Premier online ticket distribution company, has partnered
(with) BSL Ghana Limited/theSOFTtribe Limited to introduce a re-loadable and
re-usable e-ticket card for events tickets sales in Ghana.

The groundbreaking  product, which is set to revolutionize the ticket
distribution industry in the country, will operate on BSL’s secure Mx
platform and will provide clients with a comprehensive one-stop solution for
all their ticketing and computer-controlled event access requirements. The
service is said to guarantee clients a maximized revenue stream.

In a statement signed jointly by the Executive Chairman, Mr. Herman
Chinery-Hesse and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tetteh Antonio of Black Star
Line S.A./theSOFTtribe Limited, the product provides program organizers with
a world class solution that allows  real time access to sales updates from
all remote locations, real time access to entry statistics from all gates at
the event venue and reports on user demographics to aid targeted marketing
as well as accounting. It also eliminates the cost of ticket printing. has  since 2009,been in the business of printing and
distributing secure tickets for events such as the Rick Ross Concert, Miss
Tourism, MTN Mavado Live in Ghana, Ella Williams Soprano Charity Concert and
many others.
By introducing this new service, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of
TicketGhana, Basil Anthony, says, the E-Ticket Card will give customers
greater convenience by allowing them to buy their  season tickets and
advanced tickets from multiple locations in the country. It will also reduce
pressure at event venues creating a more relaxed access environment. The
service will also eliminate ticket fraud. With this new service, he affirms
that, TicketGhana will be able to reward regular ticket buyers with loyalty

The E-Ticket Card will be used for  major concerts, award ceremonies, film
premieres, sports events, launch/release parties, fashion shows and
conferences amongst others.



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