adil el youseffi, tigo ghana boss

Adil El Youseffi, Tigo Ghana Boss

TIGO CASH has launched a new campaign that will promote and explore another dimension of mobile financial services and also help diffuse mobile money and its benefits.

The campaign seeks to position Tigo Cash as a convenient enabler in the growth of customer?s businesses because of the convenience it presents, especially to small and medium-scale enterprises and the flexibility of receiving and making payments with mobile phones.

Selorm Adadevoh, Head of Mobile Financial Services, Millicom Ghana, noted: ?From now, we are telling everyone, especially the small and medium-scale businessmen to explore receiving and payment for daily transactions through Tigo Cash.?

She added that Tigo Cash is a credible alternative to the traditional way of making payments or transacting business.

A consumer can call 100 to register or find an agent.

?Key features of this campaign are that customers can pay anyone on any network, pay for things they buy from friends, family and even strangers, as well as pay for things in the market.?

TIGO Ghana launched Tigo Cash, its mobile financial service in 2011. At the time, it was the third mobile operator to do so.

?While 75 percent of the market now know about mobile financial services, usage is currently not as significant in Ghana as it is in Kenya and other eastern African countries.

?The goal is now to educate customers that they can pay anyone on any network through Tigo Cash.

The inroads that Tigo has made in the past year has been recognised within Ghana, the sub-region and globally.?

In 2013, Tigo Cash won the best mobile money deployment award in West Africa at the Kalahari Mobile Money Awards, the best mobile deployment award in Africa, the best mobile money service provider, as well as best marketing campaign at the Ghana Telecom Awards.

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