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Top 50 employers Awards celebrates Champions of Gender equality

Top 50 Employers Awards
Top 50 Employers Awards

As the world unites on International Women’s Day 2024 (IWD24), March 8, 2024, Ghana will proudly raise the banner of progress with the unveiling of the prestigious Ghana’s Top 50 Employers for Gender Equality Awards and Rankings.

Under the theme ‘Inspiring Inclusion; Driving Gender Equality in the Workplace,’ this esteemed initiative, to be hosted at the Labadi Beach Hotel, will shine a spotlight on organisations leading the charge towards diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) workplaces for women.

“These Top 50 are not just businesses; they are pioneers, paving the way for a future where gender equality is not an aspiration, but a lived reality,” declared Jonathan Amoakobaah, a member of the awarding board highlighting the transformative power of these exemplary organisations.

“The theme reflects our dedication to not only acknowledging achievements but also encouraging a collective movement towards building workplaces that prioritise diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality,” he stated, adding that Fantein Research and Consulting Ltd will validate all supporting documents submitted by participating companies, ensuring the credibility and transparency of the evaluation process.

The rigorous assessment process has delved deep into the fabric of workplaces, evaluating how organisations champion their female employees across key areas including achieving equal pay and closing the gender pay gap.

It celebrates those fostering an inclusive environment for women to break through barriers, ascend to leadership roles, and advance their careers. The significance of flexible work arrangements and family-friendly policies is applauded, as well as the commendation for organisations actively investing in women’s career development.

Additionally, emphasis is placed on honouring organisations that stand against injustice, prioritising the prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination for a safe and inclusive work environment.

“The scheme will provide participants with the ideal platform for global and regional recognition, which will result in enhanced corporate reputation and attractiveness for top talent, among other benefits,” Mr. Amoakobaah added.

He revealed that the event will showcase diverse awards categories, recognising outstanding achievements in various facets of gender equality initiatives spanning different sectors. Each sector will be acknowledged with its champion, celebrating remarkable efforts tailored to specific industries.

This multifaceted recognition aims to underscore and honour the diverse strides being made towards gender equality across various professional domains, with additional details on www.ghtop50ege.com or contact +233201444497

Furthermore, the event will host a compelling Fireside Chat where participants can engage in dynamic conversations with industry leaders. These discussions will delve into crucial topics such as inclusive leadership, workplace policies, and the measurement of the impact of gender equality initiatives. This interactive platform provides a valuable opportunity for participants to gain insights, share experiences, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding gender equality in the professional sphere.

This year’s event will also feature the CEO’s Confidence Index, offering organisational leaders an exclusive chance to directly influence rankings and vie for the prestigious Gender Equality Champion Award.

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