The President Decides The Fate Of NPP in 2024 As He Appoints MMDCEs

President Akufo Addo

Monitoring closely at the appointments of substantive ministers, deputy ministers, regional ministers and CEOs, one need not be a political pundit to conclude that the president is rewarding those he perceived to be loyal, particularly him in person. Be as it may, no one can fault him as he has the constitutional rights and discretionary powers to select those he deem fit to work with.

However, he owes the NPP and its grassroots the moral obligation to hand over the government to an NPP president come 7th January, 2025. As discussed below, 80% of this daunting precedent of a party handing over to itself after the 2nd term is encumbered on the MMDCEs appointment by the president.

The party abysmal performance at the 2020 general elections can be contributed to anything but cracks at the grassroots level. This crack emanates from scuffle between MMDCEs with old party executives on one hand and the current executives with the grassroots on the other hand. The MMDCEs who appointments preceded the current constituency and regional executives in 2017, perceive these party executives are opportunists who did not toil to bring the party to power.

Thus, the MMDCEs and those who lost to the current executives call themselves Nana loyalists whereas the constituency and the regional executives are seen by the MMDCEs and cohorts as disloyalists of Nana simple because they held the party flag at the regional and constituency level before the 2016 elections. They forgot that they were voted into those leadership positions by the same grassroots who voted them out when the party came to power.

Again, especially, the regional chairmen who lost to the current regional executives were the ones who lobbied for the current MMDCEs appointment. Worst of all is that most MMDCEs who contested primaries and lost to the candidates of the executives. If nowhere at all, it happened in the northern part of Ghana. The MMDCEs took a position an openly boast that the regional and constituency executives should take their party and they will take their government.

The question is why lost primaries with all the resources at your disposal, campaigned against own party’s candidates and still have the effrontery to be gallivanting at the corridor of power for reappointment? The president should not make such a mistake in sacrificing the people will against the reappointment of the so called loyalists but rather appoints those who resonate with party executives, especially, regional chairmen. The regional chairmen are the real embodiment of the grassroots supporters that are ready to secure sound victory comes 2024.

The party should not think that the opposition NDC is in crisis as such things will be rosy for NPP in the coming elections, the NPP encountered the worst same but went ahead to secure victory in 2016 elections. The unity of the party at the grassroots level matters more than the unity of the so-called big wigs. The 2020 elections is a huge lesson for us all which the party has the privilege to amend before NPP is humiliated in the 2024 pending elections. So the aim of this article is to plead with the president to critically examine and reconsider the party interest first and foremost before appointing the MMDCEs.

To conclude, the NPP should forget 2024 elections if most of the MMDCEs are maintained, I speak as an active party member. The appointment should be futuristic, progressive instead of a reward for retrogressive arrogance MMDCEs. By saying this does not prejudice the reappointments of some good old ones who obviously deserve to be maintained. To maintain those who arrogate titles to themselves as owners of government as against party owners will not enjoy the benefit of the party bringing the government to power come 2024.

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