Three reasons why women have lost the definition of love


I want to share with you three reasons why, I think, women have lost the definition of love.

1. Because of the love they receive

I don’t need to define love for you, all you need is a woman. Because that’s where you’ll find its final expression— in another person. If a lie about love is told, that would be the final expression. The expressions we see today of love is as a result of the lie we told yesterday. A lot of women are malfunctioning because of this lie. That’s what a lie would do. Our function hangs on the truth, not a lie. Therefore, we cannot lie about love and expect that we would function properly. Never!

2. Because of how their weaknesses have been treated

The lie in which we find this type of love makes no provision for weaknesses. It can’t handle weaknesses at all. Meanwhile, you and I have weaknesses. And we long for someone who would love us with them. This lie about love makes no provision for our weaknesses. The only thing it does is to ignore it. When you look at anyone who has fallen for this lie, you’d notice that they long for someone to love them with their weaknesses.

3. Because men do not know who they are anymore.

Every man ought to know who he truly is if he’s to give out something true. However, it appears most men do not know who they truly are and have no truth to give anyone. Here’s the source of the lie about love— men do not know who they truly are. For every woman who receives a lie about love, a man did not know the truth about himself!

-Rex the rapper

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