Home Opinion The Unprofessionalism of Ghana Police is Very Shocking – Watch the Video

The Unprofessionalism of Ghana Police is Very Shocking – Watch the Video

Ghana police is riddled with graft, bribery and corruption. For that almost every Ghanaian is aware of. As if the above mentioned bad things they are noted for are not enough to dent their credibility, they are conspicuously unprofessional in riot control and crowd dispersal.


I felt ashamed when my White friends with whom I was watching a YouTube posting titled, “Barima Tweneboa Kodua V ** The Real Kumawuhene** Part2” pointed out to me a marked shortcoming of the Ghana police.

When I was explaining to them what the video was all about, at a point, they asked me to hold on. They asked to know why the police were not wearing protective face mask to prevent them from inhaling the tear gas meant to disperse or control the crowd. I could not give them any better explanation.

Is it because they are unprofessional and do not know how to use the tear gas? Its usage is for riot control and meant to punish those rioting but not to harm the police controlling the crowd. If the police are to suffer the punishing effects of the tear gas same as the rioting crowd, by failure of wearing face mask, then the objective or purpose for using the tear gas has been defeated. This is what makes them look disgracefully unprofessional.

Was there the need for their presence at Kumawu at all when there was no riot? Presuming their presence was worthwhile, were they right to behave so aggressively in the absence of provocation or riot by the crowd? The answer is a NO.

For the fact of not wearing proper protective face mask but to use their hats/caps to prevent the gas from entering their nose and eyes makes them shamefully unprofessional.

I suggest the Inspector General of Police does provide the police force a fitting gear whenever they engage in such riot controlling activities. They must also be seen to act professionally but not to stupidly incite the crowd to riot when there is no need for that.

What answer do I give to these White friends who inquired about why the police were not wearing face mask?

The police work is not all about enriching oneself by taking bribes from drivers on the roadside/road and creating unnecessary problems where there is none. Was there any need for what they went to Kumawu to do of which some White friends are questioning their professionalism?

The web link below takes you to the video that shows the deplorable behaviour of the police.

Rockson Adofo
(Up and coming political strategist who has prophesies hidden in his write-ups if people might care to find them out. He is the champion of liberating the minds of Ghanaians from inferiority complexes, educating them on their rights and taking pretenders to straight to the cleaners without hesitation)

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