Toloba Sports Consult CEO Supports Grassroots Football

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Toloba Sports Consult CEO Supports Grassroots Football

The Founder and President of Toloba Sports Consult, Mr. Toloba, has underscored his commitment to grassroots football by generously donating packs of water and drinks to the organizers of the Laiyah Cup football gala.

In an interview, Mr. Toloba expressed the consult’s belief in nurturing talents at the grassroots level, emphasizing the importance of supporting initiatives like the Laiyah Cup.

Mr. Toloba praised the organizers for their commendable initiative, highlighting that talented players from Nima, Maamobi, and Accra Newtown were scouted at the Kawukudi Park.

He urged the players participating in the tournament to take it seriously, noting that it has the potential to produce the next generation of football stars, citing examples such as Mohammed Polo, Kudus Mohammed, Asamoah Gyan, and other great players.

The organizers conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Toloba and Toloba Sports Consult for their generous contribution, acknowledging the significant impact on the success of the Laiyah Cup.

Additionally, Mr. Toloba announced plans to sponsor coaching clinics for young football enthusiasts in the community, aiming to provide them with valuable skills and knowledge to enhance their football careers.

He emphasized the need for corporate entities to invest in grassroots football development, believing it is a crucial step in building a strong foundation for the sport.

In response, the Laiyah Cup organizers expressed excitement about the extended support from Toloba Sports Consult, expressing hope that such initiatives would inspire other businesses to contribute to the growth of grassroots football in the community. They emphasized that partnerships like these play a vital role in creating opportunities for aspiring young footballers and fostering a love for the sport at the local level.

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