To His Excellency Alhaji Aliu Mahama: A Dirge


There he goes again; death!

He creeps and steals the very best

He leaves us at our lowest

How could we rest

And why wouldn?t we fret

Whilst death still prowls our streets?

There he goes again; death!

Sneaking and stealing awayGhana?s gem

He is stalking us; death

Lurking around the corners ofGhana

Hankering afterGhana?s nobility and Princes


See him walk away with our Honourable Aliu Mahama; death!

A ? ffable son of Ghana
L ? eader in the class of the good shepherd
I ? ntegrity personified
U ? nifier with matchless humility

Death has indeed twisted our arms for our precious gem

Why have you done this to us; death?

We are sat frozen and frightened by your shadow lurking in the dark

You should have taken anybody but our Ex-Veep

Your cruelty has caused dread and chilling fear in our hearts
In Alhaji Aliu; you have indeed snatched our precious diamond and pearl

Look at what you have done to us; death!

You?ve left our hearts pounding in our chest with fear and trepidation

Ghanaians are used to the saying, ?Thank God It?s Friday?

But we will remember Friday, 16th November in sombre mood

It was a different Friday

Instead of ?TGIF?, we ended up looking on at you; death



Our eyes refusing to blink

As you nonchalantly walked away with our beloved Alhaji Aliu!

Mercilessly, you refused to look back at us

As you trudged off with our beloved Ex-Veep

You?ve inflicted on us a fatal wound; death!

Our hearts bleed

Our eyes weep

Our lips quaver

Our knees tremble
You?ve plunged us into turmoil

You?ve causedGhanaan untold pain

And reduced the New Patriotic Party to melancholic tears

Your existence makes Ghanaians ill

We?ve lost our pillar of true humility and fountain of wisdom

How we wish we could see you as you cowardly tip-toed to steal

We would have fought you to save our cherished Ex-Veep


His Excellency, Alhaji Aliu Mahama

Ghana?s true patriotic son

A generous benefactor

You were peaceful and calm even in the face of adversity

Soft hearted and kind to a fault

You served your country with distinction

Ghanaians of all tribes loved you

From North to the South; East to the West: you were a treasure



Young and old

They all loved you beyond measure


You?ve gone too soon Veep

You should have tarried a little while Sir

Ghananeeded you in these dark days

Your calm persona would have been of an immense help; Alhaji

But you?ve paid your dues Alhaji

You fought the good fight

Our loss is now the Heavens gain

Go and serve up there same way as you served Allah?s people

May Allah reward you generously for your good service to motherGhana

Fare thee well humble and generous one

Damirifa Due Ghana?s faithful son

May you find peaceful rest in the abode of Allah!!


Kofi Kyei-Mensah-Osei

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