The Terms and Conditions of Betway’s bonuses that punters in Bulgaria and Ghana must adhere to

Betways Bonuses
Betways Bonuses

Almost every betting website in Bulgaria and Ghana is known for providing different promotions. Betway is not an exception, and interestingly, it is one of the few operators accessible in both countries. Thanks to Efirbet’s analysis, Bulgarians can benefit from a betway promo code which can give them access to a special welcome promotion. The same bonus is also available to gamblers in Ghana, but it only offers users half of their initial deposit as a bonus.


Although the bonus percentage is critical, punters in these two countries where Betway is available must keep an eye on many other conditions. Listing every important rule that online punters need to know is easier said than done. That’s why we will try to show you some of the key terms and conditions you will find while skimming through Beway’s promotions in Ghana and Bulgaria.


The amount they need to deposit to claim the welcome bonus


Betway’s customers in Ghana and Bulgaria may have access to different platforms, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t many similarities. One of them is that they need to make a deposit to claim the welcome promotion.


The good news is that this gambling company provides locals with the fastest and most secure payment options. Consequently, they have the chance to make effortless transactions. Speaking of the devil, Bulgarians need to add at least 10 BGN to get their welcome bonus. Following the successful transaction, Betway will double this amount.


Similar to their Bulgarian colleagues, iGaming enthusiasts in Ghana do not need to use a Betway promo code before making a deposit. Instead, they have to choose a payment option, and once they make their money transfer, Betway will give them 50% of that amount as a bonus.


The maximum amount of money they can win using the welcome promotion


Most countries around the world have their own currencies. Ghana and Bulgaria are not exceptions because the African country uses the Ghanaian Cedi, whereas Bulgarian utilize the Bulgarian Lev. The two currencies are very different, so if you look at the review from Efirbet about the Betway bonus code, you will see that the maximum winnings people can get from the welcome proposal for Bulgaria and Ghana are different.


Gamblers in Ghana can win up to 150,000 GHS once they get the welcome promotion, which is equal to around 18 600 EUR. Unfortunately, Bulgarian bettors can get up to 20 000 BGN or 10 000 EUR. This means that those who use Betway’s site in Ghana can potentially get substantially more from their welcome promotion, despite the fact that it only gives them half of their initial deposit as a bonus.


The free bet from the welcome proposal for new sports clients is non-refundable


Even though there are several notable differences in terms of what people need to do to obtain the Betway promotion for new clients, there is a rule that applies to punters in Bulgaria and Ghana. A close look at the T&C shows that the free bet from the welcome promotion is non-refundable. What’s more, the amount itself is not included in your winnings.


In other words, if punters in these two countries get a free bet worth 50 EUR and they win 75 EUR after wagering, they will only get the winnings minus the free bet itself. So, if they’ve wagered 50 EUR, Betway’s clients will only get 25 EUR.


It is recommended to read the complete Terms and Conditions before using a given offer from Betway. Although the company offers user-friendly conditions, there are specific rules bettors should adhere to if they don’t want to have problems while playing.

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