Tiwa Savage Out With My Darling


To say that the music, My Darlin started so well , what with the opening scene as an old woman and ?revealing a part of Tiwa Savage, many didn?t know, acting, would be stating the obvious. It was a right step in the right direction. ?Quite a long video, 7:07 seconds, it opened with a scene of Tiwa as an old woman who is happy to be alive to witness the wedding of her own daughter. She walks into the dressing room and meets friends of her daughter getting dressed for the big day. Typical of how older people behave, she chats up the ladies, infusing a bit of comedy, making the scene relatable. The setting, action and costume of that scene are to say the least, impeccable. ?Next, Tiwa flashes back in time to her younger days, how she met her husband, played by Mr. Nigeria 2014, Emmanuel Ikubese. The flash back scene is that of glamour, a party shot, with Tiwa sitting amidst her friends and Emmanuel amidst his friends too. He sights her, walks up to her and they immediately fell into each other?s arms in a romantic dance on the dance floor.
You can?t but fall in love with her body language all through the scene. Indeed she should start a career as an actress! Again, the costumes for the party scene was on point. And with Tiwa dressed up in all white, was angelic, adding to the coolness of the video. The flower garden scene is also a nice concept.
And then her dance moves are unbeatable She was able to perfectly combine singing and dancing making the video captivating. ?Basically, the video is a captivating music-drama, and the storyline was well chosen.
Fast forward to when the lovers got married and her husband had to go to the war zone as a soldier but never forgetting to often send her letters that was until the day she got the bad news rather than a letter. Her husband had died at the war front. Torn apart, she fell crying, only to notice a figure wrap his arms around her. Looking up, it was her husband, wounded but alive! What a great reunion! Nice drama there.
The flashback ends, her daughter walks into the dressing room. Tiwa gives her a motherly hug as she hands her out in marriage. Her husband wasn?t present though, he must have died later.
The lighting is appropriate, dope setting, the beat is fun, nice costumes as earlier mentioned, good use of props with the dressing room scene; flowerbeds, ball lights, artificial fountain, baby cot, a real baby, wall pictures, not to mention good use of suspense.
The tail end of the video was also nice, Tiwa maintained the action until the cameras were turned off.
Little wonder the video which was released on November 25, 2014, already had close to 2 million views on online streaming channel, Youtube.

The video scores a 9/10.

Artiste: Tiwa Savage
Running time: 7:07 seconds
Producers: Baby Fresh and Don Jazzy
Director: ?Kemi Adetiba.

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