Top Eight Stars With Body Parts Insured For Millions

insureFrom legs to butts to chest hair, celebrities have been known to take out an insurance policy on their most prized assets. We put together a few of the most outrageous cases of body insurance.Jennifer Lopez
When people hear of an insured celeb body part, the first thing that usually comes to mind is J Lo’s booty. While it’s never been confirmed or denied, reports have circulated for years now that the multi-talented Lopez backed up her backside for anywhere between $1 and $300 million.
Legs are a popular item up for coverage, and Rihanna joined the club. Her stems are insured for a cool million, which is probably why she’s not scared of showing them off. Thank you, insurance.David Beckham
Many times it’s practicality not vanity that motivates dropping big bucks on hedging body bets. David Beckham’s legs are covered for a whopping $70 million dollars. It sounds like a lot (and it is), but if his legs go, so does his two hundred million dollar contract.

Heidi Klum
For someone often referred to as “The Body” can you guess just what part Heidi Klum had insured? … If you said legs, you’re right. The supermodel entrepreneur took out a $2.2 million dollar policy on her long limbs. Fun fact: The left leg is insured for $200,000 less because she has a small scar on her left knee. Those adjusters are thorough!

Mariah Carey
Talk about believing the hype, Mariah Carey decided to insure her legs for $1 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) after Gilette gave her the “Legs of a Goddess” award. A) Who knew that award existed? And b) Who knew you could go into the billions for a pair of gams.
Dolly Parton
Something tells us you’ll be able to guess what Dolly Parton spent her money on. The country icon has a policy that covers the girls at $300,000 a piece.
Tina Turner
Perhaps Beyonce should take a note from one of her idols. Tina Turner was before her time, insuring her trademark legs for upwards of $3 million. Turner hasn’t let the policy cause her to phone it in when comes to keeping those legs in shape. She looks like she’s got the legs of a 25-year-old.
Cristiano Ronaldo
David Beckham originally set the record for highest insurance policy amongst athletes until Cristiano Ronaldo doubled the amount with a $140 million safeguard for his legs. As one of the football players in the world, not to mention one of the most desirable bachelors, he might want to extend that policy to the whole body.
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