This is to express our sincerest gratitude to all Event Organizers who trusted and took advantage of our expert ticketing services in 2011. Definitely 2012 would only see a growth in our efforts to be your one-stop solution for event admission problems.
Spiced up with many juicy packages and surprises, Ticketdoug.com this year would rise to lofty levels to be the most amiable middleman between event organizers and their customers. Ticket acquisition and delivery has upped a huge notch, ensuring that purchasing or reserving a ticket, as well as acquiring the ticket would no longer be cause for profuse sweat. Reliable delivery services and other such projects in the wings are being implemented just for you!
Not only are customers assured of a one-stop, easy access route to acquiring professional, secure tickets for any event, Ticketdoug.com would go the extra step to immersing you in non-stop exclusive tidbits of the pre-event, the event and the post-event! Santa has come really early this year! You name it; video commercials, exclusive interviews, sneak peeks backstage, celebrity endorsements, progress reports, cozying up with who matters where, live online coverage as the show goes on, response from attendees, fashion showstoppers and bloopers, exclusive gossip, show ratings, show reviews, etc.

All this and much, much more would be shimmied down your roof as a special gift from us to you!
Our one and only goal for this special year is to give you the very best Ghanaian entertainment can offer; a complete platter of your favorite dishes, served warm with comfort, ease-of-access, VIP treatment, and most important of all, the happiest memories of a meal gone down very well. Our total commitment is only to you!

Allow Ticketdoug.com to involve you and be completely involved with Ticketdoug.com

Wishing you the best of a Ticketdoug.com filled 2012 and note that we are your entertainment masters.

Words: Nana Yaw Wiredu / www.ticketdoug.com



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