Niyi Omo-Okiri
Car theft is nothing new because everything of value attracts thieves and therefore extra care must be taken to prevent the loss of one?s valuables like a car to thieves, who most times strike when and where you least expect.
A car doesn?t have to be expen­sive to be a target. Thieves often steal vehicles just to strip them of their parts and metal compo­nents. Others steal cars to use as getaway vehicles while commit­ting other crimes. It doesn?t mat­ter if you drive a new luxury se­dan or an old pickup truck. Car theft is a reality that you need to guard against. Multiple devices are available that help protect against your vehicle getting sto­len.
Car theft is a serious prob­lem, and there is no right or wrong answer as far as what you should use to prevent it. How­ever, always lock all your doors, keep your windows up and follow basic common sense whenever leaving your vehicle. Additional security measures do help pre­vent your car from being stolen, but only if you use them consis­tently and in the way they are intended.
1. Car Alarm
Nearly everyone is familiar with the basic car alarm.
One advantage of car alarms is that they make it harder for a car thief to operate anonymous­ly. Thieves don?t want attention, and a loud, blaring siren is bound to get the attention of anyone nearby, including the car owner. As a result, the thief is more like
ly to bypass a car with an alarm for a vehicle without one.
The disadvantage of car alarms is how common they are and how often they go off acci­dently. The panic button on the key fob in someone?s pocket often gets pushed accidently, either in the pocket or while the owner is pulling the keys out, and this triggers a false alarm.
2. Steering Wheel Lock
A steering wheel lock bar slides over the steering wheel and locks in place, preventing a thief from being able to turn the wheel be­cause the bar hits the car door, preventing the wheel from turn­ing. The bar is typically made out of hardened metal to make it dif­ficult to cut. It also slides inward to make it more compact when not in use, allowing you to store it quickly. under the seat or in the trunk.
One advantage of the steering wheel lock bar is that it?s simple and easy to use. It fits onto the steering wheel in seconds and just requires a key to remove it. It is also cost-effective.
3. Kill Switch
A kill switch works either as a stand-alone device or with an alarm system. When a thief tries to start the car without a key, the kill switch cuts off the fuel to the car or shuts off the electri­cal system, preventing the thief from taking the car anywhere. The kill switch is disengaged with a plastic key or an entry code, much like a car alarm­

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