A Lagos based non-profit organisation compromising of Benue state indigenes , Ortom Support Group has endorsed the current Minister of State, Industry, Trade and Investment, Chief Samuel Ortom for the state governoship seat.

In a release signed by Engr. Jirgba Kwaghhange Bitacy on behalf of the group and made available to Daily Times, the group said Chief Ortom coming on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is the best man for the job based on his track records.?

In an open letter to the PDP delegates in the forth coming Primaries in November, the group called on the delegates to consider the plight of the people as top priority and integrity by sticking to whomsoever they believe has the blessings of the majority of the Benue people based on their track record, with great qualities of desire, determination and faith to excel in governance despite the usual forces of distractions.

However, the group said, Dr. Ortom has demonstrated this in his administrative responsibilities right from when he was the Chairman of Guma local government. He took the welfare of his workers very seriously making sure that they were promptly paid, for which he excelled over his colleagues. This earned him an award as the best Local Government Chairman in his time. He has also shown that he is humane in his relationship with people. He cares for the down trodden, and the poor and vulnerable groups.

“He has consistently shown a selfless lifestyle by giving away his wealth to meet the needs of others. He does not believe in self aggrandizement to the neglect of others as it is the order of today?s politics where people believe that it is all about endless accumulation of wealth rather than service to the people.

“Ortom is a man of the people of all social classes. He does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of clannish extraction, ethnicity, religion, gender and social placement. He is truly a man of the people who opens his doors to everyone, and no one comes to Dr. Ortom and goes home disappointed.

“There are too many testimonies of his generous assistance to those who come to him with various needs. The purpose for which he set up Oracle Business Limited Foundation is to fill the gaps in alleviating human predicament in various ways such as offering free medical services to the poor and vulnerable groups, employment opportunities, scholarship assistance, encouragement of agricultural productivity, empowering the less privileged, etc.,” Engr. Bitacy said.

Bitacy also said Ortom has provided avenue for employment and skill acquisition through Oracle Business printing outfit, and other industrial establishments and provided scholarships to many students and rendered charity services to the needy.

“He has also provided health support services to the indigent victims (snake bite treatment scheme, Agasha free medical services and several other places). He is a man of stamina and strong political will who can withstand all pressure and focus on development. Benue needs and deserves infrastructural transformation and Dr. Ortom possesses the requisites to accomplish that for the Benue people.

“Dr. Ortom?s coming is a rescue mission that will turn around Benue state from the nagging poverty from unemployment through industrialization and commercialization, and wealth creation through investment, from poor infrastructure like bad roads through massive overhaul of bad roads with quality road construction and connecting rural communities and markets with urban cities, and providing the necessary high quality health facilities that are affordable to the ordinary people.

“He will also give a new hi-tech and vigorous agricultural orientation and investment template that will generate more jobs and wealth creation. Already he is into massive agricultural production which he would encourage people to embrace as a means of economic growth. He intends to bring in policies that would address environmental issues, rural and urban development, natural resources and sustainable development. He has the potentials to outshine the class of governors that are doing their best to transform their states and make Benue state compete with states in other advanced countries.”

On this note, the Ortom Support Group, Lagos chapter make a clarion call on all well meaning Benue citizens, especially the party delegates to the Primaries not to mortgage the soul of Benue whether for momentary gold or silver but rally round Dr. Ortom to emerge as the PDP flag bearer and subsequently as the Executive Governor of Benue state in 2015.

“We admit that these reasons or facts concerning Chief Samuel Ortom are apparently mere outlines that tend to scratch the surface of the personality and values of this distinguished brother that is locally and nationally celebrated by all well meaning persons,” he said.


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