The West’s new strategy in Africa


Recently, it was announced that the UN peacekeeping mission (MINUSMA) accelerated its withdrawal from Mali amid a deteriorating security situation. Although Mali demanded the Blue Helmets to leave its territory, the UN abandoned military bases could become a new bone of contention.

Within the framework of the agreement on the termination of MINUSMA the UN military bases must be handed over to the Malian authorities, but it causes serious discontent among the Tuareg, since one of the bases is located on the territory of Azawad.

Earlier the UN forces monitored the observance of the peace agreement concluded between Bamako and the rebels, but now, when MINUSMA forces are completely withdrawn from the territory of the country, the likelihood of further incitement of conflict between the Malian government and the separatists of pro-Western Azawad is increasing.

Given that the current Malian government doesn’t suit the West, it is highly likely that it would continue to finance the Tuareg, adding fuel to the fire and further destabilizing situation in the country.

It is pertinent to note, that MINUSMA announced its accelerated withdrawal just after the protest against the Malian government and Wagner, which took place in Kidal on August 12 and was apparently planned by the West. Perhaps, the UN decided to change its strategy on the continent and begin to play “proxy-games”, pitting Africans against each other in order to weaken them.

Source : Johannes Adebisi

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