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Tips for Moving with a Toddler


Relocation is an extremely stressful affair for adults, so you can imagine the toll it takes on children. Dealing with toddlers during this time is tough because they are too young to understand the practicalities of the situation and they can?t express their feelings properly. It is necessary to handle the matter tactfully so that the move is executed smoothly and they adjust to it well.

A few tips to help you move with a toddler:

? ?Pack your child?s room last. Remember that a child looks for stability and comfort at all times. Make your child’s bedroom a safe place for them in your old home and recreate that same sense of ownership for them in their new bedroom. This will help them to adapt to their new home faster if they sense a familiar feeling. Try to make the moving disruption as minimal as you can.

? ?The few days before the move can be extremely hectic and grueling, so it is better that your child is not subject to the chaos. It will lead to a lot of inconvenience because you will not be able to pay complete attention to what the movers or packers are doing. Ask a friend or family member to babysit your child for a couple of days till everything is sorted.

? ?There is some information you need to keep close at hand such as the local hospital, a new pediatrician, a dentist, your closest pharmacy, the grocery store, and so on, before you arrive at your new home. Who knows when your baby chips a tooth or you run out of medicines on your first night in your new house? Having this data handy will save time and trouble.

? ?Moving can drain you of energy but if you are moving with infants, toddlers or both, you need to keep stress levels at an all-time low.

Kids do tend to feel the stress of their parents even if they can?t express that in words. Focus on staying calm and avoiding extra stress while moving.

? ?Don?t let the movers pack your toddler’s favorite toy or special blanket ? it is a strict no-no. These items should be with you at all times as it helps to ease any separation anxiety your child may experience from the changes, and minimize your stress when you arrive if you can’t put your fingers on it right away.

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