Togbi Tenge Dzokoto to take Anyako from valour to value

Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui VII outdoored
Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui VII outdoored

A GNA News Feature by A.B. Kafui Kanyi/Sepenyo Dzokoto

Chiefs have had various important roles to play in human affairs, spanning centuries.

The powers they wield vacillate according to the times.

But at all times, they remain important if not crucial agents of development.

Especially so now, when in Ghana, local governance has become the pillar of national development, with local parliaments (Assemblies) expected to initiate and coordinate development to merge into national programmes.

It is in these times that a chief has emerged intent to serve as a rotor, wheeling the agents of development to open up his domain.

Justice Hope Kofi Sedo Djokoto-Gligui VII, an Entrepreneur, was on Saturday, July 31, this year, out-doored as Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Paramount Chief of Amugo-Wego (North Anlo) Traditional Area, Dufia (chief) of Anyako-Konu and Head of the Bate clan of Anlo.

Anyako, is in the Keta Municipality.

At times, when the Keta lagoon balloons, it could cover the ridge leading to the town, securing it as an Island.

Otherwise it is a peninsular.

The history of this celebrated town in Ghana, tucked in the Gulf of Guinea and in the Volta Region, reflects valour, commerce, scholarship, interplay of the trajectory of the Breman missionaries and traditional religion.

Akpalu, the celebrated lyricist and Songster is a native of Anyako.

Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui’s first generational predecessors had been celebrated for bravery, exploits at wars, tenacity, defiance and spiritual powers.

The relevance of the past to the new chief and his people is to ride on the past glories to take Anyako onto new economic opportunities, from valour to value.

Livingstone K.D. Ameyeklina is native of the area with a depth of knowledge on economic prospects there.

He says the new chief’s era could be the best bet for the economic transformation of Anyako-Konu and the entire Amugo-Wego.

Mr Ameyeklinawo says the sprawling lagoon and its aura when full, the birds and the entire ecosystem, is a good bet for locals and tourists.

Others are: Tombs of the Breman Missionaries, history of formal education in the area, and role of the missionaries and locals, fallout of the vanguard lettered and impact locally, nationally and internationally, merchandising exploits, trade routes, posts and settlements.

The former Public Servant says, the interplay of these occurrences are potent market pillars around, which a periodic homecoming fiesta could be staged.

The Henor Akpalu groups in a concert along with the Yewe cults could put Anyako on the international tourism market.

Mr Ameyeklinawo suggests that the Anyako Awomefia (AA Fia) Senior High School could link up with a secondary school in Togo for a Sister School relationship to push the study of French.

He says it is possible to contrive to keep the lagoon full at all times for an industry under the One District One Factory initiative.

Interestingly, the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) in collaboration with the Volta/Oti/Eastern Region Association of Ghanaian Industries will, later this year organise a trade fair to highlight the economic potentials of the Volta Region.

This Fair will certainly open up discussions on investment opportunities in the Region, with Anyako being one of the key tourist locations.

Mr Ameyeklinawo says a revolutionary action of a past chief of Anyako to organise for the impounding of the prowling local pigs, is a hint that a chief even now could lead the way.

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