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I have followed the University Of Ghana Toll saga and honestly think sober heads must prevail, we must move from the entrenched positions taken to avoid unnecessary antagonism. These days we act in this country forgetting that Ghana is the Blackstar of Africa and gateway to the sub region as trumpeted by BBC.

The matter is simple per my calculation. I have always advocated that heads of institutions in our country must always try to play the neutral card however difficult it may be, most times the posture of such heads creates misconceptions and preconceived notions in the minds of the people diluting every idea they may push forward. Their own conceptions also influence the actions making them act outside the arena of common sense.

I support the idea of maintaining the sacredness of the University and all other sensitive institutions of state but in doing that all relevant institutions must be contacted for a reasonable consensus to avoid what we seeing. The whole idea could have been handled in a nice and reasonable way to avoid the crash we seeing. Yea collection of tolls in certain government facilities isn?t anything new, go to Aburi Botanical gardens tolls are collected from vehicles which use their road to join the main Mamfe road and at times tolls are collected from indigenes of the land who wouldn?t use the other road but this was arrived at after deep consultations and privileges are given to the traditional heads.

The University authorities ought to have liaise with their mother Ministry to receive the necessary backing and advice before implementing such a policy and the idea could have been thrown into the public domain for effective discussions to cure all the mysteries surrounding it. The other point worth noting is the free entrance at the Okponglo route meaning the public has the option now. I think the money charged is too high such charges devalue our currency, to charge a user four million isn?t anything reasonable may be they could have spread it further to avoid that discomfort.

The timing was also problematic, the destruction ot the first booth and the immediate decision to collect this exorbitant fees creates the impression of challenge which isn?t good, at least the authorities could have waited for some time to do the necessary consultation by rolling in government to give the whole policy a nice phase. They must also consider those parents coming from areas far from the Okponglo route to avoid inconvenience. For the authorities to take this immediate action after government has stopped them from implementing that decision represent an idea of challenging government openly and unreasonably. This President is very accessible and open so see no reason why authorities of the University couldn?t capitalize on that to arrive on something reasonable.

One serious issue is, the Vice Chancellor has stained himself with his political games and bias utterances, so we come to the situation of not the message, but the messenger, he has allowed his position on this administration to unreasonably influence his decision, and In fact this political fanatism amongst our institutional heads is disturbing the system, as we speak the lecturers are divided first on political lines before common sense and level handedness. The Vice Chancellor must relax with some of his actions or plunge the university into unnecessary public attack and ridicule, the school is our Premiere University and we are all proud of it. The school can adopt other more reasonable policies to raise monies they need, as it stands now the school and edifice therein can be wisely crafted to create tourist attraction.

Lastly i will urge government not to go so hard with the authorities or act with tough stance my earlier position was what i am preaching against now, i have been given copy of the whole policy by one of their Alumni and have had some discussions with some lecturer friend and think we must all relax our nerves in finding comprehensive solution to this canker. Government shouldn?t be tempted to act with all the force because of the posture of the Vice Chancellor rather, government must start liaising deeply with the University council to arrive at something reasonable however government must exert that control over the school to avoid this obnoxious policy becoming a precedent to be followed.

Ending, we must take note of the negative aspects of these actions, our leaders in our institutions and organizations like churches must try to stay off operating on the mainstream political arena, we definitely need them in shaping the destiny of our nation so must act with care and always try to play the neutrality card to make their contribution on national discourse exertive and acceptable across.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow/spynewsagency


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