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There is something for everyone; how to shop & save big in Ghana

Save Money
Save Money

‘’Times are hard’’, this seems to be the new anthem on everyone’s lips these days. With many economies affected and difficulties in movement, businesses have taken a hit and everyday lives have been impacted greatly. The term ‘’shopping’’ has often been misinterpreted as a reserve for the rich and affluent. However, shopping is basically the process where any customer browses through items from different sellers with the intent of buying. This makes shopping open to everyone. In these tough times, many people are shopping for essential items only and the demand for these items have forced an increase in price by most sellers. The good news is that there is a way to save more and enjoy better pricing even in these hard times. Jumia, the online shop you can trust, discusses possible ways to shop while saving big.

Plan & Prioritize – The adage ‘’If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’’ is one that we often associate with other circumstances in life. Here, we can apply this. Failing to plan on what you need to buy may cause you to overspend. Buying on impulse is always the surest way to spend money that you don’t have. When you plan a list of items you really need to get and prioritize them, you never spend more than you need to at a particular time. In Ghana today, many people enter the market and end up buying things they didn’t originally budget for. In order to shop and save big, always make a list and prioritize.

Compare – Saving big on shopping is not an easy task to accomplish. When you look at the tall list of things you need versus how much you can really afford to spend, then the headache begins. A great way to achieve this is to compare. Traditionally it’s a hectic task to roam in physical shops comparing prices. The energy, time and money spent to go from shop A to shop B is also another problem altogether. This is a big advantage that shopping on online platforms gives you. Online retail platforms like Jumia provide you with a wide range of options across dozens of categories. Either on a website or mobile app, you get to browse through many products and compare prices in just a few minutes from different sellers. This makes it easier to choose the best quality items offering the best value for your money.

Shop online – Ghana is a country blessed with so many open air markets and many retail shops which makes finding things to buy very easy. However, we are not in normal times and the corona-virus pandemic has forced everyone to reduce movement and physical contact as much as possible. One great way to save big in these times is to shop online. Apart from comparing many items to get the best price, shopping online eliminates the added costs of transportation to these physical stores. For example if you live in Dansoman and need to buy from a store in East Legon, It may cost you about 50ghs to and from East Legon just to pick up an item that may not cost that much. With online shopping, you can choose to pick up at a station very close to you or get the item delivered to your doorstep. Either ways, you get to save!

Buy in bulk – This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If you want to save while shopping, buy in bulk. However, the real advantage here is that, rather than carry a big basket or trolley going round and round at the store, you have the luxury of relaxing on your couch at home while adding as many items as you wish to your online cart. So you can buy all your items in bulk to save money while you don’t lift a finger.

Take advantage of promos and discounts – Another sure way of saving big when shopping in Ghana is to take advantage of promos and discount sales. Online shops like Jumia run campaigns regularly and customers are always on the lookout to benefit from this. From price cuts to give aways, many online shops have the flexibility to adjust prices at anytime to make it easier for you to get that highly sought after item. Some of the many campaigns run include Black Friday, Jumia Anniversary, Mobile week, Foodfest etc. Just be on high alert and look forward as BIG discount sales have been lined up before the end of this year.

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