The solution to unemployment in Ghana


Ghana as we know it has a long way to go when it comes to development.

The country is facing a plethora of problems and this has contributed to our stunted growth. Unemployment as most Ghanaians know is a major problem we are currently facing. According to the 2015 socio-economic and governance survey, a higher percentage of females (26.7%) than males ranked unemployment as the first important problem.

The World Bank in 2018 gave a report on jobs in Ghana and disclosed that about 48% of the youth in the country, who are between 15-24 years do not have jobs.

There are over 81 universities in Ghana, both private and public included and several students graduate every year with a large number of them not knowing where they are going to earn a source of income. Many of these young graduates apply for jobs at various companies and organizations and are painful rejected. According to Mr. Owusu Kagya, an official of Ghana Statistical Service, persons with tertiary education have the lowest unemployment rate in the country.

Out of frustration and despair, some of these young people may resort to unscrupulous means of raising money for themselves and their families. This could lead to an increase in crime rate in the country. This statement is backed up by Glover, C., (2013) in his book, Crime and Inequality, where he argued that unemployment and material deprivation cause one to engage in crimes.

Simon Sinek, a British-American author and motivational speaker developed a theory known as the Golden Circle which explains why some people and organizations are particularly able to inspire others and differentiate themselves successfully. The Golden Circle has three rings. The why, how and what rings. Using this theory, I will offer solutions to the problem of unemployment.

As afore mentioned, unemployment poses a threat to the safety and security of citizens in the country. The absence of jobs may push the unemployed to engage in social vices and all sorts of criminal activities to be able to obtain money. We need to do away with unemployment so that people would be able to earn money the right way. So that they can provide food, clothes and shelter for themselves and all who depend on them. People need jobs to have a sense of accomplishment.

This is why we need to get rid of unemployment in our country.

I believe what we can do to tackle this problem is to first, introduce young people to entrepreneurship. In as much as the government plays a role in the employment of people, it is very unwise for us as young persons to rely solely on them for that. We need to be introduced to entrepreneurship at a very early stage preferably starting from the senior high schools.

Young people need to learn to be creative and innovative, we need to be quick-witted and create our own businesses. It is great if we aspire to become great doctors and lawyers and important people in the corporate world but we also need to have a back-up plan, a second option. Because what then happens when we graduate university and our degrees do not help us get jobs. An entrepreneurship course needs to be introduced in all universities to enlighten students about how to become business oriented. Very few universities have this as a compulsory course for all students to take.

Students would be taught how to turn their hobbies, likes and interests into profitable businesses. This way they know that when they leave school and are unable to secure jobs, they can set up their own businesses and employ themselves. The issue with this too is that these graduates, fresh out of school may not have the resources to set up their businesses and invest in them. Our government would need to step in at this point and offer grants to aid their start-up businesses.

In addition, the issue of unemployment can be dealt with through the introduction of industrialization in our rural areas and towns. Some of these areas are under-developed and lack certain facilities. If industries were to be established in those areas it would open doors of opportunity for young people to be employed.

The result of the introduction of entrepreneurship and industrialization in deprived areas is the creation of jobs and eradication of unemployment in the country. A major problem would be solved and the youth would have steady jobs. There would be no need to worry about them earning money through questionable means. If the solutions mentioned above are implemented, I believe that the rate of unemployment can be curbed and gradually eradicated in the country.

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