Francis Kwesi Twumasi
Francis Kwesi Twumasi

Francis Kwesi Twumasi, a driver working with the National Security, has found himself in the arms of the law for allegedly pulling a gun at a passenger whom he claimed had challenged him.

Francis Kwesi Twumasi
Francis Kwesi Twumasi

Twumasi, 33 years old and wielding a United States weapon which only loads ammunition at a time, reportedly shot through the jaws of the passenger at Weija in the course of a heated argument which occurred last Monday evening.

He is currently in the custody of the Weija District Police assisting in investigations, while the victim, (name withheld), is at the 37 Military Hospital for treatment.

Confirming the shooting to DAILY GUIDE, ASP Afia Tengey, the Accra Regional Public Relations Officer, said the incident occurred around 8:30 pm on Monday, December 15, 2014 at Ayigbe Town Junction, Weija.

The victim, together with two other occupants, had hired a taxi from Kasoa and heading for the State Transport Corporation near Circle in Accra.

On reaching the Ayigbe Town junction, there was a traffic jam and so the driver was trapped in it.

The suspect, Twumasi, who was also in a Pajaro four-wheel drive believed to be a national security vehicle, was from Weija and heading to Kasoa; and upon seeing the traffic jam, allegedly attempted to make an unlawful U-Turn.

According to the police officer, after an attempt to turn had failed, Twumasi ordered the taxi driver to move forward to enable him turn ? an order the cabbie initially obliged and carried out.

Twumasi, she said, again tried to turn and since his vehicle was too big he could not do so and urged the cabbie to move further but this time the driver did not oblige, claiming that he was too close to the vehicle ?in front of him.

Not happy with the answer, ASP Tengey said, Twumasi came out of his vehicle and arrested the taxi driver for disobeying his orders.

The victim, who sat in front of the taxi cab, also got down to question him (Twumasi) to explain the reason for his arrest.

A disagreement then ensued between the victim and Twumasi and in the process the latter, who claimed that he had been challenged, pulled out his weapon and shot the victim in the jaws.

The victim was rushed to Funny Hospital, Weija, for medical attention before the matter was reported to the police.

Twumasi was immediately apprehended and detained by the Weija police.

The victim was later transferred to the police hospital but since his condition was critical, he was later rushed to the 37 Military Hospital for proper medical attention.

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By Linda Tenyah


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