President Prof. Atta Mills assumed office at the same time as President Obama did in the USA. President Atta Mills had a slim win at the 2008 polls. He strove in at the tape with violence and war drums, causing much tension and restlessness, resulting in a nation divided as it were into two equal halves.

President Atta Mills lacked full mandate and courage to assume office running with his ?Better Ghana Change Agenda? as he promised. It took two years of SLOW BUT SURE motion to muster courage to declare action as he put it. Year 2011, the Year of Action ended on a flat note, epitomized by the failure of the much drummed about STX building project. The many loans contracted are yet to show any serious impact both in macro and micro terms and living conditions in general.

This is not only due to the evident LACK of CLEAR MANDATE, COURAGE and COMPETENCE but also because President Atta Mills entered into office at the heels of a very able, action-oriented, successful and internationally acclaimed President. President Kufuor created a HERITAGE of GLORY in Governance and Statesmanship for Ghana and Africa. It is necessary to point out however, that, the Kufuor heritage was the result of Divine ordered redemptive action.

At the spiritual front, the Lord God of Hosts via His Church in the land has accomplished His plan of redemption of the country from the Satan-man dominion order during the Kufuor administration. The Satan-man order is characterized by idolatry and blood sacrifices, political instability and insecurity and tribal wars and chieftaincy disputes, civilian-cum-military rivalry, mistrust of government because of unrighteous and wicked works of rulers and their agents causing captive minds and cultural silence, hindering free and open identification with and participation in political, economic and social processes and national affairs in general.

The Divine led Mission Accomplished at the spiritual gate brought PEACE and DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE at the political gate. This in turn led to progress at the economic gate. There was rise in cocoa production, investment confidence as in mining and the private sector in general. In the end, there came the release of Divine hold on Oil and Gas reserves of the country. Why, because God has found a man of humble heart and fear of God, and a regime of social consciousness and progress oriented. He began to bless the land.

This blessedness and restoration of glory to Ghana in the Kufuor era is not a thing any TRUE PATRIOT, LOYAL and KNOWLEDGEABLE CITIZEN and President of Faith, Peace, Goodwill and competence will attempt to change much more tear apart for a so-called BETTER GHANA change agenda, however well-defined and well-intended. Indeed patriotism, wisdom, statecraft and the knowledge and fear of God will demand respect for the Divine redemption and continuity of the Divine Road Map for the Restoration of Glory to Ghana.

The truth is that there was no room for change in the Divine ordered road map for President Atta Mills. The way open is only to continue to expand and solidify the Kufuor Heritage of policies and governmental action. Attempts to change them such as with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Petroleum Price, agreements on the Oil and Gas production and Educational systems, the 3 for 4-year SHS system to wit have virtually backfired.

We do not want to comment here on the claim of success with the economy. We will simply state that, Government Expenditure-Fiscal Policy induced cut in inflation and growth prompted by capital investment (machines) in mining and Oil and Gas are yet to have impact in rising employment, industrial production and above all, the pockets and living conditions of people, except of course the ruling class of Ministers, Parliamentarians and special government appointees.

CHANGE was also the note on which President Obama strove gallantly at first count into office. He got a clear win and can be said with a clear mandate and broadbased goodwill both domestically and global-wide. This notwithstanding we declared at the prompting of the Spirit of God that President Obama will fail with his change mission and be shown EXIT from the White House.

To-day, America is reeling in frustration from the weight of OBAMA’S failure. Unlike President Bush whose 9-11 baptism of fire catapulted him to initial glory, President Obama’s baptism of fire brought heightened challenge with FAILURE of BANKS, FINANCIAL CRUNCH, MORTGAGE COLLAPSE and HOUSE CLOSURES, INDUSTRY BLOW-UP and UNEMPLOYMENT LINES.

Meanwhile, President Obama found himself trapped and bound with President Bush’s heritage of WAR and DEBT and down hill slide of America’s standing image and glory in the world. In the end, America has bowed as it were to China’s economic machine and bail-out. This weakened moral courage concerning renunciation of China’s human rights and democratic credentials. America’s voice on global peace, political and economic order has become muted.

To be sure, President Obama’s change agenda was floored by two primary factors first, the way by which he got nominated as Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party. He was sneaked as it were into line by some few party strategists whose agenda was not national but personal, and very parochial. His rhetorics helped him. But rhetorics on political party platform and national debates are not enough for sound administration and governance.

President Obama got to The White House on the bandwagon of Washington political intrigue. He simply could not bring change to WASHINGTON POLITICS and BUSINESS as usual. He has had to fight battles on the hill with his bills. Bi-partnership pragmatic escape route became difficult for President Obama.

Meanwhile the unemployment situation got aggravated by the financial crunch. A non-conventional government bailout of banks did not go quite far in fighting off looming recession.

As if that is not enough, the AMERICA WAR MACHINE was having devastating effects on the budget and lives ? Debit financing raised the national debt into unprecedented heights ? in the TRILLIONS. Meanwhile the Iraq war could not be brought to an abrupt end without causing havoc to the military machine, the economy and pain to lives. It was proving equally difficult to pull out from the war in Afghanistan. It would demoralise the Military and pull down further the image of the USA as a world power.

The second battle ground for President Obama was the mounted rejection of God, the knowledge and honour of Him in America. This was not his doing. But he lacked both spiritual stature and moral courage to stem the flood.

But America’s rejection of God and attempt to present herself as GOD of THE NATIONS and WORLD POWER, putting TRUST in ECONOMIC POWER and MILITARY MIGHT in place of ?IN GOD WE TRUST? has caused Divine wrath and Judgement upon the USA.

Obama’s regime has been confronted with Divine judgment failing economy due to rising idolatry and anti-God anti-Christ sensationalism. God cannot be mocked!!

Now, instead of going to God, seeking to intercede for and bring America back to God from his high office, President Obama treated religion and the CHRISTIAN FAITH in particular with aloofness as though he can fight his battles with rhetoric and money. Rhetoric hope, the underdog tag blacks, poor, needy, oppressed and youth galvanized goodwill and immense support. But oratory and goodwill can not save America from frustration, unemployment blues and economic woes, above all, Divine wrath.

President Atta Mills came into office in the shadow of a popular leader. President Obama came into office at the heels of a President who threw the nation into a very unpopular war, overbearing national debt and sliding glory.

President Mills lacked will, courage and competence to continue the GOOD WORKS. Ghana has since been standing still with must cost, pain and suffering. President Obama also could not effect much change. The war continued, national debt rose higher and higher. Worsening economic conditions created an omnius dark cloud hanging over the USA. President Obama will have difficulty changing the EXIT sign.

The critical question here is that the USA is sliding more into loss of glory. She is now being challenged by Japan and China. Russia struts on a weak political foot, democratic and liberty challenge despite her economic potential. Europe is not cohesive enough to offer challenge. The net result will be a world order of falling eagles mingling with rising tigers, dragons and cobras and small bubbling economies.

Africa has meanwhile to deal with spiritual and political wickedness, economic woes and socio-cultural disarrays to get into the race.

How fast and how far will sliding America tumble over. This is the million dollar question! Right now, the Republican Party challenge is caught in leadership crisis. There seems to be serious crisis in finding a candidate with a message, right policy package and charisma to challenge President Obama.

Mr. Gingrich has a serious spiritual and political baggage. His social contract package faced challenges in the past. Unfortunately, he joined the bandwagon in attempt to axe President Clinton for which he suffered. The wrath of God descended upon him. He suffered a serious spiritual set back and loss in political clout and visibility. He has shown no sign of repentance in condemning and damming competitors.

So also is the conservative religious right behind the KILL CLINTON campaign. The Lord’s bell saved Clinton. He is still enjoying standing popularity, not so Gingrich and all those who planned his downfall and fell in their own dug graves.

Romney on the other hand, may offer glimpse of light and hope, yet not of a significant nature as was the case of Reagan in the President Carter Washington led re-election difficulties. Romney without the Gingrich baggage may win the nomination and go on to fill the gap in the leadership crisis. But be it as it may, he will not be able to stop and save America from sliding down in glory. Unless the Lord finds a man, no one can. Except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it.

The greatest need now is for America to RETURN TO TRUST and HOPE IN GOD through FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, Saviour and Redeemer, the King of Glory, King of kings, Lord of lords.

We look forward to a humble church and a humble heart in repentance setting things right, pleading for mercy for America. THERE ALONE IS HOPE!

January 27, 2012
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By: Enoch Immanuel Amanor Agbozo.

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