Tiffany’s Case Is A Sheer Case Of ‘Guy Irresponsibility’


I guess we are all familiar with the expressions think twice before you act.

Before I proceed with my case tiffany is a real African woman. Bear in mind she has not gone to steal or murder. Situations come and go and in all people share different opinion no qualms about that.


But it is time bloggers pay critical attention to how they circulate some of the so call sex tapes.

Sex is common with married people and even people who are not married .my simple question will be would a married woman be called shameless if out of bitterness her partner releases videos as such?

Yes there will be questions for the woman to answer as well as the man ?but the big question will be what at all would lead a man to do this madness?

This is a similar situation with tiffany. I have seen so many comments, suggestions, and opinions on social media. They are all good

This is because whether they are positive or negative one way or the other a lesson would be learnt there.

Nonetheless we should not blame the lady so much like so many are doing. People have to be objective with issues like this.

How on earth would a responsible man do such a nasty act???I want blame him much though, love gone bad, but should it be this way? To an innocent woman?

These cases have brought to fore how some journalist are not learning but are practicing gutter journalism.

Many a time we turn to criticize these public figures ?when the so called sex tapes come is only irresponsible men or guys who do this rubbish?.it is a pity when innocent people find themselves in the Arms of such ?idiots .

I am completely shocked people are blaming the artiste at the center of the so called sex tape ?i forgive and pardon them.

Somehow there is no smoke without fire. But I can say on authority that no gentleman regardless of any form of bitterness would not do this. What acrimony would? ?let a guy do this shameless thing?

There is one thing I know for sure, whatever we do on earth here we get our punishment before we die.Dont get it twisted it is a fact.

History has it that he has committed lot Atrocities and blackmail .Am not here to judge but with the gentleman at the center of tiffany?s case? ?He want walk away freely. God will judge at the right time.

But I guess my dear ladies including tiffany have learnt lessons is always good to.

There is a local proverb that says and I quote??ABOA BIARA OREBEWU A NA OPIRE?THE GUY SHOULD WATCH OUT

God be the judge ? I rest my case.


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