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Things Ghanaian men can’t stand about Ghanaian women


We love our Ghanaian men and they love us. As a people groomed in one culture and lifestyle, we know ourselves better than any other set of people. We live together, eat together, fight together, understand each other and other times, we can’t STAND each other.

I spent some time with a group of male friends back when I was in school and one of them had just fought with his girlfriend and that’s when the one-hundred-list on Ghanaian women and their drama started. i made a few pointers on some of the things they had to say

When they tell their friends everything
We all know women love to talk, no, more like, gossip about EVERYTHING! Come to think of it, I’m surprised men still get upset when women share relationship details with friends. It’s in their DNA. It is still fact that most women love to share personal details of their men because it’s also a way of bonding with friends. Also sharing with friends lets us feel that we are not alone. But my dear ladies it isn’t everything men love to share. A man likes to know you won’t go telling your friends about his inability to do his laundry or how he just isn’t up to task in bed. There are just certain things he would rather you discuss with him and him alone

When they never pay for anything
Men like to wine and dine a woman their interested in. They will take them to the best restaurants and cosiest weekend getaways. They will buy gifts and flowers; all in their bid to show just how much you mean to them. But Ghanaian girls NEVER want to pay for anything. I can’t really tell whether we have been groomed to BE this way. The-let-man-handle-it syndrome has got us all thinking it is the man’s duty to pay and see to most things. It is a wonder, most young men these days are afraid to speak to certain kinds of women not because they are way out of their league, but because they want too much and they want to pay almost nothing for it. Over the years, Ghanaian women have become so demanding. It is called standards, some say. Standards? Really that they MUST have a car, they MUST take you to the movies at least once every week, and they MUST give you money for your hair and nails? Does that mean you have a complete healthy relationship? Ok, the chances are that he will keep on doing those things for you because he loves you and while you may be thinking you have a complete relationship, you are one short of being a complete woman for him.

When they never initiate anything fun them
Ghanaian women, no, correction African women, traditionally are groomed to be DEMURE, a little coy as well. But c’mon! Does that we mean we cannot think of anything interesting or romantic to do for our partners all on our own? Ghanaian women love to wait and watch, like the man is schooled in ideas to keep the relationship going! It would so nice to take him out once in a while. Treat him to a nice dinner or nice getaway trip if you can afford it. It will give the indication that you are equally prepared to put in as much effort as he is in keeping it alive.

When they read meaning into everything A Ghanaian woman will tell you that woman standing over there doesn’t like her, why? “Can’t you see the eyes she gave me when I spoke to her? ” a typical answer from a Ghanaian woman. It is very interesting that most of us are wired the same way. In relationships, we can be very tedious sometimes. We have a ruthless attitude of tearing down everything our partners say. A little harmless teasing can turn into a huge argument if she thinks her boyfriend or husband is trying to say something else. With Ghanaian women, there are a times you can never tell what the right thing to say is and that can be VERY frustrating.

Do they always have to cry? Dramatic
This is probably universal. Black women are DRAMATIC. You should see Ghanaian women at engagements, funerals or church. They know how to cause a scene. They are no different in relationships. “Why do they always have to cry and get all emotional about everything? ” a friend, Maxwell asked me once. While men like to handle their problems silently, the Ghanaian woman will cry, not speak for days and consequently stretching the problem longer than it should be. It is a bore sometimes women! Men would definitely appreciate it if we could deal with problems in a level headed manner, more often than not.

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