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Time:The Chapter Many Read, Few Understand, and Fewer Practice?

Holy Quran

Time: The Thesis of the Quran and Saviour of Humankind?

A Thesis set the tone and summation of a message, but the explanation are sometimes very relevant in understanding the deeper sense of condensed sentence(s). Time or ch.103 is about three verses, can be read in about 10 seconds, so when you are told the thousands of short to long verses came from three short verses, the hours of reading big chunk of the Quran is just trying to explain about 10 seconds of reading, it may puzzle you? It may be easy to read, but understanding and practising it is evidently hard, at least to some. A person or group that smartly honors the chapter is guided, so call your family, country, and world leaders to debate if I greatly interpret this marvellous chapter or not. Where they disagree, let us gauge if there argument is not based on fear, greed, or arrogance . Humankind are largely in loss and problems because we fail to ponder and respect this chapter, enough. Save yourself and whom you can, and thank God for helping me explain the chapter.

The Chapter starts with the usual : ‘In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful ‘, which many do not count as verse or as verse zero. Then , 1. By the Time; 2. Indeed, Humankind are in loss; 3. Except those who have faith, do good deeds, and exhort each other to Truth, and exhort each other to patience. ‘ That’s it! Can you honestly and accurately write about two pages of explanation from this chapter without reading the Quran , my interpretation, or something similar? I challenge you to try it before proceeding or admit explanations matter.

‘By the Time’ is simply an acknowledgement of a fact, meaning at the time of revelation and perhaps up to this time. Then verse two is indeed scary leaning, how can Humankind be totally or largely in loss? Well, up to today, there is no country that totally respects the guidelines of this chapter, not even the so called Islamic countries. Then the third verse is the actual saviours’ checklist , reduced to four columns. From my Quranic perspective, Islam has one beam, one roof, and four pillars or branches. The so called five pillars of Islam is based on a questionable hadiths (saying), are sub-branches and fail to include significant aspects of this chapter’s checklist. The five pillars may be for submitters, but believers are higher as per ch.49 and will this chapter call questionable submitters ‘loss’? Of course, some so called Islamic Scholars may want me hanged for challenging their narrative for centuries. Well, God has chosen me with knowledge above many with big gowns, suits, and countless followers with money.

Feel free to draw a graph of four columns on paper or in your head, then you can gauge your thoughts and how well you respect this marvellous chapter.

Faith : first column or Branch from physical perspective can have sub branches or even stems. I however limit it to three: Faith in the existence of God; faith or believe in the day of Recompense; and faith in the Team of Angels , prophets, messengers and even believers. These are the primary ones, whether or not there are secondary ones is debatable, but can any other faith be above the mentioned? Less likely and remember false faith do exist even within religions and so called hadiths. The atheists and how many people may disagree with this part, but where else will they agree upon?

Do Good Deeds: Second column or branch is very broad and can amount to thousands of stems and millions or billions of leaves and fruits, even from a secular perspective. We are best to divide this to Good deeds between you and God, good deeds between you and humans, and good deeds between you and other creatures. You can do something similar on evil to understand aspects of the loss. We may further divide good deeds under intelligence, truth, and kindness . If the first revealed Quranic word to Muhammad (pbuh) and the Muslims is Learn! Or (iqrah) in Arabic, then how well we truly understand that first commandment or good deed? It is perhaps a pillar (branch)within good deeds than the others they claim as pillars. So many translate it as recite or read, but any smart honest person can admit it means learn in the deepest sense. The root letters of that word include up to research, which can include sacrificing money, time, and even risking lives. There is no part of learning that can be excluded from good deeds, unless you want to classify part of it as super good deeds? The so called Islamic scholars who forbid any form of learning in rivalry or fear are in loss.

Do some people learn to commit evil? Yes indeed , but you respecting learning more than such means you will probably be able to contain them. As individuals and countries, we must invest in research and development, because the first commandment was chosen based on reason, so do not allow atheists and xyz leaning countries to respect learning than you do. The past cannot be rectified, but how much time and money are you ready to invest on learning than going to Mecca, marrying more wives, or xyz?

Another good deed is working: How honestly you work locally and globally matters to a global God. By honesty, we mean lot more than financial corruption. You are working (serving) through products or services , you must remember quality, not to be greedy or arrogant in demands. Your degrees deserve pay, but if you over value it, then you can claim your one hour should be valued as thousands or millions of hours of another? Then thinking is even higher than degrees, but how many work places compensate implemented opinions that may add millions or xyz to a company? Research about Movement for Bureau of Implemented Opinion Compensation (Mbioc). The God of earth and beyond will not exclude earthly blessings we all seek and largely appreciate.

How about religious leaning good deeds? Prayer is indeed a good deed, but ch.49 shows us it is a favor we should not brag about, then common sense tell us we should seek more favors of the Lord. Whereas that verse uses prayer and the desert Arabs as examples, I think every religious act is a favor we must avoid bragging about and certainly many have the mindset of the mentioned desert Arabs and should try to evolve. In ch. One, In our daily prayers, we are asking for guidance towards every form of achievements. So when learning reveals yoga or gym will probably improve our health, then doing such become a good deed we should thank God for or brag about like the desert Arabs? Like any form of power, people may utilise or abuse , or how many healthy folks may hit a weak person or abuse others in other ways? Again , you focus on doing your part of good deeds you are given opportunity on. Fasting, going to Mecca, Zakah, and what else on and beyond the so called five pillars may be under good deeds? Doing all those things will never absolve you from the other parts of this marvellous chapter. Remember there may be millions of other good deeds you may be able to do. The rest of the chapter is what I call super good deeds.

‘Exhort each other to Truth’: is the third column or major branch with sub branches? I believe truth is the stepping favor of going higher in intelligence and/or Kindness? Part of Truth is higher intelligence and the other is higher kindness. It is essentially where we meet God, where direct learning occurs through conscience and our courage and humility are further tested. The wordings here is beyond Truth as focus, because by stating ‘exhort each other ‘, it means you may not have exclusive access to the whole truth and you must give your partner(s) or opponents the opportunity to share their version of truth. Whether or not they share truth or the whole truth does not mean you ignore your part or blindly accept claims. This is also the branch where the crucial aspect of Justice between creatures start or centered. The term exhort can be in words or actions; and Islam or conscience clearly prefers starting with words, and you may luckily not need actions, in the negative aspects. Your partner at home or work place does something you deem wrong, exhort will mean gently talking with the assumption that it may be a mistake or s/he will learn through words of Truth. Suppose they refuse, exhort will step up to reporting up to Supreme Court of man and God? All may require patience.

Truth is primarily about freedom and some form of redistribution that may affect the mistaken or the oppressors, who may see you being against them. The truth is out to rescue or uplift, so the mistaken may welcome it, thank you, or even reward you for truth. However, where you are dealing with oppressors in deep greed or deep arrogance, it can be a very hard test. Some people will hunt you for choosing truth above limited interest, finance or otherwise. In a world of should, can, and want — Truth leans on should and that does not mean it is against want, but choosing just or balance wants.

Considering the branches of Justice, you will need Truth everywhere. We defined Justice as: as deserved in power and choice for reward and/or punishment, and Justice is pregnant with a baby called Tolerance. Meaning you will need to exhort each other to Truth of empowering everyone with enough education as example . The term enough is vital everywhere, not just education. You need enough faith, because even atheists may have some faith; you need enough good deeds, or who do you know who never did one good deed; you need enough exhorting each other to Truth or who do you know who never exchange truth with persons or government? Similarly is patience, sometimes you have no choice on patience. Telling a capitalist government that we need free mandatory education for up to twenty years may be my version of truth that may be scary to someone who thinks we should be indifferent to the poor kids. This branch of Islam is slightly risky, because it may put you at odds with many people, especially the arrogant. Beside empowering, you can have two choices that may never be equal in destiny, and you must have a honest opinion, especially if the choice affects beyond self. Again, listen to others, and that should never mean blindly doing what even the majority claims .

Exhort each other to patience: Is the fourth and arguably the most difficult branch to understand and practice, because you will need to conquer fear, greed, and arrogance. Patience by choice is what this is largely referring to. Imposed patience exists, not your choice, and how can you deserve pay on such? Patience has sub- branches between you and God, but also between you and the people . It is the branch that deals with mainly reward and punishment. When you do what God told you to the best of your ability, why should God delay rewarding you as example ? Well, I cannot totally speak for God, but how about the effects of your expected reward and in relation to others? If God gives me billions or millions today, I will free many people including the oppressed marijuana folks around the world, through truthful words+, but may be his timing and folks he want to test in every country matter more to him. May be my desires or intentions are enough or how many other possibilities? The fact that patience is smartly mentioned in many places, it means myself or everyone will likely be tested on patience. Of course I like millions for nice house, a garden, and all the good things, but I certainly care and will spend on freedom. Or ! You think only the rich can contribute to freedom or are tested? You can urge, especially in our social media age, it is part of exhorting each other to Truth. So why would a freedom leaning God inspire me on freeing suffering boys from hard way of learning the Koran (Quran) and delay aspects of facilitating its achievements? It may seems torturing on me, but is He checking how many may doubt me or I need to write this very piece first? Sometimes you will need patience with as little as minister or president, so due patience with a God who have chosen me or you on something special is reasonable, and may we have patience where need be. When people fail to reward you on agreements , you go to court and may still have to patiently wait for God if the courts fail to act . Another reason where the top two forms of faith can help, or you may wrongly take the law into your hands.

The punishment aspects of patience is much more complex in the world of the Quran. Whereas governments largely control aspects of punishment in our age, your personal mindset on punishment matter before God. Do you honestly agree with every government law? Less likely, but did you ever exhort them to truth through urging or suing to change the laws? Ch.90 talks about ‘giving you a tongue and two lips ‘, among others, and hint you to value freedom+… Similarly the rules at home, work place, etc are tests for you . When a law personally affects us, we will understand the importance of good laws and want people to speak up and act on our behalf, but if you never fought for others or barely does, then how can you deserve others to fight for you? If you never believe in God in deep sense, why should God intervene and by when? He may say, you are loss until you fulfil chapter 103, stop murmuring, gossiping, etc? So how many millions of Muslims read this chapter in Saudi Arabia or xyz and cannot practice even the surface of the latter parts?

The Angels who wrote the Quran are acknowledged as ‘noble scribes, honored, and give hints on all major aspects’, etc . So you will need patience on good deeds like learning or empowering, patience on reward, but also patience on punishment . The sub branches of patience in punishment are largely words, personal sins (including questionable faith), and insufficient evidence . When you read the whole Quran, you repeatedly see Muhammad (pbuh) and Believers are urged to have patience on words , even where insults are involved. It may worth noting that patience is a dangerous bridge where your rights may hunt you even on earth. Just because God urges us to have patience on xyz does not mean He will not judge such. So Islam largely want us to be patient with words or confront words with words; but be reminded that questionable words can put you in hell, be it blasphemy against God, special humans like prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and sins between creatures through lying words or words that lead to cruelty. Where humans can conscientiously judge words , we can proceed, but the fact remains words can barely be judged by humans. Libel , slander, insults, or whatever between creatures can be pursued. I strongly recommend a culture of cameras and sterner punishment on sins between creatures, including verifiable terrible words.

Personal sins is a term I tend to use, but it really refers more to personal rights. From faith to personal ‘stupid’ things you do as adults cannot be punished by humans from Quranic perspective. You can go read the whole Quran , you will never see one sign of punishment for personal sins, from idol worshipping to consuming pork, alcohol, etc. The Angels by no means forgot and God is far above forgetting. It is one of the signs the blind cannot see or too arrogant to honor? The rewarding and punishment aspects of life is largely by God, but we are urged to act on sins between creatures. The argument cowards make is if you allow marijuana or xyz folks to use it at home, they may attack us than in Canada, some u.s states, etc. However, if this master chapter tells you to truthfully advice alcoholic folks and have patience with them , then how can you claim marijuana folks deserve lot less, rightly or as respite? This part of the Quran is not practised by any country in my understanding, except Portugal on drugs… When we stop punishing such, but smartly control them, we will kill the underground world and tactically help people get out of drugs. As terrible as many governments are, the underground world are arguably worse, except the governments that helped create them and refuse to kill them without bullets?

Insufficient evidence is another aspect where Quranic leaning Islam recommends patience and criticised as ‘weak’ by its opponents . Although the verses people quote most often is explicitly on sexual crimes, it implicitly includes any insufficient evidence, regardless of type of crime. The term ‘four witnesses ‘ does not necessarily mean four people, but squarely, no room for lies or illusions. In our age, if you have certain camera evidence, you can conscientiously punish. However, remember manipulated videos exist, but technology can be beyond doubt… Any time I read in the news how countless people were wrongly convicted , freed through DNA or other evidence, I ponder how understanding and accepting this chapter can save us. The millions we compensate the victims, who may or may not have supported questionable systems of gathering evidence and methods on convictions are wasted to reduce sins we could have avoided. Our age happens to be extra lucky, we claim we do not have billions for culture of cameras, but the tens of millions we compensate to how many people amounts to billions? Our so called defence budget can shift a percentage towards cameras ? Our budget to fight drugs can be shifted by what percentage? We can urge people to buy cameras, including body cameras, and start fine sharing culture if your camera helps solve crime. If the key term is insufficient evidence, then the remedy is how to get enough evidence or remember the patience God may test every human on? Believing in judgment day (period), which can be earthly, can greatly help you practice this aspect of patience. Our love for this life , our fears and arrogance make it very difficult to even guess there is wisdom in such a approach to life.

Freedom of speech was given by God before some governments are under confirming it? The purpose of it is for truth to prevail, but that may include giving liars respite, then advise or even attack them through exhort each other to Truth, then patiently wait for God to finish up. Personal rights was also given by God, but government greed and fears assumed everyone in Portugal will become drug addict, then after they successfully did it, u.s may claim our people are different; after Canada or xyz successfully legalise marijuana, some Africans claim Africa is different, cannot stop cruelty or respect personal rights? Lastly, if we cannot tolerate or have patience on even words, then are we above Tolerance and patience or where should we apply it? If we cannot tolerate people hurting themselves, then how and why we punish hurting each other less than ‘self hurting’?

The term consistency is very vital in life, including interpretation. We have to be absolutely consistent or at least largely consistent. By that I mean, I detest people abusing each other with words, abusing self with drugs, or abusing each other where evidence may be harder to produce. Our responsibilities start with personal responsibilities, so everyone must try for self, but that should not mean we do not have collective responsibilities. Once we wrongly allow governments to define truth, they will censor truth, knowingly or unknowingly; allow them to infringe on others rights, they may encroach on yours , someone you love, or God to charge you on supporting wrongs; allow them to gamble others to satisfy angry people, then you become a partner in crime. Know the checklist, absolutely respect it or at least largely respect it; tell your folks at home to your leaders, and may the Kind Lord keep us far above the loss.

Beside the pillars, a building must have beam (foundation) and roof. I consider Conscience to be the single beam and single roof of Islam and God’s kingdom. There is no question that the Quran came to raise our conscience or character as charity or favor, but it recommends self raising our conscience in ch.91 to be successful. That essentially means using conscience in and beyond the Quran. You can conscientiously interpret the Quran or do it literally without conscience. When ch.75 says, ‘ it is up to us for its explanation’ and you understand the ever living one is always with us, then you won’t be afraid to ask God for explanation than money? Love is both hard and easy, loving yourself or blood family is relatively easy, unless you are among the most wicked; but loving strangers or whole of humankind is for the chosen servants who truly understands the oneness of God , our origin, and our responsibility to be humble before God in some respects. From your teenagers to your relatives, you will admonish, but not extremely punish stupid choices. The ordinary citizen or foreigner is where God is testing your love, including empowering, Tolerance, and how to punish…. In The world of exhorting each other to Truth, we can clearly see the presence and importance of conscience. So using terms like beam, roof, pillars are just questionable human terms. Conscience is like the bloodline of the soul. In the world of Arabic or Quran, both conscience and soul are literally one word, sharing same root letters. Does Arabs have the highest conscience? By no means, they are humans like the rest of humankind. When this chapter and interpretation is presented in every country, our reaction may differ, but it will become harder for the hypocritical Muslims to mislead any or those who accept it. If this chapter was in the u.s constitution, then how many types of freedom will the best in u.s defend around the world? It will free the true Muslims and elevate them as believers? The many Verses that reminded Muhammad and all of us ‘ you are not sent as guardian over them ‘ is worth reflecting. In chapter 83, it says, ‘they were not sent as guardians over them’… Indeed those who arrogantly act as guardian over others in the name of law or any specious power may regret it. You cannot defraud people freedom and expect no reprisals, knowing a just God values sins between creatures and recommends Patience among others. May we be guided towards kindness and never ending kindness. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.

Optional Note:

Time, are you timeless or timeful?
Time, your wisdom is ahead of mankind, but you are beautifully staring, inviting, and giving respite? Time, how many times did I recite you daily, before God gave me more wisdom as charity to a poor black boy, go teach the world? Time, are you the chapter God will Judge by on judgement time? Reciting you is relatively easy, but the weight you carry is heavy and light? How did you reduce so many Verses to almost one verse ? Time, your beginning medicine is hard for disbelievers, but your ending is hard for hypocrites, especially those in power? How can I convince the atheists insufficient evidence means waiting for God to Judge? Or how can I convince the hypocrites that they are not above hearing my truth, or they are not sent as guardians over the good or lightly questionable folks? Time , how did you know freedom of speech is vital before secular governments? Why did you recommend patience on words, even up to insults? Time, how did you know judging personal sins can affect us even on earth? Time, why did Muhammad advised, but allowed people to drink alcohol, but mighty America thought otherwise until they learned the hard way? Time, you did not ask us to over commercialise questionables like alcohol, but to conscientiously advise and control through regulations? Time, are you the chapter many read, few understand, and even fewer practice? How many Muslims, Thomas Jeffersons, Salman Rusdies read and barely understand you or remind you others? Time, please be a witness for me, never against me.

Love is very complex. My very self I do support symbolic laws against LGBTQ as examples. Depending on the level of drug usage in a country, I may support light symbolic laws against drugs. However, in a referendum, I will vote to legalise many things the Quran or this chapter hint us to have patience on. Just because the Quran condemn something does not mean we have the right to punish it as humans. Understanding the purpose of the Quran is one thing, understanding the purpose and limits of governments is another. No sane person will want your child to be LGBTQ, on drugs, etc; but I think even more we should know prison is not the answer. We must classify, sins of stupidity from sins of cruelty? Sins of lying are also largely beyond what governments should judge, including censorship. As individuals and governments, you should believe truth can conquer lies without censorship, and be ready to sacrifice those who choose lies to the level of cruelty… If you wrongly over trust Obama or Biden to define what is lie , to censor or charge people over such, the problem is when Trump or xyz becomes president, they will censor the very truth you care about and spread lies. Also if you allow it in the u.s, it means any African or xyz government can also have such rights, censor lot more, or even punish the innocent in much worse ways. This is why we must see ourselves as global citizens, at least in the world of advice.

The honest truth is even the Quran is just largely accurate, that is why it uses terms like ‘for the rational ‘. When the Quran says , ‘we made you man and woman ‘, that is largely accurate , not totally accurate. There are super minority of us with both sexual parts, hermaphrodite . Such hardly claim to be LGBTQ. I seriously see LGBTQ as a disposition that is largely due to fear, greed, and arrogance ; and I cannot see how prison can cure such, but I can see how honest discussions (exhort each other to truth) may help. The west are punishing many over mere opinions on LGBTQ, And LGBTQ are over demanding privileges against others. They are disrespecting column three and four, so the symbolic laws in Africa and beyond on LGBTQ may be questionable, but still better than the west. However, beside public sexual acts, we must not disturb LGBTQ folks or risk having some sins between creatures and a charge of impatience by the Lord. Personal sins can be forgiven, the person may change, or God may punish in due time. So believers can and should advise, but spend their time and money on more fruitful activities than punishing personal sins. The same Muslims who read in the Quran we will not be punished for others’ sins, beyond Adam, cannot some how understand God will not punish us all because a super fraction of us are LGBTQ, unless we allow them to gamble the children and suppress others’ rights, as they started in the west… Even idol worshipping, we do not have the power to punish people over it. They may be gross sins, but for God to Judge, not humans.

Between you and your parents or xyz, you still may be tested to ‘exhort each other to Truth…’ Once both of you understand Truth can save you all, it becomes easier. What kind of parent, president, or xyz will look at this checklist and forbid an adult offspring or xyz to mutually help towards truth, ‘I want you to fail on column three or xyz and be counted among the loss’ ? Arrogance and questionable hadiths leaning scholars can be barriers. The sad reality is a big chunk of humans sadly multiplied through fear, greed, and arrogance; but our repentance is how to be weaned from fear, greed, and arrogance. Remembering verses like ‘loving truth above parents, children, relatives, etc’ is a hint . If you consider yourselves humans, then do not misinterpret another verse as exception. For example, some will claim ch. 31 recommends ‘being kind to your parents ‘… Yes, that will fall under good deeds, but you may have to proceed to next level(s). Refuse to speak up? God can read and judge your thoughts. Being truthful does not void your kindness, it actually means you are seeking higher kindness for all. Also, after speaking truth, do not expect immediate acceptance. Sometimes, it takes time for some to accept truth, but quickest acceptance is best. Truth does not have to be too harsh or too soft, it should be measured. Your boss or up to the president may make a mistake, and God will be literally checking who will respect this verse or command oriented hint. When the inner circle knows and respects these verses enough, it eliminates or reduces the possible confrontation outside the circle. So every leader should strongly think, but also encourage inner marching towards the highest truth and kindness. God is always there, so by seeing your meaningful efforts on every aspect of the chapter, he will likely help you. Even if what you think may be an illusion, by speaking out, someone may educate you. Refusing or fearing to speak the truth that may save your loved one means you gossip or murmur in sin. You can advise your parents to exercise as example, it may not just help them but may help you enjoy more time with them on earth and in happier moments. A lucky parent may learn quickly or some will say until a doctor advises it, and some may not even care about the doctor. You should not wrongly assume, just say the truth in the best way you know how and you will be paid more than atom’s weight . Of course you prefer achievements, but now that you sow the seed, water and wait patiently .

Optional note 2.

How many Christians claim faith in Jesus Christ (pbuh) is enough, will save them from infringing on personal rights, rushing to judge based on insufficient evidence, or support the hunting of Julian Assange and others over truthful revelations? How many Christians claim Jesus died for their sins [of stupidity, lying or cruelty]? Or they claim it is only inherited sins and the supporting of evil laws against marijuana folks? Tell them, God can read their positions then and now, to repent while time permits. The good Christians or xyz claim they respect this chapter more than some Muslims who read it , refuse to practice it , or refuse to give others the right to practice it? Like the lost Christians who sing faith, faith, faith, how many so called Muslims claim faith and five good deeds is enough and disrespect how many parts of the checklist? The oppressors In and outside religion preach patience, but very far from the light we clearly outlined? Patience does not mean we stop exhorting each other to Truth or allowing vivid sins between creatures. How many will buy or donate cameras to reduce sins between creatures? It may be better than donating medicine after robbery. Or how many will urge governments and world institutions to embrace culture of cameras?

Let the Good Christians, good Muslims, and good humans of every title smartly ponder on this chapter and choose conscience as the universal elevator, taught by the universal God who recommends the exhorting of each other to Truth and patience. Respect my interpretation unless you can bring a better one.

Who said prayer is a pillar ? Chapter 49 said it is a favor, that God is doing us favor? So may I respect the prayers, but may my mindset lean on thanking than asking or expecting, and never as bragging. Who said fasting is a pillar? I have fasted traditional fasting and now thanking God for conscientious fasting from animals and for allowing me into the world of plants, even while on earth. Thanking and asking him to raise my access to Jannah or plants. Who said Zakah is a pillar? May I respect it , but do much more when I am given the opportunity, especially while working. I think heavy donating to freedom causes and learning opportunities may pay more than Zakah, or why the Zakah was partly used to free slaves? Who said going to Mecca is a Pillar? I want to go there only if I can practice ch.103 without reprisals, or how many give Zakah, live in Mecca, but fear to speak their minds? Faith is indeed a pillar , but beyond how it is described in the popular hadiths. See faith through the lens of the Quran and use conscience to dismiss some questionable faith they claim through so called hadiths . Do not blame or praise me, instead thank the Lord who revealed the Quran, guarded it than Hadiths, and re-taught me to remind you. May God help me lot more and help billions through me. Blessings be upon every sincere soul and Praises be upon the Lord of the universe.

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