The unbridled rate of lawlessness in the country has reached an alarming proportion. And this lawlessness without doubt has seeped through every strand of the Ghanaian fabric. Today, there is indiscipline in the country?s financial administration, political activists behave as if they are untouchable despite their buffoonery, ministers of state and other government appointees conduct themselves arbitrarily and no reprimand is meted out to them. And in all these, the president appears to do little or listless if not helpless in nipping these negative insurrections in the bud.

Is the president therefore in charge of affairs in this country? Are there individuals who are pulling the strings behind the scenes? Or is the president simply overwhelmed by the challenges confronting the nation?? As it stands, the president seems to have metamorphosed into the very nature of his predecessor and mentor, the late professor, who seemed to be the driver but watched certain boot lickers to shift the gears for him.

The Prof. as he was affectionately christened so became inert during his latter reign paving the way for Woyome and his gang of looting brigade to stick onto the public purse like a flea to suck the country?s wealth illegally. The only hollow defence the late professor could blurt was that he was not criminally minded to short change the country.

The man could not simply manage his own health as he trusted his puppeteers to puppet his health. Even when it became obvious that his health was slipping through his fingers, he succumbed to the dictates of certain individuals who ill advised him to jog on the tarmac of Kotoka international airport in a clear defiance of public knowledge that it was better for him to take an early shower.

It is unfortunate the memory of the dead is being revived in this manner but as indicated early on, it seems this president whose legitimacy is in contest, is walking in the footsteps of his predecessor. President Mahama who seems to be in hibernation only pops up to redeem his image whenever evil befalls his government. For the life of me, how could the president behave as if he was not privy to what the heavily bearded Vanderpuye wanted to do: rename the Theodosia Okoh hockey pitch after the late professor?

Similarly, is the president telling Ghanaians that the rot and corruption so established in the GYEEDA report happened at his blind side? Is he feigning innocence as he slept on his job for greedy bastards to make merry with our scarce resources? Is he now so afraid that he has no balls to make public the report? Just as the late Prof. failed to publish the EOCO report that exposed the crass corruption that had engulfed his government, so has this president failed woefully to publish the GYEEDA report for Ghanaians to know how the managers of our wealth are siphoning untold wealth to service their parochial and political interest.

The truth must be told. The P.V. Obeng led committee set up by the President to look into the findings of the GYEEDA report cannot unravel anything meaningful to convince Ghanaians that nothing untoward happened. It is a dress rehearsal activity to deaden or divert the attention of Ghanaians. From clandestine activities of SADA through to the gargantuan rape of the nation?s purse by Woyome and his cohorts and the eventual GYEEDA brouhaha, everything points to these opinions: the president cannot effectively monitor his appointees to do the right thing, his appointees are incompetent to manage our revenues properly, the President seems reluctant to reprimand his own or he himself is directly or indirectly benefitting from the booty looted by his appointees.

Certainly, the signs on the wall distinctly depict doom and gloom other than growth. Now, NDC goons and foot soldiers have the effrontery to disturb public peace and burn four state vehicles and five party vehicles simply because they did not agree with the president on his nomination of a District Chief Executive. (See Police Arrest 25 Nkwanta North NDC Only God knows the next level these hoodlums and disgruntled elements will take their anger to especially in the event the election petition swerves their expectation.

Apparently, the numerous rejections of the President?s nomination of DCEs amplify the notion that he is totally if not partially out of touch with governance at the grass root level. Supposing he appointees were discharging their duties impeccably and he was aware of their performance, he would rather not be met these violent reactions from party goons. It is obvious he is being dictated to by persons who are misinformed or individuals who are bent on satisfying their selfish ambitions ahead of national interest.

That is not all, the level of NDC notoriety has risen to the point where the Ashanti region chairman of the NDC, Yaw Obimpeh, without a shred of shame now defends a hardcore criminal and thug, Abdulai Fuseini. (See NDC Chair?s Bodyguard Is An Armed ?The latter was caught as his gang embarked on a robbery operation at the Juaben Rural Bank in Fumesua which is close to Kumasi. This criminal, who was armed to the teeth at the time of arrest, doubles as the bodyguard of this regional chairman. I trust the police officers handling this matter will be firm in dealing with him accordingly before the case turns? out to be what we call ?foolish case? in Ghanaian parlance.

At the height of this lawlessness is the blatant disregard Nii Lantey Vanderpuye has exhibited toward the Supreme and High courts? orders for him to vacate the Number 2 Mango Street bungalow which was legally acquired by Jake Obetsebi Lamptey. (See Jake Bungalow Saga: Only Works and Housing Minister Can ?eject? me from bungalow, no court-Nii Lantey) Nii Lantey?s defiance in the face of two superior courts? orders should be a major concern for lovers of democracy which endorses the rule of law not thuggery.

In this regard, I strongly suggest that if the president has any modicum of respect for the law and the sanctity of our courts, he should direct Nii Lantey to respect the courts? orders as he restored the memory of Madam Theodosia Okoh which was nearly erased by that bearded mayor. Anything short of a directive from the president to Nii Lantey to obey the courts? orders will amount to the president endorsing lawlessness.

For now, the earlier the President asserted his authority the better it will be for us and posterity. He is becoming popular each day for the wrong reasons. The Minister of Finance is telling us that the SSPP is unsustainable meanwhile the President is reluctant to order the minister to tell Ghanaians how the wage bill consumes about 70% of national revenue. If the President means well and wants to ensure transparency, he must tell us the percentage article 71 public holders take from this 70%.

Ghana deserves better. We must rise above the nuisance and malfeasance the President presides over. He must be proactive. If he wants to peacefully and progressively steer this country forward, he must put his house in order before NDC foot soldiers and government appointees stalls the progress we are struggling to achieve.



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