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Tips To Spot An Identity Theft Victim


Millions of consumers walk in and out of establishments every single day. They log in and out of websites to acquire products and services. Each time they use their credit cards, they subject themselves to identity theft. Given this, any consumer can become a victim of identity theft. To be an id theft victim ultimately means losing almost everything you?ve worked hard for all your life. Being able to spot the signs of identity theft will definitely lead to the prevention of much bigger financial casualties.

According to Forbes, ?Identify theft is an equal opportunity problem in America: people with a lot of money and people with very little are both at equal risk for having it stolen. The economic crisis has only exacerbated the problem: putting lots of people under the kind of considerable economic strain that has them looking for an easier way out. If some of those people were laid off by a bank, they might also have knowledge of the inner-workings of financial websites.?

As consumers, we have to be vigilant and alert when it comes to our credit. We should form a habit of checking statements and receipts. It may take extra effort to do this, but the outcome will definitely be worth it.

Tell-Tale Signs of Identity Fraud

Urban predators in the form of identity thieves are always on the lookout for potential prey. They stalk their territories and plant traps for their unsuspecting victims. Even if this is the unpleasant truth today, consumers can protect themselves by knowing the danger signs of identity theft:

Erroneous credit or bank statements

This is usually the first sign you?ll notice.

If you study you online or paper statements that well each month, you will be able to see any inaccuracies in the entries. You should immediately take note of unfamiliar withdrawals, purchases, or any transactions indicated.
Erroneous credit report

Once you spot any error on your credit report, you know that someone tampered with your account. There may be a new account that you don?t know about or a credit inquiry you can?t seem to recall.

Flagged account

Your brokerage or bank may call or send you a letter about an irregularity on your account. If the notice came via email, check if it isn?t one of those phishing emails first.

Unexpected debt collector calls

You suddenly receive calls from a debt collector about account problems or new accounts you aren?t aware of.

Arrest warrant

An identity thief can impersonate anyone when they get arrested. You may suddenly find yourself being served with a warrant of arrest for a crime you obviously didn?t commit.

Medical insurance problems

You may be surprised when you discover that your insurance isn?t going to cover your medical treatment. You could also receive medical bills for checkups or treatments you never even had, which means someone else is benefiting from your medical insurance while you?re the one paying for it.

Missing mail

When this happens, the identity thief might have changed your address or taken over your online accounts. The perpetrator could easily make alterations that will divert your valuable bill or bank statements to his address or account.

Desperation is what motivates these criminals to victimize consumers. You have to fight back by being aware of the signs. Stopping identity fraud at the soonest will definitely help tone down its gravity and its frequency.

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