Top 50 Creators: Earning US$700M Across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram

Top 50 creators

1. Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast): Famous for his stunts and philanthropy, he leads with $82.0M in earnings and 377.1M followers.

2. Rhett & Link: Known for ‘Good Mythical Morning’, they’ve earned $35.0M with a 51M follower base.

3. Preston Arsement: A gaming content creator, he engages 39M followers and has also earned $35.0M.

4. Ryan Kaji: Young toy reviewer and unboxer with 36M followers, earning $35.0M.

5. Jake Paul: Content creator in music and boxing, he has 73.1M followers and earnings of $34.0M.

5 Highest-Earning Creators per 1k Followers, 2023

1. Dani Austin Ramirez: With 2.9M followers, she leads in earnings efficiency, making $12.50M, which translates to $4,302.93 per 1K followers.

2. Alexandra Cooper: Host of the popular podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’, she has 5.1M followers and earns $20.00M, achieving $3,911.98 per 1K followers.

3. Christina Najjar (Tinx): Known for her relatable and trendy content, she earns $7.50M from 2.1M followers, resulting in $3,649.64 per 1K followers.

4. Rhett & Link: With a wider reach of 18.9M followers, they earn $35.00M, amounting to $1,847.84 per 1K followers.

5. Kaitlyn Siragusa (Amouranth): A well-known figure in streaming and cosplay, she has 10.6M followers and earns $15.00M, equating to $1,413.23 per 1K followers.

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