The Vetting Staff Employed By The German Lufthansa To Screen The Immigration Documents Of Passengers At The Accra Airport Must Be Sacked,


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German Lufthansa
German Lufthansa

The Vetting Staff Employed By The German Lufthansa To Screen The Immigration Documents Of Passengers Must Be Sacked, In My Opinion They Are Corrupt, Incompetent & Disgraceful!

On June 7th three Ghanaian entrepreneurs travelling on the same reservation (AMADEUS: Z3YJ3S) were stopped from boarding flight LH567 by vetting staff employed by Lufthansa to screen the immigration documents of passengers.

The Lufthansa agents insisted that the passengers required “Transit A visas” to travel through Frankfurt to their final destination outside the European Union.

None of the travelling Ghanaian passengers had the said transit visa.

In the circumstances, the screening agents refused boarding to one traveller because he did not have the plastic card detailing the US residence permit endorsed in his passport, and to another because he did not have a current UK, “Schengen” or UK travel or residence permit. Since the party was travelling together on the same reservation, the three passengers demanded equal treatment, at which point the agents proceeded to formally issue a boarding denial notice to all three of them and went further to photocopy and file copies of their passports without their consent.

*** The intriguing fact is that at 2pm of the same day that the flight was scheduled to depart Ghana (at 9:05 pm), the travelling party had called the German Embassy and had been put in touch with the officer directly responsible for visa management. They had been fully assured that it was the position of the German authorities to relax transit visa requirements for Ghanaian passport holders travelling through Germany directly to their final destinations, provided they had authorisation to enter the destination country.

*** When this gentleman arrived at Frankfurt Airport, he proceeded directly to German Immigration Police to inquire about this situation and was once again assured of the absence of any policy requiring transit “A” visas, or indeed any transit visas, for Ghanaian people travelling directly, air-side, through the airport to final destinations outside the EU. Indeed, it will be noticed that the airport is physically designed in such a manner that air-side transits do not require formal immigration screening, except where the transit itself would facilitate access to the “Schengen” area.

Clearly, the policy to deny boarding to the party of three entrepreneurs is an entrenched Lufthansa strategy that has probably been used to burden, block and wantonly discriminate against many Ghanaian people travelling or seeking to travel on important matters over a long period of time.

*** What one can see more clearly is that the Ghanaian Vetting Staff Employed By The German Lufthansa to screen the immigration documents of passengers, (in my opinion) showed some corrupt, recalcitrant, non-circumspect, undiplomatic and incompetent behaviour. Because if one is travelling on transit basis whereby he/she would not get out of the particular Airport there is no need of any transit visa. It is only when the person would change the plane through another Airport in the same country or would need to wait in the country for another day or days on transit. This means he/she must go out of the Airport, that is where a transit visa must be acquired.

They are disgraceful to both Ghana and Germany especially to Lufthansa. I am cock sure their impertinence to the 3 Ghanaian passengers of Lufthansa at the Kotoka International Airport on that day was more or less based on corrupt intentions of extorting money from them. The German Lufthansa must sack them before they cause more harm to innocent travellers

FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg – Germany)


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