Things are beginning to get scary here


Things are beginning to get scary here and I’m afraid if this turns out true then, the world is already doomed o. 
Yahoo Celebrity is reporting that Kanye West might be a vampire considering that his reflection didn’t show in the mirror in one of the photos published inside Vogue magazine.
Read scary report below and see photo:
The theory that Yeezus is a sunlight-abhorring, blood-craving dark prince has gained (tongue-in-cheek) traction in certain social media circles after proof of his undead-ness surfaced in, of all places, Vogue.
The evidence boils to what appears (or, rather, doesn’t appear) in one of the images from the magazine’s April spread, featuring West, 36, and fianc?e Kim Kardashian, 33.
It all started when BuzzFeed editor Katherine Miller tweeted the above photo? and pointed out that Kanye is not reflected in the mirror in the back of the room.

Let’s break down the arguments.
The Case for Kanye Being a Vampire:
? It’s clear that his image does not appear in the mirror. And everyone knows that vampires don’t reflect in mirrors.
? Kanye appears poised to bite Kim’s neck on the magazine’s cover.
The Case Against Kanye Being a Vampire:
? The lack of reflection could have a more mundane explanation. Kim’s head could be blocking out the mirror. The angle of the image could account for the missing reflection. Or perhaps this is just a bad Photoshop job.
? Kanye is often photographed in daylight and vampires can’t go out during the day.
? Oh, and there’s the fact that VAMPIRES AREN’T REAL. (Sorry, “Twilight” fans.)
Just to be safe, Yahoo reached out to Vogue, but the mag isn’t commenting.

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