unravel the mystery surrounding the death of an innocent person. For Electrochem Ghana Limited is completely innocent of such staged murder.

For whatever happens, we must give thanks to God though it is an unwelcoming news to the family of the deceased. Perhaps, the moment has come for the police to be up and doing and to bring to finality the cruel activities those people have been terrorising the good people of Ada with all in the name of tarnishing the hard-earned image of Dr Daniel Nii Nshia McKorley who has devoted his time, energy and resources to developing Ada and Ghana as a whole.

Jesuits of GaDaŋme

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