The Secret Jottings of a Dying but Heavy-Hearted E.C Official

Electoral Commission

I write with extreme aching within my chest on the hospital bed of Korle Bu. But I am eager to write and dismantle the notion of vote-rigging in the national elections. I therefore pray this zeal would inspire the ink of my wobbly pen to write before I take my last breath. The pen indeed is mightier than the sword. I will persist and write.

Before I kiss the sweet acrimony of death, I delight in taking you through the journey of my work as an E.C official. My journey undeniably has been a hard-hitting one with many false accusations which are perceived as the reality of our national elections by some Ghanaians. What I am about to say is a deep revelation I can’t die with.

Oh Heaven! To whom will I trust with this letter? Truth I speak. Nothing less than the veracity. I know you must be raising your eyebrows in total disbelief but I speak nothing less than the truth. Today, I spill out the secrets without fear nor regret.

For some decades ago till date? We the Electoral Commission of Ghana have been falsely indicted of being the architects of rigging national elections. We are accused bitterly based on unwarranted assumptions by the party who loses the national election. Therefore Ghana’s election has become like this:

if my party lost, then the election was rigged. If my party wins, the EC has done its job. This should not be so. Our credibility should not be dependent on the wishful thinking of politicians and their supporters. Wishful thinking is not critical thinking. In fact it is absolutely deceptive and misleading.
Some few months ago, I came across a literature by Parku, Sharon on the topic: Who says elections in Ghana are ‘free and fair’?

And it reads , ‘’Since 2000, elections in Ghana have been lauded by observers both internally and externally as being “free and fair.” The losing political party, however, has consistently contested the election results. After the 2004 presidential election, three key opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) members challenged the results announced by the Electoral Commission (EC), suing the EC to publish detailed data from the election.

Similarly, at the end of the closely contested 2008 presidential election and the subsequent run-off, leading NDC members accused the EC of trying to manipulate results, and their frustrated supporters invaded the EC head office in Accra. When the NDC was eventually declared the winner, the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) accused the NDC of rigging the election. Again in the aftermath of the 2012 presidential election, the opposition NPP accused the winner – John Dramani Mahama and the NDC – of rigging the election, boycotted the inauguration of the president, and asked the Supreme Court to overturn the official results declared by the EC.’’

Recently, the Ghanaian opposition leader John Mahama accused the ruling party of using the military to alter the results of Monday’s election. “You cannot use the military to overturn some of the results in constituencies that we have won,” Mahama said in remarks broadcast by Joy FM radio. The government however denied the allegation.

These petitions has become a generational cankerworm eating up our progress as a nation. Sadly, I am leaving this earth and it hurts me to know these accusations may not cease. My colleagues at work are frustrated by these accusations daily and we still carry on with our duty. Please let us put a powerful stop to these neck breaking petitions.

Proving our innocence to Ghanaians has become a futile struggle. It is my turn now, and with vivid alacrity, I write to voice out the truth of this issue before I join my ancestors.

Kindly help me pass this on for all the inhabitants of mother Ghana.

Indeed the notion of vote-rigging in the national elections is a wanted anaconda snake biting the minds of progress minded citizens and must be completely dismantled!

We the EC play a pivotal role we play in the democracy of Ghana.

See the good works of EC and appreciate our effort. Our lives matter.


This piece intends to win the heart of my readers by using a grief-stricken approach to achieve my goal. I do believe that the act of communicating persuasively is mostly successful with the use of emotions. What Aristotle refers to as ‘’ethos’’ in his theory of persuasion.

Hence speaking in the shoes of a dying E.C Official who intends to confess the ‘’truth’’ before kissing the sting of death. ‘’The Truth’’ referring to the notion of rigging elections in Ghana as a blatant lie.

Sadly he died at Korle-Bu few minutes after finishing his letter.

Source: Chacha Kess Frimpong

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