The trial of General?Constable Ebenezer Owusu at an Accra fast Track high Court for?allegedly killing a senior?police officer and a visitor?of the then Volta Regional?Minister, Kofi Dzamesi, at?his residence, yesterday?resumed after the legal?vacation.


However when the case?was called, the court,?presided over by Justice?Mustapha Habib Logoh,?was informed that one of?the seven-member jury had?sent word that he would not?be available for a continuation?of the case.

In addition, Rexford?Wiredu, principal state?attorney in the case, did not?bring along a witness to?give evidence while Joseph?Nii Ayikoi Otoo, counsel for?the accused person, was?said to have also gone to the?Regional House of Chiefs in?the Ashanti Region in connection?with another matter.

The matter was consequently?adjourned to October?30, 2014.

The first witness in the?case, John Ofori Ankumah,?was on duty at the residence?of the former minister with?the suspect on the day he?allegedly shot and killed a?senior police officer,?Theophilus Quartey, and?Daniel Dzikunu Agbale, a?visitor of the minister.

He has finished his evidence?and the state is?expected to produce another?witness. The witness had?told the court at the last?hearing that on June 2, 2008?the girlfriend of the accused?person brought him food,?and afterwards he (the?accused) went to see her off.

The witness said?Dzikunu arrived after?Owusu left and asked to see?the minister, to which he?(the witness) advised him to?call Mr Dzamesi and inform?him about his arrival if he?had his number.

According to him, the?deceased got annoyed and?stormed the residence of the?minister. He said the stance?from the gate to the residence?was about some?metres away; as a result, if?one was standing at the gate?one would not see whatever?was happening in the residence?of the minister.

In addition, he stated?that the minister?s brother?later came there and he told?him about Dzikunu. The?minister?s brother reportedly?said the minister did not
want to see him. The witness?noted that the suspect?returned and he informed?him about the incident and?he suggested that they?should go and see one of?their superiors called TT?Quartey.

In addition, he stated?that Owusu went and?informed TT Quartey and?they arrived together with?the District Officer and went?straight to the minister?s?residence. He noted that he?later heard gunshots but did?not go into the residence,?adding that a few minutes?later the District Officer?came out and went away.

By fidelia Achama


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