Thinking Competition for better Think Tanks, NDPs, and Beyond

Think Tank
Think Tank

A think tank is essentially the thinkers or advisers of a country or organisation, a highly respected group of people that many may not know in public. They are often influential people that may mislead politicians or why do politicians repeatedly fail us in the Gambia and how many other countries?

Ok, over throw may be a hard word, but it essentially mean “change’ in this sense. It does not mean you kill anyone or to burn the National development plans (NDPs) of your respective countries.

However, it means we change the process of selecting the think-tank and also even the writings of NDPs. I cannot tell you the name of anyone in the think tank of the three presidents of the Gambia, but they seem to be wrongly advising them, knowingly or unknowingly. How they got the jobs, why they advise wrong, or why they do not resign if at least fifty percent of their ideas fail?

They are primarily selected in close doors and I want that to change to not just an open process, but in a way that is never seen even in the western world. An alternative title to it is: First Open Thinkers Competition to award at least Hundred Thousand Dollars and up to one million Dollars or more is happening in the Gambia or xyz.

You have beauty contestants, Musicians, making more money than thinkers for government, because even thinkers seem not to value thinking and thinkers, or were they waiting for a challenge Jarga, the thinker? Ok, you claim to be a thinker, but we will see if there are much better thinkers than you in and beyond the Gambia, or if the so called thinkers and their so called supporters can sacrifice through vivid maths.

Qualification and Purpose: If you are a thinker with no formal degree, you can still enter the most life changing contest, where you can win one hundred thousand dollars to one million dollars, as first prize. Since thinkers and non thinkers like money, we have a ‘discouragement fee’ of one hundred dollars to enter as contestant and few other conditions we will outlined.

This means if one thousand Gambian thinkers pay each hundred dollars, it will amount to hundred thousand dollars, enough to cater for the first prize or appreciation token , because your idea may lead to millions or billions within a year or so.

Although, it is best for government to organise this event, there is nothing wrong if a rich business man or well known thinkers of your country try to start a private one, just like physical beauty contests can be many. If you are not a thinker, appreciate thinkers, or sponsor the greatest over throw, then you can donate whatever you can if your government, a respectable business man, or group of thinkers openly call for it, pledge or show their own receipts, then something like a transparent crowd funding can start and be supported.

Again, let government be given the priority to act within a week and let us avoid multiple private ones, because we want it to be highly successful and be transparent enough in suggestions I will detail.

Day of Event is day of Submission of ideas in transparent manners and with historical records. Meaning if September 30th is chosen, which falls on a Saturday, we can have it as concert as well; ten Gambian artists, two Senegalese or Nigerian artists can donate talent and/or transportation cost, and every reasonable way without greed or accepting what may fail this idea. No matter how big the artist is, pay only based on commission, and at least 50% of the gross proceeds must be towards helping thinkers and setting examples beyond this country. I do believe in Quotas, but I oppose even nationalizing the think tank of any country or this contest.

So since we have to contrast ideas per ministry, it will take time, but smart systems can easily reduce time consumptions beyond believe. Asking Gambian thinkers to pay hundred dollars each, and all other nationals to pay two hundred dollars will open doors and send a message your idea in a ministry in Nigeria may or may not be suitable for the Gambia, unless twisted.

This means great thinkers may flew to the Gambia for study before submissions. While here or sitting in Nigeria or any country, you can send your electronic version of submission and verifiable receipt, and submit the physical one with verifiable means like cameras in an open Big bin.

All willing contestants must pay at least one week before the contest, to help gauge how many to be sealed bins to bring along. Submission can be within 24 hours. Between one to twelve hours of submission, online gauging can start, then towards online voting, which should carry ten to twenty five points.

Like many places, social media have good and bad people, so an American or others who donated to vote carries weight, but a tribalist who votes based on tribe or other non-merit based will carry the sins of what held us back. So the suggested points is calculated.

Business folks or others who donate over thousand dollars may hungrily want advertisement or sincerely saying I rather donate to such than many other things. Rich folks tend to have differences as well and may have decent conscience, so we can give them similar ten to twenty points of the vote.

Then a special panel of judges was already to be selected, and preferably to vote two times. This panel of judges should be warned to avoid online, read and mark in special ways ; then that is called raw judgement, then they can be asked to read the online polls and comments to re-vote based on willing to learn.

For example if I was on the agriculture panel, voted for half a billion on tractors for small Gambia in the raw, but see a plan that online folks vividly explain than the author of why investing hundred million on water access is smarter, I may want to change my vote to a different thinker. It was not because I did not read the ‘water access in farms’, but because online folks clarify better than the author or the excuse the old think tank fed me was debunked better online.

The organisers and/or each ministry can design their preferred format of submissions, but it just need to be detailed in the circumspect six: what, when, how, who, why, and where. So the Agriculture department can demand no more than three pages per idea, or they may skip the rest and not exclude you.

This means a title may say it all, a thesis add volumes, the main content can clarify lot more, my usual optional notes can be edutaining, confronting opponents to enemies, etc.

Funding and distribution will be very transparent, unless I am not personally involved, but the organisers in Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, etc will have to at least quote or published the article with significant hints. I think sacrificing one or two hundred dollars to award thinkers or even more to change the direction of our respective countries is reasonable.

Since it is design as an event, sending it to the Minister of Culture, Director of arts and craft, the president, or even the office cleaner who lately values thinking may help. It starts with thinking, care, and sharing, so do your part of reflecting, care, and share. There is a huge difference between education and thinking; we are gradually respecting the formally educated, but even the educated hardly respect thinkers.

Let us see how many educated Africans in and out of Africa can donate for thinkers to help uplift us. Let us see how much each continent will raise or even share the information and by when. If Bounty Killa or Buju Banton offer his services, with or without call from a minister or president, then Youssou Ndure, Akon, or top Nigerian artists may join for multiple reasons. Let God judge that, but let historians know time stamps exist. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: let’s learn, let’s work, let’ have fun.

They chose think tanks behind closed doors, we want it after transparent brainstorming and contrasting in verifiable manners. If you happen to be a thinker with eleventh to xyz positions in three different ministries, and posses a degree, your verifiable name after votes may help you get a job that will offer lot more than present.

If you are working, a student who donates over you may deserve to inherit you, through what God wills. If you are in the diaspora complaining, then suggesting ideas and others are more helpful, you can have a complain section in submissions. If you were paid as think tanker, then let us see your donations, comments, and may be even records of recommendation to politicians. Now some other guidelines may be vital.

The fee to submit to three ministries is the basic, but those who want more may have to pay more, to reduce unnecessary reading. The official organisers of each country will set actual fees, this is just a basic recommendation. If Nigeria or Ghana demands two hundred dollars from their citizens and double to others or specific amount per each country, I may not afford the contestant fees, but will donate to at least three African countries. Probably, the first three.

If Moe Ibrahim, Dangoteh, or xyz donate one million or billion, they may set their own conditions and accept it if it seems reasonable. A highly successful start can make a huge difference, but we evidently know the think tanks hardly change and part of the problem. Some may call it ‘deep state’, but even such can be over-thrown, Lord be willing it. The honest reality is many politicians have their own fears, greed, and arrogance that is often worsen by these think tanks.

New leaders of Nigeria and Niger and beyond can learn from this story. President Barrow may think better than many educated Gambians, but he is evidently not thinking enough or with great thinkers. He cannot even reflect in some aspects, which is also different from thinking. His think tank fed him ‘ physical addressing of compounds is complex, can help or ruin your political ambitions’.

So God heard them and encourage me to do a verifiable example of addressing about 500 compounds in a week. I went to explain to him how I can do the whole Gambia within three months, that we should bid it up or give me the contract. When he told me, ‘you know if two rich or honorable folks are living in the same street, naming it one can bring problems’.

That is a perfect sign of probable strong indoctrination from trusted ones; then failing to confront them was second sin; failing to properly listen to someone he underrates is third sin; failing to reflect and ask how did you name the streets is fourth sin. How useful and useless are numbers, politicisation of streets, statures, etc exist before the first sin, so is it sin 0 or 0.1?

So he referred me to a think tank or false telephone number, and I refuse to keep calling. The then permanent secretary of local government, was also contacted, and was too arrogant to visit even the place. He may have received many folks talking about the addressing before, but not a single one of them did a verifiable example of even hundred compounds.

There is huge difference within the world of words or suggestions, action is a complete different world. I Said shame on Mayor Talib Bensouda of KMC, I would have addressed the whole KMC in under one month and fifty paid team or trained volunteers. I contacted Mayor Bensouda, he never responded and reportedly bought the excuse of the permanent secretary, rather than visit the place and see a way forward.

I said shame to Muhammed Jah and every Gambian business person who lamented about lack of addressing and refuse to partner with me on a division or nationwide. I said shame on the Diaspora Gambians for enjoying complaints than presenting ideas and supporting ideas. Ok, jarga , are you getting so arrogant or just assuming?

Did you verify if ten thousand+ Gambians claim to present or keep better ideas than you and ready to catch the first prize and you may struggle for which level? Have you pondered if they will offer to double the fees for those in the diaspora and urge the over hundred thousand there to donate ten dollars or rather give it to praise singers? No problem, that means one to ten or more million dollars, so we can finance few examples, not just award thinkers.

Jammeh loved praises, hate criticisms, but many Gambians still may donate to praise singers than critics, donate to marabouts than thinkers; which cultures should we ban or smartly fight in the Gambia? Jammeh Banned FGM, but do you think Barrow, Amat Bah, or which minister have the guts to confront which normalised evil culture that may affect even their own ministries?

The fear of political consequences is huge in and beyond the Gambia. So fear may always seem like caution to cowards+; education may seem like knowledge or thinking to many. Then all earthly achievements are also within good and bad. The first to accept education may not be the most educated or first to proceed to thinking; so let thinkers bravely invite and see how God may help the accepters of truth and reject the rejecters of truth? May we be counted among those who accept intelligence, truth, and kindness with A+ or at least A.

Contrast the think tank of Jawara, Jammeh, and Barrow; then similarly their NDPs on vague promises and level of achievements? I often remind people I was too young when Jawara was here, part of it was before I was born, and I do not trust Gambian Historians and old journalists.

However, while growing up, corruption was so rampant in the Gambia , that it contributed to why I lost interest in formal education before knowing the world is bigger and the best way to eliminate evil is not to just avoid evil, but how to smartly confront it. So what my ears and eyes witness was clear, but my then teenage mind told me ‘education only lead to corruption and possible hell, so try to go to Germany, sell marijuana and come back with clean money’?

No television or university existed in the Gambia then, so how can I know education may pay more somewhere, or education is not just for money, or through education, thinking or God’s blessing I can end the corruption I detested. Long story, so let us proceed to contrast. What was the names of the NDPs during Jawara? Please ask older historians, but I suspect one of them was named Pipeline, middle named corruption, and last name was also pipeline.

So the rich corrupt folks of the Gambia choose a place called pipeline and keep enjoying their loots as entitlement to semi-respecting education, refuse to think or use conscience. First ten years of Jawara, what was on the pipeline versus the graves of the bellies of those living in Pipeline? Then second to third years, before first successful over throw in 1994. Within months or years, minimal but decent achievements were made, and the supporters of Jawara say ‘all was in the pipeline’ for decades and without date stamps?

The name of the first NDP of jammeh must also be asked to older historians. I suspect the first name was end mass corruption, middle name of start secret inner-circle corruption, and last name was be worse than Jawara on personal corruption? However in the late 90s, Jammeh declared an NDP called ‘vision 2020’, which doubly mean desire to stay till when? After every five years, journalists were crying instead of asking what percentage of the vision was achieved? So in 2016, God ended his respite and usher in Adama Barrow through the help of Ecowas and beyond.

The official name of the first NDP of Adama Barrow+ really skipped my mind, if it has a name and I am poor with names like my mum. Again, I suspect the first name is politicise the NDP with ousainou Darboe, middle name is demonize Jammeh and praise Jawara, last name ignore Jarga, the first Gambian writer to strongly criticise the NDP within weeks of its release? Anyway, no one will deny UDP largely contributed to that disgraceful NDP. I have not seen other political parties, including PDOIS, condemn the NDP, how it was created, etc.

To worsen it, Barrow is under the illusion that since the West approved it without condemnation and funded it , then ‘it is good’ in his own words. Rather than debating and trading blames, I want to see which Gambian parties will acknowledge my idea and pledge to organize it if government fail to start it with in a week.

If Nigeria, Ghana, or xyz organize it, we have a responsibility to support them, because the name of the event should not use the Gambia or any country, because it may also switch venues in subsequent years, to help thinkers in more fair ways around the world, including other forms of lower thinking.

I wrote this article today, while struggling with arthritic attack, meaning not in the greatest shape, but smart and caring enough to write or echo the kind Lord. Within a day, we can discuss necessary detail, set up website or what we can agree on in one day, and work as we are grateful leaders where gratitude must never exclude reasonable speed.

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