The Problems Of Ghanaian Girls Moving With Nigerian Guys


How many men have you slept with before me? Will you be prepared to live with me in Nigeria?

A typical Nigerian man will pop such questions to his Ghanaian wife or girl friend sooner or later. These are typical questions that will come up if you have a Nigerian boyfriend or a husband.


Sad Beaten
Sad Beaten

Many Ghanaian women who are married to or in relationship with Nigerian men, with very few exceptions, tell similar stories. At the beginning, there is no problem. After few months, the Nigerian guy is somewhat curious of what has happened before him because most of the Nigerian guys have an illusion that most Ghanaian ladies have slept with many men. It may be the influence of American soap operas, Hollywood or Nollywood films, but the average of Nigerian guy are not only envious but think our Ghanaian ladies are that cheep.

If even the marriage or the relationship happens to be fine, the Nigerian guy will often ask such past questions just to know what happened before out of jealousy, low self-esteem, enviousness, curiosity, or to find a factor to use against the Ghanaian lady later, which often ends in awkward situations like physical assault or sometimes even Mord.

Source: FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg – Germany)

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