Wpid Ghana Flag
Wpid Ghana Flag

Ghana FlagGhana?s economic programmes have chalked up successes and failures over the five decades of nationhood.

No regime can be said to have failed or succeeded in all its programmes to restructure the economy.

Right from independence, our governments have been able to put structures in place to provide for the needs of the people. But, somehow, their plans have never been able to achieve the objectives for which they were all initiated.

Whatever the passion and the commitment of our governments to improve the economic situation of the people, the difficulties persist, making life unbearable for the majority of the people.

For some time now, the economy has faced a number of challenges, such as the load-shedding exercise, the depreciation of the cedi, high interest rates and general economic hardships.

These difficulties have resulted in some street protests and angry discussions in the media, with many people accusing the government of doing very little to improve the lot of the people.

Frankly speaking, no government, even if endowed with all the resources, can provide for all the needs of the people.

Therefore, criticisms of the government per its slow response to the concerns of the people must not be assumed for want of trying or insensitivity towards the needs of the electorate.

Perhaps the government?s efforts so far have not yielded the best of results or action has been slow in meeting the expectations of the people.

Yesterday, two events took place in Accra that are of some significance in so far as efforts at changing the status quo are concerned.

A group of people, describing themselves as the middle class, took to the streets to protest against the high cost of living and deteriorating economic fundamentals.

President John Dramani Mahama met senior citizens at a luncheon to mark Republic Day, where he said he would never close his ears to the concerns of Ghanaians about the economy.

The Daily Graphic reminds the people that democracy thrives in an atmosphere of openness and the preparedness of everybody to voice out his or her opinion on matters of public concern.

When majority of the people decide to sit on the fence, the act of governance will be left to a few whose efforts may not be good enough to take the country out of the woods.

We plead with our leaders that they should continue to listen to the concerns of the people and deliver to meet their expectations.

It is not going to be easy, but if we stick to time-tested values and practices, we shall make progress.

We are not in normal times, but we cannot throw our hands in despair and abandon ship. We need all hands on deck to salvage the economy.

Daily Graphic Wednesday, 02 July 2014



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