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Mahmud Jaja
Mahmud Jaja

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By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

Mahmud Jaja
Mahmud Jaja

In the current democratic dispensation under the 4th republican constitution of 1992?of Ghana, freedom of speech is allowed. A whole lot of people young and old have been devoting their times and energies to offer their opinions on national importance through electronic and print media. Opinions expressed by these men range from issues on sports, politics, energy, financial matters, and lifestyles to mention but a few. It is not enough to allow citizens in Ghana to speak. What is important is to take note of what each person says with the view to give recognition to those whose suggestions predictions and prescriptions come true and inure to the benefi to the state.

One such person who has been discovered by eanfoworld for sustainable development is Mahmud Jaja a civil society leader and graduate of the University of Ghana who holds a second degree from England.

Mr. Jaja who was born and bred in the twin Accra suburbs of Nima and Maamobi deserves commendation and therefore should be monitored in all he says especially? ?in his writings and public discussions.

We picked Mr. Mahmud Jaja for mention because of the feats he chalked in the following articles he wrote in the recent past the first of which was titled?? ?Why I Think Ghana cannot qualify To the Round Of?16!??? In June 2014.

The following were his thoughts on th above subject:

He pointed out rightly so that ?the odds were really against Ghana getting into the next stage of the World Cup in Brazil? ?explaining that

The Football World Cup tournament is not just about football or?? for entertainment.

?These days, it?s? ?more about money and therefore economics and to some extent politics (football politics I mean).

?The United States had more football fans in Brazil than any other country except the host. Argentina follows next and then Germany. According to FIFA, the US fans had purchased more tickets than any other country outside Brazil. In fact the US purchased-tickets that is two times more than that of the Argentine fans, their closest followers.

Again, because of their numbers and financial power, the US fans spend more in Brazil than any other visiting country. Germany also made some serious spending. These spending were very crucial for the host country, FIFA, and the sponsors of the World Cup.

So what is my point?

?My point is very simple. FIFA and those who sponsor the FIFA World Cup will be better off having the USA and Germany progress to the next stage of the competition than having Ghana or Portugal in the next stage.

?Ghana and its fans were spending very little in Brazil. We may be playing very nice football. However, football and especially the World Cup is a more serious global business than just 11 opposing players playing each other. Nevertheless in spite of our comparative low financial rating we could have qualified.

?But we missed our chance from the very first match against the USA for reasons that included complacency and it became very easy for both the USA and Germany to struggle to get to the next stage. ?.

Sorry compatriots, for our failure we have to learn the bitter lessons the hard way!

From the narratives presented above we have no choice but to follow the advice given to be able to strategize through good selection of players some of who prove to be too big for the jobs assigned them. Then again we need to choose the appropriate trainer to superintend over the players without fear or favor. Yes not just any one with a big name and credentials. We must not be afraid of any football team in any tournament. That way we would be able to live up to expectation in any match in all tournaments.

The next write up by Mr. Mahmud Jaja in April 2014 titled ?10 MILESTONES YOU SHOULD REACH BY?30 also merits serious consideration especially by the youth.? Just follow his thought as follows;


?Turning 30 is an important milestone in our lives. Passing the twenty-something stage?is rather the troublesome phase in any individual?s life??.. Reaching 30 is the best time to assess where you stand in life. At this point, you are expected to have attained certain goals or at least be well on your way to achieving them. Some dread this stage, while others look forward to it. If you?re pushing to 30, take a minute to evaluate your life. Our list of milestones you should reach by 30 might just help.

Having a fuller sense of self ? 1

By 30, you should already have a clear idea of who you are, what you?re good at, what your limitations are, and what else you can achieve. The experiences you?ve acquired over the years have taught you all these things. At this stage, you need not look for validation from your boss, family, or friends. You should be self-sufficient in short.

Learning to make sound and practical judgments ? 2

It?s time to say goodbye to hasty decisions and immature actions. Turning 30 requires a more mature and critical way of living. All the mistakes you made in the past are forgivable, but you should use the lessons you learned to not commit the same errors again. If you?re a happy-go-lucky person, perhaps it?s time to slow down and think more about the future.

Seeing a clear vision of and path to your desired future ? 3

In your twenties, you might have felt lost. This is a normal phase. By 30, however, you should have a solid grasp of what you want to happen in your life. Do you plan on putting up your own business? Are you thinking of starting a family? Would you like to move to a different place for a career you want to establish? You should also have a feasible game plan to achieve your dreams.

Being in a stable relationship ? 4

No more jumping from one meaningless relationship to another. In your 30s, you should already know what you want in a partner. And you should also know better to not waste your time on people and relationships that have no future. Don?t settle for just anyone, and find someone who is worthy of your time, effort, and love.

Knowing who your real friends are ? 5

The older we get, the more supposed friends we weed out. By 30, you should already know who your true friends are. These are the people who have been with you through both good and bad. Don?t feel pressured to keep all your friends. Some friendships just naturally fall out because people inevitably change. At this stage, stick to the people you effortlessly jive with.

Having a better relationship with your family ? 6

It?s time to settle conflicts and differences in your family. Your parents are not getting any younger, and your siblings have also matured over time. Turning 30 is the best stage to reconnect with your family. You can show them how much you?ve changed for the better. If you?ve been wanting to be treated like an adult by your folks, for example, 30 is the best time.

Finding the job you love and establishing a career ? 7

After all the stressful jobs you?ve had and countless the interviews you?ve been to, it?s time to snag your dream job. You already have a lot of experience, and your skin has toughened after years of being in the work force. Go for the position you?ve always wanted in the company of your dreams. If you?ve been contemplating putting up your own business venture, get started now.

Discovering your advocacy ? 8

Aside from establishing a career, you should also work towards something that enriches your soul. Align your skills and hobbies with an advocacy where you can help more people. It can be through teaching homeless kids, organizing book drives, or partnering with social entrepreneurs. Doing so will bring you a different and incomparable sense of fulfillment.

Becoming financially stable ? 9

By 30, you are expected to have saved up a good amount of money. By this time, you should also be already fully independent. In your thirties, you have to be smarter about money. All the financial mistakes you committed in your twenties might still be giving you a hard time, but you can remedy them with wise spending and saving.

Acquiring your first property ? 10

It can be your own place, your own car, or your own business. Make it a goal to acquire your first properly by the time you turn 30. Investing early will let you establish a more stable and secure life earlier, too. You will also have something to proudly call your own, something you worked really hard for.





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