No contact after a breakup is more a tactic. It’s more than cutting off communication. There are actually rules of no contact after a breakup to follow, and there are reasons these rules were implemented.

However, this article is about why you should follow the rules of no contact. Whether you want an ex girlfriend or boyfriend back, here are three important reasons why to use this stage after a breakup:

1. Damage Control!

There’s a lot of emotions running around after a breakup. The one who was dumped feels even more emotional pain. Rejection sucks!

Staying in contact with an ex after a breakup often leads to constantly contacting your ex to try talk things out. This is called harassing your ex, and it never works.

Your ex will want little to do with you after a breakup. They want their space, so give it to them. The more you hang around, the more you will get frustrated. You cannot change your ex?s mind, and the more you try, the more they?ll get pissed and ignore you.

If you still love your ex and want them back, staying friends is a bad idea. Being kept on as a safety net is a very frustrating place to be. Do you want to be someone’s back up plan? You just may forever be stuck in that position.

2. Healing!

A lot of people forget this. Healing after a breakup is crucial. Feeling down in the dumps and depressed are common after a breakup . The rules of no contact after a breakup can help to guide you through the healing process.

You need to get yourself back to a good place. Staying in contact with an ex can delay that. Staying in contact can bring you a lot of frustration and heartache.

Staying in contact with an ex after a breakup does not help you to heal if you desire them back, and getting over the breakup is a must.

3. The Final Outcome Is The Same!

Whether you stay friends with an ex or try to stay in contact after a breakup, the final outcome usually ends the same, and that’s you end up in no contact anyways. Both of you end up fighting and arguing until one will completely ignore the other or say those dreaded words: “Stop contacting me!”

Do a search on the web and you’ll hear a lot of stories like this. No contact after a breakup is damage control, and the less mistakes you make, the better you’ll be off if you decide you want your ex back after the no contact rule.

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