Top Court Ruling on EC Received Warmly By NPP Ireland

NPP Ireland Cautiously Welcomes The Apex Court EC Ruling But Vehemently Condemns NDC Charged Violence At Registration Centres


The NPP Ireland has cautiously hailed the recent Supreme Court ruling on Thursday, May 4, this year in a suit by Messrs Abu Ramadan and Evans Nimako directing the Electoral Commission [EC] to get its acts in order in the face of blatant daylight bloats of the Electoral Register. And in their wisdom, the Judges declared it as ‘reasonably inaccurate’ and untenable to say the least.

The Law Court
The Law Court
Then again, we are also encouraged by the EC statement signed by Mr Amadu Sulley, Deputy Chairman that the Commission has taken note of the highest court’s orders regarding cleaning of the existing Biometric Voters Register. In furtherance, that in accordance with the provisions of CI 91, registered voters would be given the opportunity to verify their registration details at all polling centres nationwide as a commitment to transparency. [See]

On paper, the above overtures and assurances sound very well if only the NDC machinery of hooligans and hoodlums would allow Law and Order to reign supreme in the country given recent spate of violence everywhere in the state. We must ensure and emphasise that Free, Fair and Peaceful Elections are bedrock of a stable political economy.

It is the magnet for foreign direct investments to help boost the ailing economy. The following tools in the form of peace and political stability with strong legislations cannot be over-emphasised hereafter.

In fact, as timely as the ruling might be, it is appalling and disheartening and a big embarrassment in the eyes of the International Comity that the NDC and her functionaries continue to flout our territorial Sovereignty and integrity with impunity by bribing and bussing foreigners from our neighbouring nations namely Burkina Faso, La Cote D’Ivoire and Togo for an unjust and insane electoral/polls advantage come November 7, 2016.

It appears this machismo [macho] and bully tactic of NDC’s ‘Abongo boys’ has become acceptable trend and the new incumbency tool for the President Mahama led government to entrench itself in power. There are many scenarios of bullying and beating up mercilessly of NPP men and women on the grounds whose crime is only to ensure that the correct and approved regulations and procedures are working.

[See Akandoh ‘thugs’ beat me mercilessly on Ghana web 7/05/2016]. Here, it was reported that Ms Martha Kwayie, NPP parliamentary candidate for Juaboso Constituency was beaten up by NDC thugs under connivance of the incumbent MP for the area who also doubles as Deputy Minister for Forestry and Natural Resources, Mr Kwabena Akandoh. This brute and barbaric tactic must stop immediately, for there are no grounds for it in any so-called modern democracy. We so far often proud ourselves on the Sub-Sahara Region as a Beacon of hope and custodian rule of law including a prime location and attraction for peace cum security in wooing the multi-national firms across the globe.

Apoco-apoco [little by little] our cherished country is being drifted into the path of Presidents Putin and Mugabe’s brutal regimes/states of Russian and Zimbabwe where ballot boxes are mere show cases like an Automobile Dealership’s Showrooms with the support of State Security Agencies and other Apparatuses to please their overlords and paymasters – Asiedu Nketia’s NDC Party.

In some cases the Police Officers are helpless. Some of them have become agents / puppies of the ruling party and functionaries.

A report on ZAA Radio 99.3 frequency modulation [fm] website dated March 8, 2016 shows enthusiastic police officers in official uniform in a triumphant mood and jubilation on a Police Crew Cab Vehicle accompanying the newly appointed Northern Regional Minister Mr Abdallah Abubakar, who is currently NDC parliamentary candidate for his hometown Walewale in the west Mamprusi district. Waste, waste, waste!!!

Indeed, if it looks like a duck and quacks like duck, then, it is a duck! NPP Ireland only qualms are all about the misuse of our ‘young’ state scarce resources. Crime wave has soared in the country and in the North, not an exception in recent years hugely due to vast unemployment among the youth and graduates – The trained Nurses are left to their fates. And believe you me, at the time these poor police officers were wasting precious man hours at least 5 robberies were being perpetuated in some corners of the region – we stand to correction if otherwise!

On more striking different note we herewith urge the ever growing loyal and dedicated NPP supporters and activists to remain calm and go about their legitimate duties in the eyes of rules and regulations of the land for the last days are always dangerous. NDC is a dead party walking and would use all foul means in the form of violence and intimidating tactic. Assallam Allainkum, we shall nonetheless overcome shortly. Forward ever in faith.

This election would be fought on the grounds and principles of common sense and would be largely decided by high unabated level of unemployment, high and unbearable costs of living and the rots and loots across all sectors of the national coffers by NDC and her caprices amid whim!

A caution word of advice to our proud sons and daughters in the Country and Diaspora: may we urge you all to “let’s look back to look forward unto NPP government” and examine our undertakings/projects or be it National Health Care with pregnant women unfortunately signing their death warrants at the Deplorable Maternity wards all over, School Fees, Fuel Prices, Costs of doing Business or Putting up a house with reference to [for an instance] price of a bag of cement and other building materials during NPP administration up to 2008 and thereafter till now under President Mahama led government.

Yesterday is gone and we may not recover from it. However, Tomorrow is ours to lose or win. Enough is enough comrades. NPP Ireland is deliberately therefore leaving the continuous deterioration and depreciation of the CEDIS to date to your Judgement. Inept and incompetent NDC administration aided by lack of foresight at the doorsteps of the Central Bank has worsened the value and standing of the poor local currency. It is in a daily FREE FALL piecemeal. Fellow Ghanaians we plead with you all to entrust the administration of our dear country into the hands of NANA AND BAWUMIA NPP led government – The professional managers and specialist political economists of Ghana’s struggling economy.
Our Flag bearer Nana Akuffo Addo and running mate Dr Mohammad Bawumia have said it all and provided empirical measures in their commitment to resolving Ghana’s seemingly political-economy problems in the face of NDC’s mismanagement of the economy.

Frankly Speaking, these compatriots are well organised, decisive, bright and articulate and most significantly have pledged that job creation and support for the private sector as their number one priority should the discerning Ghanaians do us a favour by giving us the mandate to govern in Elections 2016.
Alas, NPP Ireland concludes and states herewith confidently that next NPP Government would be based on 3 overarching themes namely – our Ghana; a conducive place to bring up children; to work and do business and above all, enjoyable place to grow and enjoy the cycle of Golden Age with first class health care and educational facilities.

Thanking you all for your time, attention and interest.
God bless you and Mother Ghana and Africa


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